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Steelers Confidential
Three downs with …Bill Cowher
1. On struggling after winning the Super Bowl:
“That’s the NFL. When we came back to training camp, we all recognized you have to start all over again.  We haven’t gotten off to the start that we wanted. We’ve lost some close games and some winnable games. Some of those same games that we’ve lost, Baltimore has won in the last minute.  That’s what separates teams.”
2. On Brian Billick calling plays:
 â€œBrian is obviously one of the better signal-callers in the league. That’s what he did up in Minnesota when he had those weapons.    Obviously, since he’s taken over, they’re averaging 28 points a game.  He is very good at what he does.  He’s a good head coach, as well.  I’ve got a lot of respect for Brian Billick, for what he has done, what he stands for.” 
3. On what this season has been like for him:
“Personally, I don’t look at it any differently. You have to prove yourself every year and I have never been one to rest on any laurels or take yourself too seriously.  We all have to prove ourselves every year that you go out there.  That’s part of who you are and you get defined as to where you are now, not what you’ve done.”
Ravens Confidential
Three downs with …Derrick Mason
1. On the change as an offense under Brian Billick:
"We, as an offense, are executing now. The first half of the season, we were not executing and you can’t fault anybody.
“But there are 11 guys on our offense, and plays are going to be called and you’re either going to execute them, or you’re not. In the first six or seven games, we weren’t executing and now we are."
2. On having a versatile offense:
"In order to be a potent offense, you have to have more than just one or two guys getting the ball all the time. We have four guys who can go out there and really get the job done so they don’t know who to key on.
3. On Thanksgiving memories: 
 â€œI would go outside and play football. But obviously I can’t do that now. I’m too old and I have a real job now. I enjoy and appreciate my two children, my wife, and we’re going to have fun. I might take my little boy out, just to start something, take him out and rough him up a little bit and bring him back in the house if it’s not too cold because momma doesn’t like him going out in the cold. Other than that, just sit around and eat and watch.”

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