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Ravens Projected 2012 53 Man Roster

The Good, Bad, Ugly & The Megan Fox Ravens Projected 2012 53 Man Roster

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5+ Comments Chris Williams says Kindle is out, tired of hearing about him! Omar Brown = in. Brandon Ayembadayo looked horrible, what was up with that? I am really worried about stopping the
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How painful was THAT to watch?

Preseason Game No. 4 + Dome + Replacement Officials + Obsolete Broadcast + Broadcasters as Bored as YOU + Sloppy Effort From the Ravens = A Television Extravaganza Just Slightly More Exciting Than a Test for The Emergency Broadcasting System.

Please pass the NoDoz!


Last night’s preseason game between the Ravens and Rams was a true test of your fandom. And if you stayed through until the bitter end you must either cover the team or you need to hire a lifestyle social director. Secretly I was praying for the broadcast, about as cutting edge as a rooftop antenna strapped to a chimney, to be pre-empted by re-runs of The Brady Bunch.

Rave TV’s (what an ironic name) replays were atrocious; the camera crew follows the action like Stevie Wonder might manage a position as an air traffic controller and no play clock in their on-screen graphics?

Making matters worse – the replacement refs! With their competencies (or lack thereof) on full display, they managed to make a slow and boring game even slower and more boring. It’s not their fault really. Asking them to officiate a NFL game is on par with asking a crossing guard to captain Baltimore’s Homicide Unit.

If the league isn’t going to pay for real officials they should refund fans across America the difference between what Ed Hochuli and his colleagues are paid and what they pay the temporary agency employing the replacements.

Ok, on to the game…

John Harbaugh decided to rest his starters and let the reserves take on the Rams first team during most of the first half. It wasn’t pretty as the Rams, after making adjustments during their opening series on defense, stymied the Ravens Tyrod Taylor led offense. On their first five plays from scrimmage the back-up signal caller marched the team 49 yards. On their next 20 plays they managed to advance just 57 yards.

The ugliness continued for hours.

So, why bother with breaking down the game in detail for this edition of the Good, Bad, Ugly & The Megan Fox (the last of which I would give to Deonte Thompson – you’re in kid!)? Would you read it anyway?

Instead let’s zero in on the players by position and determine who will survive “The Turk”. Your opinions are certainly welcome.


IN: Joe Flacco; Tyrod Taylor

OUT: Curtis Painter ~ There’s little sense keeping someone of his caliber on the team. Curtis Painters are a dime a dozen and they can be found at any point during the season in an emergency. And let’s face it, if it gets down to needing a Painter any color will do since the season would be lost anyway, don’t you think?


IN: Ray Rice; Bernard Pierce; Bobby Rainey; Vonta Leach

OUT: Anthony Allen

PRACTICE SQUAD: Damien Berry runs hard and his style really fits the Ravens. I didn’t see enough of him on special teams to warrant a roster spot given Rainey’s success this preseason and during training camp.


IN: Anquan Boldin; Torrey Smith; Jacoby Jones; LaQuan Williams; Tandon Doss; Deonte Thompson

PRACTICE SQUAD: Tommy Streeter ~ His absence last night suggests that the Ravens may be trying to hide him so that they can sneak him on to the PS and then try and develop his raw talents.


IN: Dennis Pitta; Ed Dickson; Billy Bajema


IN: Bryant McKinnie; Bobbie Williams; Matt Birk; Marshal Yanda; Michael Oher; Kelechi Osemele; Gino Gradkowski; Jah Reid; Ramon Harewood.

NOTE: Harewood’s time at guard last night can be interpreted two ways. The Ravens are leaning his way and they want to test his versatility to lock up that last spot or they are stilling searching for a home for the native of Barbados…Will be interesting to see what the team does with Jah Reid in light of the new IR rules.

BUBBLE: Tony Wragge



IN: Haloti Ngata; Terrence Cody; Art Jones; Ma’ake Kemoeatu; Pernell McPhee; Bryan Hall; DeAngelo Tyson; Ishmaa’ily Kitchen

PRACTICE SQUAD: Nicolas Jean-Baptiste; Terrence Moore


IN: Ray Lewis; Jameel McClain; Brendon Ayanbadejo; Courtney Upshaw; Albert McClellan; Paul Kruger; Sergio Kindle; Dannell Ellerbe; Chavis Williams



IN: Ed Reed; Bernard Pollard; Christian Thompson


OUT: Sean Considine ~ Even when healthy he did little to justify keeping him. Expect an injury settlement.


IN: Lardarius Webb; Jimmy Smith; Cary Williams; Corey Graham; Asa Jackson; Danny Gorrer

OUT: Chykie Brown


IN: Sam Koch; Justin Tucker; Morgan Cox
Players in red denote incorrect projections as of 9PM, August 31, 2012
Who caught your eye good or bad?
Who isn’t on this list the should be?
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Chris Williams
Chris Williams

Kindle is out, tired of hearing about him! Omar Brown = in. Brandon Ayembadayo looked horrible, what was up with that? I am really worried about stopping the run on defense this year and the offensive line holding up!! Hope this is not the year the Ravens fall back and do not make the playoffs. As a Ravens fan I am worried, but still rooting hard! GO RAVENS!

mystery man
mystery man

worried about the O-line , Wragge looked better then Harewood ? Gradkowski looked weaker then Birk(pretty bad) , Osemele was the best lineman out there..................also worried about the LBs , Bryan Hall looked better than the regular LBs even though he only played a short time..........Kindle , Upshaw , Ayanbadejo , and Kruger all have a lot of work ahead of them , none should be on the field with legitimate LBs,,,,,McClellen was the best LB on the field and should start,,,,,,,,,,all in all they looked like a bunch of three's except for a few players..........I hope it was just nerves because we are counting on a few of these guys.......


Kindle=out , Carr=in,,,,,,,,,,,, Omar Brown=in at safety,,,,,,,, D-linemen=keep 7 to make room for Brown,,,,,, Others look fairly good , although I expected much more from Upshaw , I hope he is not another one of Ozzie's second round busts...........


No chance Asa Jackson gets cut, Troy. Also, I'd be shocked if Harewood made the team over C.Brown. What type of possible situation would enable Harewood to contribute in 2012? I'll admit he's looked better than I expected this preseason, but he's not going to get in unless we have at least 3 injuries on the O-line, which very rarely happens. Chykie Brown is a very good special teams player and has some visible value from game one. They are both roughly the same age, so this isn't a developmental decision either. I'd be surprised if the Ravens kept only 3 safeties and I'd be very surprised if they went with 8 D-linemen. Over the course of a season, you'll need a 4th safety fairly regularly, but will rarely ever even activate your 7th or 8th D-lineman.


I've been holding out hope for Sergio Kindle for a while now. He definitely is a physical specimen. From my viewpoint, he just doesn't have any "fire". He seems to be the last guy to arrive to many completed plays. I was really hoping to see him shine. Sadly, I think he played his last snaps as Raven in St Louis. Not sure who is gone between A. Jackson and C. Brown. I'd flip a coin or look at their contract/$ situation if it was my decision to make.


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