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Six Ravens win fan vote for 2013 Pro Bowl

Street Talk Six Ravens win fan vote for 2013 Pro Bowl

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5+ Comments Derek Arnold says Rumor Ray - I love Haloti, but I've been very disappointed by his play this year for the most part. While I wouldn't go nearly as far as our Mr. Mojo Rison (who
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The NFL has announced the results of fan voting for the 2013 Pro Bowl, and six Ravens finished at the top of their respective categories. Only the Green Bay Packers had as many players that can say the same.

On offense, Michael Oher and Vonta Leach led their categories, while Haloti Ngata, Ed Reed, and Bernard Pollard held down the defensive side of the ball. In addition, Jacoby Jones won the fan vote as a kick returner.

Ravens fans will of course scoff at Oher (and to a lesser extent, Reed and Ngata) being an “all-star” here in 2012. He has been extremely poor as a left tackle, and has been responsible for several strip-sacks of quarterback Joe Flacco, allowing speed rushers to simply run by him to the quarterback.

Fans in Baltimore are clamoring for Bryant McKinnie to replace Oher on the left side for the remainder of the season, so that should tell you just how Pro Bowl-worthy the former Ole Miss Rebel really is. However, fans all over the world vote for the Pro Bowl, and everyone knows Michael as “The Blind Side guy.” Due to that, no amount of poor play on his part will get that image out of the heads of casual fans.

We all know that the Pro Bowl fan vote is nothing more than a big popularity contest, and Oher had a damn book/movie written about him – he wins the contest. As further evidence, he was second overall among offensive linemen in total votes, finishing behind only Jeff Saturday of Green Bay.

I didn’t mean for this to turn into an Oher-bashing session; he’s a good player – as a right tackle.

Anyway, congratulations to all six Ravens for winning the Pro Bowl fan vote!

The Pro Bowl rosters take into account 1/3 fan vote, 1/3 coaches’ vote, and 1/3 player vote. So none of these players are official “Pro Bowlers” just yet.

Hopefully the team will start playing like one that has six Pro Bowlers starting, and will get hot down the stretch so these six guys will all be taking Pro Bowl weekend off to prepare for Super Bowl Sunday.

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Derek Arnold

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RSR/ESR Senior Editor. Derek is originally from and a current resident of Pasadena, MD. He’s a graduate of UMBC and has been a lifelong Baltimore sports fan. In 2007 he founded B’More Birds’ Nest, where he wrote about the Ravens and Orioles before joining RSR in 2012. Derek’s work has been featured on Charm City Current, Bleacher Report, and other online sports sites. Follow Derek on Twitter: @BMoreBirdsNest  More from Derek Arnold
Rumor Ray
Rumor Ray

"Ravens fans will of course scoff at Oher (and to a lesser extent, Reed and Ngata) being an “all-star” here in 2012" Derek, Are you saying that Haloti Ngata the highest ranked player on the Ravens in the the 2012 NFL Top 100 should not be in the Pro Bowl? FYI he was #9 in the NFL in front of #11 Terrell Suggs (D Player Of Year) Even injured he is taking on two line men on each down and caught RG3 in open field during the Washington game. The fans are correct to Vote for Ngata as he is the best in the game. Sorry to challenge you, however I had the Time Out to Burn !!! Waits for the on Field Review! Thanks


Ed Reed doesn't belong, either. He has had an injury riddled season and hasn't played his normal quality of play. Oher definitely doesn't belong. If anybody else on the Ravens deserves it, it's. Paul Kruger. Hopefully this will be all for naught if the Ravens can right the ship and win the AFC Championship!


What is really crazy is because of the movie the Ravens played him at left tackle. Most fans are uninformed but our coaches have a crush on Sandra Bullock also.

Tony Lombardi
Tony Lombardi

What a joke! Ravens fans are clamoring for Oher to be replaced by a left tackle in the December of his career (Bryant McKinnie) yet Oher is a leading vote getter? That's nuts! And the even crazier thing is that those votes had to have come from somewhere other than Baltimore. Is Leigh Anne Tuohy stuffing Pro Bowl balloting boxes or is this really a vote for Sandra Bullock?

Derek Arnold
Derek Arnold

Rumor Ray - I love Haloti, but I've been very disappointed by his play this year for the most part. While I wouldn't go nearly as far as our Mr. Mojo Rison (who called him a "bum" a few weeks back, I know that a good number of fans feel this way. It certainly doesn't help him that the guy playing next to him (Cody) is awful and plays like he is on roller skates, but Haloti hasn't been the guy that we saw from 2006-2010. Last year he played hurt...this year he seems to be hurt again (or something). He stepped up against Washington and had a great game, then was invisible against Denver. Anyway, the feeling I get from most fans is that they would agree with the fan vote on Jacoby, Pollard, and Leach, but disagree on Reed and Ngata, and laugh out loud at Oher. Also, bring on the challenges. We love spirited discussion here. Unlimited red flags.


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