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Tie your spikes, grab your driver and wash your balls; the dog is all about the U.S. Open this week.
The Golf Channel goes one on one with Johnny Miller  
As an analyst Johnny Miller is honest – often painfully so, yet he isn’t opposed to owning up to a gaff when required.
Last week during his interview with Rich Lerner on TGC, I was treated to the week’s best 30-minutes of sports related programming.  Lerner made the most of his allotted time with Miller spending most of it on two topics:  How Miller feels about his commentary on and criticisms of today’s PGA players along with their corresponding reactions, and his record setting final round 63 at Oakmont in the 1973 U.S. Open.
Lerner did an excellent job of asking the right questions and just letting Miller use his natural gifts for honesty and detail in his answers. Nice job Mr. Lerner…hole in one for you!
The official U.S Open website finds the rough
Most of us can’t hook work to watch the first round of a major like the U.S. Open so we rely on the internet to give us timely updates until we get home. On Thursday of last week I logged onto the USGA site to follow the score updates and was totally let down by slow page download time and frequent bad information.  I found mistakes on the leader-board and could rarely open a scorecard for any player to follow their hole by hole progress. Come on people, did you NOT think the site was going to get hammered during the first round? Bogey!
Fox Sports whiffs on its hourly updates
I heard a Fox Sports update last week that failed to mention the U.S. Open…at all.  Not only is the U.S. Open the biggest golf event held in this country every year, it’s almost always the biggest sports story for that entire week. Failing to mention a leader-board update on any day of this event is just absurd and the producer for that segment should have been taken to the woodshed the next day.  Double Bogey!
NBC comes up a little short on U.S Open final round coverage
So I flip over to NBC as their final round coverage started at 1 PM expecting to see some golf before the last groups teed off around 3 PM. I stopped watching before 2:30 because I saw all of about 10 minutes of actual play jammed in between vignettes by Jimmy Roberts and his banter with Bob Costas. News flash for the producers at NBC…people don’t watch the U.S. Open to see Jimmy Roberts or Bob Costas…they watch to see champion level players struggle to make pars like the rest of us. Another bogey!
Two topics I didn’t hear mentioned on the Anita Marks show last week 
1. The U.S. Open – I guess no former Miami Hurricanes were in the field. Bad tee shot!
2. The Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Classic – Not only did this event have some of the best boys and girls players from Maryland and the rest of the nation, but it was also sponsored by a locally based company that has a national presence on the sports scene. How many angles does it take for a local story to be worthy of time on your show?  Lost ball…take a drop!
Give the guy a break Drew
I listen to WNST in the morning at least some of my drive to work every day. Each day without fail a gentleman that goes by “Rick from Reisterstown” calls the show.  Every time this guy calls Drew Forrester insults him, interrupts him and then complains about what Rick had to say.  Please Drew, either stop taking his calls or give this guy the same respect you do your other callers. I, for one, got sick of your shtick with Rick a long time ago and now I usually just pop on my Ipod when he calls because it’s annoying to hear you berate the same guy each day. Wanted: New Caddie

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