Bisciotti doesn’t ignore the fan base

Street Talk Bisciotti doesn’t ignore the fan base

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Steve Bisciotti is paying extremely close attention to the team’s fan base.

The Ravens’ owner said he spent a half-hour perusing the Internet reading fans’ complains and vents after the Ravens’ playoff loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“I know the vitriol is tough for us to take, but we hear you,” Bisciotti said. “Most of your complaints are valid and legitimate. I just want the fans to know that though we don’t give you 100-percent results, we do give you 100-percent effort. I’m proud of these guys, but you’re not wrong.

“I don’t have much argument. There are a lot of things that you all are pretty accurate when it comes to assessing the team, and so are our fans. They’re committed, they’re knowledgeable, and right now, they’re really frustrated.”

Bisciotti then proceeded to read a lengthy list of suggestions/orders from the fan base.

“Re-sign Ngata, [Marc] Bulger, [Josh] Wilson, [Sam] Koch, [Billy] Cundiff, [Le’Ron] McClain, [Marshal] Yanda, [Chris] Carr and T.J. [Houshmandzadeh]

Change the offense

Sign or draft a big left tackle and fast wide receivers

Add a big shutdown corner and a dominant edge rusher

Get faster players

Get smarter players

Get more veterans, but get younger

Fire Ozzie, Cam, [Greg] Mattison and Flacco

Don’t be a tool, Bisciotti, or ‘Bis-cot-ee,’ as they said

Get a deal done with the union

And finally, don’t be a meddlesome owner.”

After rattling off the list, Bisciotti closed his remarks by saying: “I promise you we’ll get as many of those things done in the offseason as we can.”

BISCIOTTI PREDICTS RETURN OF SALARY CAP: Bisciotti predicted that a salary cap will return to the NFL in 2011 after going uncapped last year.

"It’s pretty safe to say that if we’re going to have football, it’s going to be with a salary cap," Bisciotti said

Bisciotti also said he believes that the rhetoric will die down soon between the owners and the NFL Players Association.

And he expressed optimism that the NFL will conduct a 16-game schedule this year.

Bisciotti said he doesn’t have an active role on the bargaining committee that deals with the players’ union.

"It doesn’t do me any good to be a pessimist," Bisciotti said. "I just have to have hope that a bunch of smart people on both sides of this argument are going to get this done."
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