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I will be the first to admit I’m not an expert on tailgating. I see them all the time but do not stop by to examine.

My Sundays in the fall consist of getting to the stadium early, covering NFL games, interviewing players and coaches afterwards and heading home after an entertaining day. But my pick of the Baltimore Ravens having the best AFC North tailgate based on my limited knowledge is still a subject of debate in our division inbox.

Here is a sample:

Jon Swanson from Titusville, Pa., writes: James, you’re way off on the best tailgating in the AFC North. The Steelers Nation tailgates as good as anyone. Even though I’m a Steelers fanatic, I believe I’m looking at it objectively. I’ve been to games. Yes, in Baltimore they know how to tailgate, but they don’t tailgate any better than Steeler Nation in the Burgh!!!!!! Sorry man, maybe it’s your opinion, but it’s not true!!!!

Ty from Baltimore writes: James, love your AFC North blog, most of the time you are spot on. Have to point out when you aren’t. Best tailgating is by far Pittsburgh. I’m a die hard Steeler fan but even the Baltimore sports media and fans all say how they wish they had Pittsburgh’s tailgate scene. In Baltimore it’s way to much about going to bars, there just aren’t that many lots around M&T Stadium. Where as around Heinz Field it is an asphalt jungle! I’ll give you that Baltimore gets the nod for food, but they just don’t have numbers for tailgating. Thanks and keep up the good work.

NC from Baltimore writes: My friends and I have tailgated in Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati. There’s no question that Baltimore has the best tailgating!

In our latest “Poll Friday,” we reopen the debate to our community. Which team has the best tailgate in the AFC North?

Cast your vote using our SportsNation poll. You also can share on thoughts on the best tailgating scene in the comment section below.

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