FILMSTUDY: Defensive Analysis 9/27/09 vs. Browns

Filmstudy FILMSTUDY: Defensive Analysis 9/27/09 vs. Browns

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Post  #1:  Stealerhater52–Is anyone concerned that we didn’t get a whiff of pressure today? (views 37, replies 1)


The only 2 Ravens’ sacks came on a slip by Quinn and Anderson’s near inability to walk without tripping.  That kind of pressure won’t get it done against Brady, Manning, Favre, Palmer, Cutler, Stafford, Orton, or Russell!  Turn up the heat, Matissonne!


Reply:  Stealerhater52—Bump!


Post  #2:  Stealerhater52—We won’t win… (views 64, replies 0)


…3 games the rest of the year unless we can commit to a single running back.  I played football when I was in 8th grade and I can tell you that being constantly taken out of the game can destroy an adolescent’s psyche.  I’m also pretty sure I’m smarter than those players, since a lot of them repeated 8th grade and I made it through in 1 shot.  You’re supposed to be the smart one Harbaugh, we’ve got Rice, McGahee, Lawrence, McClain, and I’m pretty sure we could get Peerman back.  PICK ONE!!!!


Post  #3:  Stealerhater52—Season to date (view 110, replies 0)


Let’s review the season to date.  We barely beat KC and their QB scorched us for a QB rating of 116 and they’re the second worst team in football.  Then we won because the Chargers fell apart in the red zone.  If they just had every snap from the 25-yard line they would have killed us like 51-0.  Then the Browns came to town and Manfoolus switches QBs after Quinn has completed 75% of his first half passes.  Not only did he give us the game, but he’s probably ruined Quinn forever, so they’ll never trade us back Derrick Anderson for Troy Smith and a 2nd round draft pick (which, by the way I said we should have done BEFORE the season started.  Get your head out of your butt, Ozzie).  Now we go to New England untested and I hear it might rain which, if a little year called 2006 rings a bell, DOOMS us.


Post  #4:  Stealerhater52—What bothers you most about New England (views 16, replies 0)


Offensive Line:  Even

Defensive Line:  Patriots by a mile (Wilfork is playing, right?)

Quarterback:  Patriots

Running Backs: Patriots

Secondary: Patriots (Did you see what happened to our nickler defense in the Chargers game?)

Wide Receivers: Patriots

Tight End:  Even if they finally give Edgar Jones a chance, otherwise Patriots

Linebackers:  Even

Weather:  Unfair

Intangibles:  Patriots

Refrees:  Patriots


If I have to pick one it’s the fact that we’re likely to be behind 14-0 before we have a chance to get the running game going.  By that point, we won’t be able to run effective play action.


Prediction:  Ravens 23, Pats 9.  Go Ravens!!


BTW, did anyone notice that Preston gave Flacco a B this week and Doctor Wonderlik ranked us 7th in his power rankings, 2 behind the COLTS!  No respect.


Also, let’s make this the OFFICIAL prediction thread.  Please change the title of the post, mods.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Misspellings above are intentional and intended to re-enact the “quality” of message board chatter


Stats from the Browns game:


Overall:  52 plays, 186 yards, 3.6 YPPA


Vs. the Run:  23 carries, 71 yards, 3.1 YPC


Vs. the Pass:  29 pass plays, 115 yards, 4.0 YPP


By number of Pass Rushers:

3:  2/-6, -3.0 YPP, 1 sack

4:  16/94, 5.9 YPP, 3 TO

5:  7/15, 2.1 YPP, 1 TO

6:  4/12, 3.0 YPP, 1 sack

7+:  None 


By number of Defensive Backs:

3:  None

4:  29 plays, 81 yards, 2.8 YPPA

5:  18 plays, 86 yards, 4.8 YPPA, 2 sack, 3 TO

6:  4 plays, 19 yards, 4.8 YPPA, 1 TO

7:  1 play, 0 yards.  This was the 3rd and goal from the 12 (Q3, 0:07)


Individual notes:


