No new Marshall in Baltimore!

Lombardi's Way No new Marshall in Baltimore!

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To all of you clamoring for Brandon Marshall, I’ve got three words for you:


This rumor was dead on arrival.

Would the Ravens like to acquire his talents?


He has been described by those in the know as a physically imposing receiver who can out-muscle defensive backs. He doesn’t have top end speed but he creates separation because he’s flat out stronger than DB’s and the truth be told, he may even be a bit intimidating.

Think of him as a taller version of Terrell Owens.

But believe it or not, the guy has more drama than Owens on his worst day.

Not only is Marshall a problem off the field, he’s also a cancer in the locker room. At least with T.O. you never really have to worry about him off the field unless he screws up his pill box.

So at the end of the day, the Ravens don’t want to pay the exorbitant price tag for such a huge risk and that message was sent straight from the organization at the speed of light.

Don’t buy into what some of these talking heads are suggesting. Why would the Ravens spend a fortune for a guy who is the polar opposite of the type of player the Ravens have spent the past five drafts recruiting, hiring and developing?

Remember, “What’s Our Name?”

The answer for that No. 15 out in Denver is, “Brandon Marshall.”

The Ravens just chased Chris McAlister out of town. They’d like to chase McGahee out of town too but unfortunately they’ve got an $11.25 million salary cap noose around their neck preventing that! Be that as it may, those two guys together don’t create the kind of off field nightmares that Marshall dredges up.

We should all spend our time debating something more “realistic.”

You know, like tagging and trading Terrell Suggs for Larry Fitzgerald.

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