3 Downs with Willis McGahee & Jamal Lewis

Street Talk 3 Downs with Willis McGahee & Jamal Lewis

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Three Downs with …
Ravens running back Willis McGahee
1. On the red-zone struggles: “I’ve always said I hated the red zone because that’s the toughest part of the game right there. Any one thing can mess up. Missing half a block can mess the red zone up.  I feel I’ve got to get better. There are times when I could have gotten in and I didn’t get in."
 2. On his approach to the game: â€œMy goal is not to fall backwards, but always to go forward. I look for contact. I’m not scared of it. You’ve got to run with it all. I’m not finesse. I want to be finesse, but I can’t do that.”
3. On running against the Browns’ porous defense: “If we do what we’re supposed to do, we can run against any defense, to tell you the truth. We’ve got a good line, we’ve got a good scheme going on and our coaches are preparing us well for it. 
"It’s up to us to go out there and do what we have to do as far as moving the ball and opening up the passing game for the receivers and the quarterback. It might be a different team coming here to play us. They might decide they want to shut the run down. You can’t look at it like that because they are a good team.”
Three Downs with …
Browns running back Jamal Lewis
1. On being in Cleveland: "It feels like a fresh start since Day One. Just coming in here, everybody welcoming me and bringing me in, it’s a good feeling, like a new beginning.”
2. On how he’s playing: â€œI think I’ve grown a lot as a football player. Not just physically, because I’m naturally talented, but at the same time just the things I’ve learned from the coaches that’s kind of raised me and brought me up as a pro. So, I think I’m more patient in my game and study more now and just really learned to become a pro.
"I’m running great. I owe that to not just myself and what I can do personally, but I have a great offensive line. That’s a key to my position and what I do.”
3. On his emotions playing against Baltimore, and matching up with Ray Lewis: “Oh yeah, because I grew up in this league with most of those guys over there. Of course it’s an emotional feeling, but at the same time, it’s still football.
"It will be great. Ray has always said straight up that I’m probably one of the best backs in the league and he’s one of the best linebackers in the league, so it’ll be a great matchup.”

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