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Three downs with …
Baltimore Ravens middle linebacker Ray Lewis
1. On moving on from a controversial loss: “I don’t think you worry about it at all. I just think you keep moving. That’s the beauty of this business. Win, lose or draw, you’ve just got to keep going. The bottom line is if you want to show people how you deal with things, every time you strap on your cleats you go 110 percent. 

"And when the day is done, you’ll be able to hold your head high. That’s where we are right now. You’ve got to out and play every game like that’s the last game. Bottom line, win, lose or draw, you’ve just got to keep playing football.”
2.  On playing the Chargers:  “San Diego, wow, big challenge. I think we’re two teams who know each other very well. They’ve dropped a couple, we’ve dropped a couple.
"So, I think it’s desperation for both teams. It’s going to be a pretty good game. Like I said, once again, both teams need wins."
3. On where he ranks Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson:  “L.T. is a football player. L..T. is one that when you strap your helmet on, you know you better come play football. They’re going to make sure he touches the ball over 30 times.
"I think that’s what all the papers are talking about now that that’s what he’s saying: He’s not getting enough touches. It’s going to be a great challenge for us with him coming back and touching the ball as many times as he’s going to touch it.”

Three downs with …
San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers

1. On being disappointed on the season: “I think, obviously, through 10 games, the season didn’t go as you had hoped. There’s some disappointment, but, at the same time, the outlook is very positive. The goal that we set for ourselves is still out there.
"We haven’t been playing the way we want to, but certainly, we get that goal. We see signs of it, starts of it. We just haven’t put a complete game together yet. Hopefully, it’s going to get going soon.”
2. On embattled Chargers coach Norv Turner: "I think anytime you lose, unfortunately the way it goes, the head coach is going to take a lot of heat. Obviously, like I said, the record is not where we had all hoped coming off a 14-2 season. That’s the way it goes, whether it’s deserving or not.
"I think us as players have to look within ourselves. We haven’t watched a game tape yet where we’ve said, ‘Hey, we did all we can do. Why didn’t we win?’ Every time we watch the game tape of something we lose, there are plays out there that we didn’t make."
3. On Shawne Merriman’s critical comments: “I think we’ve moved past all that. We’re 1-4 on the road. We haven’t been playing well. You get reporters that are in the locker room 10 minutes after the game, and there’s all kind of stuff that’s flying through our head.
"We just put it out on the line. We all know how hard we all play each and every game. One thing you can never question is our effort. Sometimes that isn’t enough to win, obviously. But I think the mindset of this team is fine."

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