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Salary Cap Ravens 2013 Free Agency Preview

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4+ Comments Elkton Bob says We share the same name, and you have pretty much cloned my thoughts. The only thing I don't necessarily agree with is Ed Reed. I think you let him go, and star
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NOTE: This is an early preview of the Ravens’ 2013 roster and offseason preview. Once the 2013 offseason begins, a more thorough preview and Salary Cap projection will be published.


The Ravens presently have the following 37 players under contract for 2013 (with base salaries indicated):

QBs (1): Tyrod Taylor ($555K)

RBs (3): Ray Rice ($1M), Bernard Pierce ($480K), Vonta Leach ($3M)

WRs (7): Anquan Boldin ($6M), Torrey Smith ($683K), Jacoby Jones ($3M + $1M Roster Bonus), Tandon Doss ($555K), LaQuan Williams ($555K), Deonte Thompson ($480K), Tommy Streeter ($480K)

TE (0):

OL (7): Michael Oher ($3.085M + possible $1M escalator), Marshall Yanda ($4.5M), Matt Birk ($2.75M), Jah Reid ($555K), Kelechi Osemele ($480K), Bobbie Williams ($1.2M), Gino Gradkowski ($480K)

DL (5): Haloti Ngata ($4M), Terrence Cody ($630K), Pernell McPhee ($555K), Michael McAdoo ($555K), DeAngelo Tyson ($480K)

LBs (5): Ray Lewis ($5.4M), Terrell Suggs ($6.4M), Jameel McClain ($3M), Courtney Upshaw ($631K), Brendan Ayanbadejo ($940K)

CBs (5): Lardarius Webb ($2.385M), Jimmy Smith ($1.05M), Cory Graham ($1.8M), Chykie Brown ($555K), Asa Jackson ($480K)

S (2): Bernard Pollard ($2M), Christian Thompson ($480K)

ST (2): Justin Tucker ($480K), Sam Koch ($1.9M)

These 37 players are under contract for a total Salary Cap commitment of just over $106.5M. (Link to 2013 Salary Cap Spreadsheet).


These players must be tendered contracts of the league minimum, based on the player’s length of service in the league (either $555K or $480K). Once tendered, these players are fully under the team’s control and are not free to negotiate with other teams.

The Ravens have 7 players who are Exclusive Rights Free Agents (EFAs):

RB – Anthony Allen

RB – Damien Berry

RB – Bobby Rainey

LB – Josh Bynes

LB – Albert McClellan

DT – Bryan Hall

S – Anthony Levine


These are players whose contracts have expired and who have 3 years of accrued service time. The team must tender the player with an RFA offer. Once done, another team can sign the RFA to an RFA offer sheet, but the Ravens then have 7 days to match that offer sheet and retain the player under the terms of that offer sheet. If the Ravens were to choose not to match the offer sheet, then they would receive compensation based on which level of RFA tender was made to the player.

There are 3 RFA tenders (the new CBA did away with the “high” tender of 1st and 3rd round draft picks as compensation):

1st Round Tender: allows the team to receive the other team’s 1st round – $2.879M (est)

2nd Round Tender: allows the team to receive the other team’s 2nd round pick – $2.023M (est)

Low Tender: allows the team to receive a draft pick equal to the round in which the player was originally drafted or the Right of First Refusal (ROFR) for an undrafted player – $1.323M (est)

The Ravens have 7 players who are Restricted Free Agents (RFAs)

TE – Dennis Pitta

TE – Ed Dickson

LS – Morgan Cox

DT – Arthur Jones

OL – Ramon Harewood

WR – David Reed

S – Emmanuel Cook

In the past, the Ravens have usually tendered all of their RFAs, but on occasion, the team has non-tendered some players and instead, offered them one-year veteran minimum contracts. The veteran minimum salary for those players would be $615K. This year, Emmanuel Cook could be a candidate for such a deal, if he’s even retained at all.


In past years, the Ravens have usually re-signed their Practice Squad players for the following year.

Those 8 players are

S – Omar Brown

LB – Nigel Carr

OT – Jack Cornell

QB – Dennis Dixon

OLB – Adrian Hamilton

OLB – Sergio Kindle

G – Antoine McClain

TE – Alex Silvestro

Most will sign one-year contracts for $405K. Kindle and Dixon would receive contracts of $480K.


