1,124 Ravens fans owe Ray Rice an apology


Baltimore is lucky to have a man like Ray Rice in their community. It almost seems like clockwork that every month we cover a great event that Rice did to give back to his fan base. At 26, Rice’s leadership qualities and compassion to change the lives of youth are second to none.

Ray Rice Day is Rice’s premier event. It’s a day of fun, football and a unique opportunity for children to rub elbows with some of their favorite Ravens players. However, the actions taken by 1,124 people yesterday who hurled vocal backlash towards Rice and his employees is absolutely sickening.


The actions of these folks are why events like Ray Rice Day are absolutely necessary. Most of the 1,124 bellyachers are parents, responsible for the lives of others and often even the idols of their children. To have the audacity to email Rice’s employee, a complete stranger, and use foul language and insult them because there is limited space for a free event is just disgusting.

What type of example are you setting for your children? It’s not like Rice was creating a public frenzy over five spaces – there are 500 available! The fact that 19,500 children can’t get in shouldn’t be looked at as a negative – it’s positive. There clearly is a demand for Rice’s events and his voluntary efforts and messages rapidly spread throughout the community.

Within a year, Rice’s life has changed drastically. Rice not only signed his name to a $35 million contract, but more importantly, he became a father. His daughter Rayven is his “princess,” as he’s referred to her during our conversations multiple times. Not only has Rice been parenting his own flesh and blood, he’s been parenting this city.

Social media is a wonderful tool – just look at its involvement in helping those affected in the Boston Marathon Bombing. What social media and email shouldn’t be used for is to bully and put down others, regardless of their celebrity and paycheck.

In Rice’s case, he deserves every penny he’ll ever make. Sure, he may purchase a car most of us can only dream of from time to time, but the amount of his own money he puts back into the community or the foundations of his teammates is commendable. For instance, I hosted an event with Rice the day before the Ravens left for New Orleans. With a room packed with 200 people, Rice looked over at Super Bowl t-shirts being sold, asked me to check with the venue if they had enough for everyone and purchased 200 shirts just to show appreciation for his fan base.

Given the reach of this site and the large amount of people firing horrible emails at Rice’s staff, I’m sure this message will overlap at some point with them. If you don’t already regret your statements to his staff, look at these pictures from events with Rice just within the past month. How could anyone criticize this man?

If anyone wants to send letters to Rice and his staff, make them positive and just thank him for what he has done. The NFL stands for Not For Long and we all know that Rice won’t be playing football forever. However, there is a guy right now that this community will miss more than ever if he decides he’s had enough of this type of negative backlash by parents who do their best imitation of a kicking and screaming child via nasty emails.

Grow up Baltimore!

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36 Raves on “1,124 Ravens fans owe Ray Rice an apology

    • BKA on said:

      We all know that no matter where you are there is gonig to be that group of a**holes who try and ruin it for everyone. Mr. Rice, please don’t hold this against our city or communities. I think you are doing excellent work with our youth…….and on your own dime no less. Please disregard those few comments, give thanks to your Foundation person on my behalf if no one else’s and thank’s again for being a beacon of inspiration to our city.

  1. Corvus Amplus on said:

    Shame on them!

    Living as an icon is hard.

    Good thing, I’m not big on these “meet your celebrity” events.

  2. Cheryl on said:

    This event was important to my son. It’s his last year of eligibility, because of that, it was a priority to me to get him in. I worked all day Tuesday continuing to monitor my emails. Only after I was in my car, did I get the email, I pulled my car into a parking lot and filled out the registration on my ancient smartphone.

    There were 500 spaces! My son is in. I don’t know why some of these other parents were unable to register their children, but I do know it’s not the fault of Ray Rice or anyone on his staff. It’s silly to blame someone and horrible lesson to teach your children. These children have now learned that if you don’t get your way, have a belligerent meltdown on any identifiable target. Parents should not have promised to get their kid in or set their sights too high. I told my son I would do my best to get him in. He knew it may or may not happen.

    • Anonymous on said:

      very good Cheryl. you’re a real parent. this is what i did with my daughters when they were young. i always let them know that i’d try. i never promised that it would take place.

