The Ravens are built for December

Street Talk The Ravens are built for December

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It looks like Ravens fans got their Christmas wish a few weeks early this year when Cam Cameron decided to pull a 180 on us by ditching the pass happy offense, dialing up 51 run plays against the Cleveland Browns.

And what was the result?

Oh nothing too impressive, just an average run of the mill 24-10 win with Ray Rice churning out 204 yards and a touchdown while averaging 7 yards a carry on 29 attempts. Not to mention a 67 yard gallop that set up a Ricky Williams one yard touchdown run. Williams had a respectable day also as he picked up 76 yards on 16 carries to go with his goal line score.

What a great way to start December.

 When the temperature drops, the weather becomes an even bigger factor, and the AFC North becomes one of the toughest divisions to play in teams better be able to run the ball, and run it well, if they wish to have any success on the field.

This is what defines Baltimore football. When other teams struggle during the last quarter of the schedule the Ravens flourish as they are built for the chilling end to the season.  Running the ball effectively and dominating opponents on defense is what the Ravens have become known league wide for and what their fans expect every Sunday.

Anything less than that is just unacceptable in Baltimore.

And that’s how it should be. This team is built to contend for a Super Bowl with a perfect mix of youth and veteran leadership.  Who cares what Skip Bayless or any other analyst has to say. Joe Flacco can and will win a Super Bowl and there is no reason why it can’t be this year. 

This defense is special, not 2000 special, but special nonetheless. With players like Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Jarret Johnson and Ray Lewis not getting any younger they need to strike while the iron is hot and use this opportunity to win it all.

The Ravens face Indianapolis, Cleveland, San Diego, and the Bengals in the final four weeks of the season before heading off to the playoffs.  Only one of these teams has a winning record and one doesn’t even have a single win. The Ravens should and will finish out the season without another loss, they almost have to if they want to secure a division crown and have a shot at a playoff bye with home field advantage.

It has been proven that the Ravens play better at home. Just look at their losses this year and for that reason a home playoff game could make or break a Super Bowl run. And for that to happen Cam needs to keep employ a simple formula: run the ball and leverage the strengths of Joe Flacco.

Throwing the ball 50+ times a game and running 3 end-arounds per game isn’t part of that formula.

That just won’t cut it in December.


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