The following 13 players are Unrestricted Free Agents (UFAs) and will be free to sign with other teams if they haven’t re-signed with the Ravens before Free Agency begins on March 13th at 4:00 p.m.:

QB – Joe Flacco

S – Ed Reed

LB – Dannell Ellerbe

CB – Cary Williams

DT – Ryan McBean

LB – Paul Kruger

OT – Bryant McKinnie

S – Sean Considine

DT – Ma’ake Kemoeatu

S – James Ihedigbo

LB – Ricky Brown

TE – Billy Bajema

CB – Chris Johnson


Under the new CBA, teams can now carry over excess Salary Cap space from one year to the next. Unfortunately, though, the Ravens currently only have around $1M in available 2012 Salary Cap space, so whatever amount they will ultimately be able to carry over (depending upon further injuries in 2012) will be minimal.


At this point, it’s a little too early to project – especially without knowing what the 2013 league-wide Salary Cap is going to be – but, assuming the projections of a minimal increase in the Cap are correct, the Ravens will be very tight against the Cap heading into the 2013 offseason. Recent estimates of have pegged the league-wide Cap somewhere in the $122M range and, with only 37 players under contract for 2013, most of the team’s present Cap space will be eaten up by the contract tenders for the team’s RFAs and ERFAs.

The team will probably see some players retire and will need to release some others in order to create necessary Cap space, but, make no mistake, the Ravens – short of a possible long term deal for QB Joe Flacco – will not be big offseason spenders.

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Brian McFarland

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Known on Ravens Message Boards as "B-more Ravor", Brian is a life-long Baltimorean and an avid fan of the Ravens and all Baltimore sports.  A PSL holder since 1998, Brian has garnered a reputation as a cap-guru because of his strange (actually warped) desire to wade through the intricacies of the NFL's salary cap and actually make sense of it for those of us who view it as inviting as IRS Tax Code.      Brian, who hails from Catonsville, MD and still resides there, is married and has two children. More from Brian McFarland
robert the ravens fan
robert the ravens fan

1st tier wants/ must signs flacco is first sign at 100 mil over 6-7 years ellerbe is next at just under ray lewis money at about 4-5 mil a year pitta is a must as well for flacco comfort level and flacco will want him the most those are the 3 must sign player period everyone else is up in the air 2nd tier want/must have ed reed would be the first contract in line after these guys but with ed getting his last pay day it wont be cheap and the ravens may just not have enough because we all know how much bill belichek is in love with ed reed and the pats are going to throw all kinds of money at him to get him on the patriots this will be a super tough sign but if they get him it eats up all there cap if they dont they have a huge whole and lose the goat at safty its almost a lose lose situation next would be the 3rd teir wants/not must haves kruger will want to be paid especially if they win the superbowl but the ravens will just not have the money to pay him what he wants i believe in the end they will let him go due to not being able to match what other teams are going to throw his way like in recent years and what happened with bart scott / jarret johnson and adalius thomas much as it will hurt it is time to let him move on amd make his one big payday plus suggs is responsable for krugers number because suggs demands a double team and allows krugar the 1on1s example first 7 games this year w/o suggs krugar wasnt playing at the level he is now and doesnt have the years of productivity but rather only in his contract year this is not a hard decision krugar is gone cary williams is a nother 3rd tier guy and whithout that much depth will be a guy who is coveted by the ravens but may want to much money for them to keep and may have to let go in hopes of getting dbs in this years draft for less money in order to keep others at the top of this list 4th tier Bryant McKinnie and Ma’ake Kemoeatu may be coveted by many teams and have money thrown at them so with these guys i may see a franchise tag used on mckinnie but prolly be lose to free agentcy in the end thats all the players that really matter here everyone else is expendable and i dont see on the team for more than they make now in the end this will be a tough off season for the ravens and a big draft year in order to fill needs for the team unlike there previous drafts where the ravens are know for taking the best available player i see a expensive free agent list that will be cut short with the ravens keeping 4-6 players that are up for new contracts in 2013 As a ravens fan i hope for flaccos contract to be quick and easy pitta/ellerbe a must ed reed taking a little less than offered by other teams to stay in baltimore and cary williams getting a deal as well i would like to see krugar go somewhere outside the division and Ma’ake Kemoeatu/Bryant McKinnie possibley staying in the charm city everyone else thank you for your service and goodluck on the open market

Elkton Bob
Elkton Bob

We share the same name, and you have pretty much cloned my thoughts. The only thing I don't necessarily agree with is Ed Reed. I think you let him go, and start fresh with Suggs as the leader of that defense. Ellerbe, Pitta and Mckinnie are musts in my perfect world.


Wow , this can be a disaster in the offseason

Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson

hopefully we make some good deals and hit big in the draft. defense and special teams are gonna have to be the main focus without a doubt.


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