  3. William C on said:

    Ray ,

    you are really appreciated. Kids are in dire need of the programs you provide. I really appreciate your
    efforts to rid our schools of bullies. Thanks for all you do

  4. Jennifer brown on said:

    I agree also…. People like that and act like that makes team players not want to do things like rice and the other NFL players. They take time away from there familys and friends to do such things and people shouldn’t be disrespectful. Completely uncalled for.

  5. Barbara on said:

    Amen!!!! Ray Rice has been nothing but an inspiration to everyone. He doesn’t have to do any of the things he does. People need to start appreciating and stop harassing him and his staff. He’s not the father of your children people. Be glad there is someone who wants to do things for your children. Sure you can be disappointed but to send such emails or other hateful things is just ridiculous and makes the people of Baltimore look bad. Ray, keep up the wonderful, great work you are doing for our city. Thank you. From a parent whose children did not get into your camp. ;)

  6. The Scarlet Raven on said:

    Ray you are definitely a class act and a true Man of Rutgers. Or a true gentleman keep chopping for as we all know people can be selfish. I am proud of you and happy that is what being a Raven is all about as well.

  7. m smith on said:

    That’s how Bmore and it’s suburbs are and always will be. If they aren’t “gangsters” w/kids or on welfare, they think they are better than anybody else and will push you and your kid out of their way to get something free.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Excuse me Mr. Smith but that is not so. All living in the different counties are not of such. I struggled just as hard as most of you have bring up all 4 of my daughters. I surrendered my transportation money to go to work just to ensure that my children weren’t hungry thereby walking a very great distance from the county to the city to work. Have you erver encountered such? I’m not rich but do my level best to maintain on a meager salary. Totally humble as well as thankful for everything.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Did M Smith just accuse Baltimoreans of thinking they are better than everyone else?
      Please re-read your own post, M Smith, and then consider NOT acting exactly like the childish adults who have been called out.

      Can we say hypocrite?

      And yes, Baltimore is my hometown. No, I am not, nor was I a “gangster”. I am not, nor was I, on welfare. I do not think I am better than anyone else. You are acting just as reproachable as the 1,124 self-righteous emailers. So let’s just call it 1,125, shall we?

      Grow up. Open your mind. Realize that blanket stereotypes are not conducive to any kind of progress.

    • k dudley on said:

      Whoever M. Smith is is just an idiot. I was born and raised in Baltimore and like many many people am not a negative stereotype. Please keep ur simple ass comments t urself…

  8. Kathy Downey on said:

    Certainly explains why our youth are turning out the way they are. Children learn what they live people. Most of those parents are raising spoiled, probably not less then emotionally abused, bullies. SMH….

  9. Melanie on said:

    Could not agree with you more! Ignorance seems to have run rampant in this country and we need to stop it TODAY! We wonder why our youth are be bullied, committing suicide, depressed, committing crimes…..take one look at what adults are doing. This is NOT the example necessary for the youth of America! This is also not behavior owed to a man who has done things for kids everywhere and especially Baltimore. He doesn’t owe anyone a thing, he does this out of the kindness of his own heart and this is the the way we repay him? You should be ashamed if this is the behavior you exhibited and I pray you find your way.

  10. Wendy Cugle on said:

    This is exactly the reason I left the Baltimore area and moved to the South. I do not miss the rude people, the bullies, the traffic, the constant use of the “F” bomb, but I do miss the hard working people like Ray Rice and many of his teammates that give to their community year round. Many NFL players are only in the cities they play for during the season – such as Brett Farve who went home to Louisana in his off season. Many of the Raven players have made Baltimore their year round home and have given to the community that did not raise them. Be thankful that you have an honorable team with many individuals who understand the value of giving back to the fans.

  11. Coach Rob on said:

    Well said Goob. There are a lot of people like Ray Rice in our communities here in MD. I am for one thankful for Ray’s commitment here. Ray did so much for Ellicott City after the train derailment. I don’t think he will ever know how much we needed his leadership here. As far as the football camp two things are clear; Ray didn’t have to put on a football camp and he could have charged a fee like other athletes do. Thanks Ray! Go Ravens!

  12. Frank Burton III on said:

    People can be disgusting. This is proof.

    I think the title should be changed from “1,124 Ravens fans owe Ray Rice an apology” to “1,124 CLOWNS owe Ray Rice an apology” because they are not Ravens fans. That’s not who Ravens fans are.