·         This was a simple, brutal massacre devoid of things to be truly unhappy or worried about.  As much as anything, I noticed how unphysical the game was, particularly in the 2nd half.  The Browns were literally feeling their way around.  Several plays stuck out:


o    (Q4, 13:26) Grubbs, Gaither, and Oher all executed cut blocks on a screen pass.  In each case the Browns’ linemen were slowed without being toppled, seeming to tiptoe over the Ravens.  The Pass went short right for a 20-yard gain.

o    (Q4, 12:41) Rogers was called for unnecessary roughness when pulling Oher off Smith.  Oher blocked to (and probably past) the whistle on a pass play.  Rogers seemed to be conveying his opinion that with the score 27-3, the Ravens should be taking it a little easy.

o    (Q4, 8:37) This was Anderson’s long pass intercepted by Landry and was also the last play the Browns executed with the game’s (or even the QB controversy’s) outcome in mind.  Beginning with their next drive they would mix the run and short pass for their final 9 scrimmage plays.  The 2000 Bengals kneeled out the clock while trailing 37-0, had Corey Dillon stalk off the field in disgust with the offensive line, and had their coach resign before the next game.  It wasn’t that bad, but it did remind me of the game last season at Houston where the Texans went into a turnover prevention offense midway through the 4th quarter.


·        What is the major area for concern on defense?  The 7 sacks seems low, but the total is tied for 8th in the NFL.  The turnovers were slow to come before Sunday, but the team is now is 3rd in the NFL with 6 picks (NO and GB 7).  The Ravens have allowed 0 rushing TDs, 2.5 YPC, and 51 YPG (9 YPG better than the 2000 Ravens).  The passing yards per game are perhaps slightly higher than expected through 3 games, but the Ravens are scoring points.  Did you expect each opponent would run 3 times for 7 yards on each possession before punting? 


·         By my count, the Ravens brought confusing or deceptive pressure 9 times on 29 pass plays.  Through 3 weeks, they have geared pressure to the quality of the opponent.  If the trend holds we’ll see more and more varied pressure at New England.


·         I wrote a separate piece about Ayanbadejo ( He’s found a very significant role in the defense as a coverage linebacker.) 


·        Gooden played 30 snaps (2.8 YPPA, 0/0 sacks/turnovers) as the complementary 2-down player to Ayanbadejo at ILB.  At this moment I can’t think of a reason why Gooden’s role should be expanded. 


·        Barnes played 8 snaps and none before the Browns’ official resignation (Q4, 8:37).  He had 2 tackles on defense which may still be the high game for his career, including 1 for a loss.


·        Gregg’s comeback continued with another 4 tackles (including 1 for a loss) on 21 defensive snaps.   Amazingly, his top tier tackling productivity has improved on a per-play basis since prior to the injury.  If I had to pick 3 Ravens who are performing the most above expectations right now it would be easy.  Washington (13), Gregg (0), and Ayanbadejo (11).  That’s 3 players over 30 contributing significantly in platoon roles for the Ravens.  Those numbers in parentheses are their total offensive/defensive snaps in 2008.


·         The Ravens DE rotation by perentage of snaps to date in 2009 has consisted of Suggs (91% of snaps), Pryce (67%), Edwards (37%), and Barnes (13%).  In my opinion, Pryce would be more effective with a lighter workload (perhaps 50-55% of snaps) at this point in his career.  He was a very effective player in 2008, but has looked tired when overworked in 2009 (see San Diego).  Suggs will not be able to pick up any more snaps.  That leaves Edwards and Barnes among the habitually activated and Kruger from the “other” category.


·         Webb looked great on 2 punt coverages, but was flagged for offsides on the Browns field goal.


·         Zibby played his 1st 2 defensive snaps, 1 with the quarter defense on for 3rd and goal from the 12 and another on the last play of the game. 


·         Johnson sat out all but 1 play after the Browns first drive in Q3.  He was replaced by McClain who played 17 snaps (2.2 YPPA).


·         The woodshedding of the Browns was to such a degree that the Ravens did not have a single defensive play which could be termed important or game-changing.  The most indicative was perhaps Foxworth’s pick.  I can’t recall ever seeing a defensive back as clearly in the throwing lane for as long he was when he made the pick.  Quinn must have had x-ray vision to see Edwards.


Savor it folks.  It’s a game that will always be a little fun to re-watch on video. 


But don’t try to find the grey lining in a silver cloud.
Photo by Sabina Moran. 

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