2 MINUTE WARNING: Ravens News and Notes

Daryl Smith

Vonta Leach still hasn’t signed with another club and the longer this process goes on, the more likely the chances are that he’ll be dressed in purple again for the 2013 season.

The fact that he remains unsigned is a clear signal that the offers being presented by allegedly interested teams aren’t measurably better than the offer he has on the table from the Ravens. This process looks and feels a lot like that of Bryant McKinnie when the Ravens offensive tackle visited with other teams.

Training camps across the league begin in 3 weeks and while a fullback’s role in the NFL is pretty defined particularly for a dying position, Leach would still have to learn the terminology of a new offense. That learning curve becomes a bigger and bigger factor as camp approaches for teams interested in acquiring Leach.

Ray Lewis’ well publicized climb atop Mount Kilimanjaro fell off a cliff when the future HOF linebacker’s foot swelled stemming from a fever, forcing the two-time champion to bail out. Count me among those who are a little suspicious. Maybe Lewis realized that tackling running backs is a lot easier than 19,341 feet of mountain.

Some in the media have adopted the opinion that the Baltimore Ravens will be hurt more by the loss of Anquan Boldin than the Steelers will be by the loss of Mike Wallace. They’re wrong!

Boldin was terrific down the stretch for the Ravens in 2012 but his routes are easily assigned to others on the team’s roster. Clearly they will have to make adjustments but Q’s plays can be taught, assigned and absorbed. You can’t teach speed and few in the NFL can match that of Wallace. His presence must be accounted for at all times and that creates space for WR Antonio Brown and TE Heath Miller.

Wallace is by far a bigger loss.

Which WR represents the biggest loss?
Anquan Boldin leaving the Ravens (39%)
Mike Wallace leaving the Steelers (61%)
This poll has completed. Thank you for voting.

The Ravens signed Daryl Smith to a one-year deal earlier this offseason and he could be another of those great veteran finds from Ozzie Newsome who has a knack for flagging great bargains. That said it is a one-year deal and Smith could parlay success in Baltimore to a more lucrative deal elsewhere.

If that happens, don’t be surprised if the Ravens turn to Rolando McClain in 2014. The Ravens placed McClain on the reserve/retired list, which means that if McClain successfully exorcises the demons that have plagued him and he un-retires, the Ravens control his rights and would have the former National Champion from Alabama under contract for one year at a base salary of $700,000.

Matt Elam will be counted upon to sure up the Ravens coverage in the middle of the team’s defensive backfield while bringing his own brand of physicality, something that will be needed given the departures of Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard. Elam is a former captain from Urban Meyer’s program at the University of Florida and he’ll bring some feisty leadership for a rookie.

What Elam also provides is a unique brand on Twitter. Maybe as a middle-aged guy I don’t quite get what his Tweets provide…perhaps you can.

Lastly, it’s been discussed and written about often – the Pittsburgh Steelers’ lackluster offensive line. As Ben Roethlisberger goes so do the Steelers and that line puts (Really) Big Ben and the team’s fortunes at risk.

Perhaps Roethlisberger has come up with a solution.

Eat a ton and look like a lineman himself.

We’ll let you be the judge…

Who will Vonta Leach play with in 2013?
Baltimore Ravens (84%)
Miami Dolphins (8%)
Houston Texans (4%)
New York Giants (2%)
He will retire (2%)
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8 Raves on “2 MINUTE WARNING: Ravens News and Notes

  1. john schultheis on said:

    Ah….. those Raven fans you influence Tony, since 80% vote say Leach signs, GMS like Ozzie are on vacation of course no deals were done not only for Leach or any other free agents since late June of course! My sources say Raven offer is a one year offer only at 2 million. Miami is about to up there offer to a muti-year deal and his agent wants him to sign with Miami where he could be there likely for 3 or more years where Ravens likely will not want him back after 2013 if rookie drafted “special K’ works out.
    as far as Boldin,I agree more valuable in every way but all should remember what his last two years were like, very inconsistent and not showing up in many games by getting open. yes he had a great playoff run but is that enough to justify a long term deal? He is in last year of contract at a high salary and cap number and is very likely not to re-sign here as he did in Arizona. It was time to cut the strings, move on and hope younger guys produce!!.

  2. Frank A on said:

    you need to write more than one article a day… WE HAVE NOOOOOTHING TO READ until CAMP.. please write something / anything about anyone.. even the water boy ill read it

  3. Bruce on said:

    I saw a picture of Ben Roethlisberger today and i think I’m in better shape than him, and i’m an overweight middle aged man.

  4. Fat Rapistberger on said:

    That’s a good name for Big Fat Ben.
    Hope Sizzle and Doom lay him flat on his big butt this year.

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