    Also, 20,000 – 500 = 19,500 and not 15,500 :)

    Great article Goob

    • Stacy on said:

      Totally Agree. These few individuals are NOT representative of Ravens fans as a whole, or for that matter, the city of Baltimore. I don’t get the “that’s why I moved from Baltimore” comments at all, though…there are people who act in a dishonorable way in any city that exists today. I’d never paint this entire town a certain way based on the actions of a relatively few. Yes, those actions were atrocious – but reasonable people realize that they are the exception, and not the rule. There is no need to put Baltimore or its citizens down to justify a personal choice to live or not live here.

    • Leanne B on said:

      I agree with you, Frank! We are Ravens fans born and raised in Baltimore and we are NOT like this at all. As a teacher, I appreciate everything Ray does for the children. I always say, it is about the CHILDREN!!! I stand proud to be a Baltimorean and appreciate that we have an AMAZING team like the RAVENS to enjoy! The fact that this RAVEN goes above and beyond makes me even more proud! Ray Rice may not have been born in Baltimore but he sure represents what we are all about. A big THANKS to RAY and ALL OF HIS STAFF from a true Baltimorean!!!! HUGS!!!

  13. Shelly on said:

    To all the parents who called and curssed at Ray’s staff…..great role models you are to your kids!! They are learning from you how to react to disappointment. Poor parenting job. Why do so many parents today think their kid is entitled to everything that comes down the pike. The world doesn’t work that way. Ray is a much better role model than these nasty parents!

  14. Allison on said:

    Keep it moving, Ray and company! You are one man with one mission: To make this city a better place. And you are doing a spectacular job! Keep setting the example and running the good race! Perhaps those who were angry will take that energy and REDIRECT it to a more positive and impactful deed for our communitites! Like you said, there is a need! Rock on!

  15. Clare on said:

    I tried of course… 2 years in a row now with no luck just sells out way too fast. BUT!!!! That doesn’t stop me we went to New Rochelle for his Ray Rice day there and it was awesome and we will try to go again this year. Ray is an amazing person and his staff obviously works very hard to help him organize and put these things together. Not one of them deserve anything but a HUGE THANKS!!!!! Period!

  16. RON on said:


  17. FuriousMB on said:

    I always say “My child may be the center of MY universe, but she’s not the center of any one else’s universe.” And that’s fine. People need to get some damn perspective. I LOVE football and I LOVE the Ravens, but it’s a football camp. It’s not like their kids were being denied a lung or something. You do your best to come through for your kids for fun things they may want to experience, but sometimes it doesn’t work out. Oh well, move onto the next thing. Ray Rice is a great guy. I hope he know that most of us here in Ravens Nation love him and really appreciate his efforts in our community.

  18. Dave on said:

    Everyone should be required to watch the movie “The Princess Bride” with their kids. It’s full of life lessons, including a sentence my wife and I used repeatedly- “Get used to dissappointment!”.

  19. corry on said:

    positive.. Positive…POSITIVE!! ALL things RayRice!! Thankyou..from all the very greatful people from Baltimore for what you do for this community. I hope we all get the memo now and nothing like this puts a shadow on the good..ever again! Just say NO to the negative..and try to set an example for little people who learn by your example.. they deserve better from parents!! We should all be thankful for the hugely positive deeds and spirit of Mr. Ray Rice . thanks again Ray..enjoy the kids @ your camp

  20. Lindsey on said:

    One thing to remember is that over 18,000 parents did react the way they should. It’s a shame that the actions of several selfish individuals reflected on so many.

  21. Kathy Hoatson on said:

    These people should be ashamed of themselves. We as adults need to set examples for our children. What kind of example does this behavior show your children? There is no entitlement for anyone. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I try everyday to live my life by this commandment. Ray Rice is an outstanding individual both on the field and off. We in Baltimore should support him with all of the charity work that he does. I for one admire him greatly.

  22. Steve Crawford on said:

    Ray Rice is one of the most admirable People in the public eye. All of the positive statements here, regarding Ray do not begin to approach the extraordinary way he conducts his Life every day. What he does for Kids, and how he respects his Staff comes natural to him, as a Man of Passion. God Bless Ray Rice! God Bless his caring Staff and the Kids they touch! God Bless the Parents of the Kids who Love Ray and may those who failed themselves and their Kids, be forgiven and lifted up by the example of Ray Rice and a Life well lived!

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