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* I was amused when I watched Terrell Owens trying to play Dr. Phil when he consoled Tony Romo after the Seattle game. Remembering his comments after the Philly Super Bowl loss, this time next week we’ll hear …."Well, it wasn’t me who fumbled the snap!"

Yeah right, T.O. like you’re a difference maker. Seattle used a d-back who was literally off the scrap heap, guy who was working as a freaking LOAN OFFICER, to cover your underachieving butt and he did it like he was laying wall-to-wall carpet.

* Do you think Tony Romo will be the NFC holder in the Pro Bowl?

* I still think Parcells walks and T.O. stays.

* Atlanta hired a college coach – Rick Petrino – from Louisville! I don’t get it, especially after the Lou Saban fiasco. I know Petrino has prior NFL experience as an assistant and a coordinator, but so did Saban. Once that Control Freak thing of running a major college program gets in your head, it’s harder to lose than a drug addiction. Bad idea – unless Arthur Blank has written severe financial penalties into the contract in case Petrino gets Nick Saban disease.

* Would Bill Belichick have hugged Eric Mangini if the Patriots lost, and ran over a cameraman to do it?

* Reading the New York tabloids after any Gotham football game is a lot like reading the Sunday comics. Monday morning after a Giants/Jets double loss, it was a riot. Check out these headlines: "Jets Fly from Chad to Worse", "Magic Runs Out This Tom," "All Eyes on Coach After Birds Give Brotherly Shove".
Now back to my seat in Section 134…
I’m still concerned about the Ravens’ return game. When the Colts have to punt I look for them to put it high rather than deep, in the center of the field rather than the coffin corner or end zone. If I were the Colts, I would put the ball in Cory Ross’ hands every time and just wait for a mistake.
On the other hand, if the expectations for Ross are to just catch and crouch, Frank Gansz should put the block every time on and run Ed Reed in from the edge.
 Final Predictions:
* A low scoring game won by Mr. Automatic, Matt Stover. Ravens 17, Colts 14.
* Rex Grossman will cost the Bears dearly this postseason, but not this Sunday. Bears 24, Seattle 13
* Mr. Sweatshirt brings his magic hat act to Southern California. Marty chokes on the rabbit. Patriots 23, Chargers 14.
* The magic continues in Bayou country, too. Saints 31, Eagles 24..

Happy Festivus! Three to Go!

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