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HAPPY FESTIVUS: Could history repeat itself?

Lombardi's Way HAPPY FESTIVUS: Could history repeat itself?

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3+ Comments Jerry B says Frankly, Tony,rather than examine statistics, I'm looking at the Giants of last year, who nearly everybody had written off when they were 7-7. If memory serves
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Yesterday during Christmas Eve gatherings family and friends seemed more proud and stood a little taller when they discussed the Ravens or rocked their purple or their Ravens gear.

One game can make a big difference.

And it has!

Our resident NFL historian here at RSR, Kurt Backert, shared some interesting historical facts. Collectively they may not represent what WILL happen over the next couple of weeks however, in the NFL, history does have a way of repeating itself.

Let us take you on a little trip down memory lane, circa 2000.

In 2000 the Ravens beat the Cowboys and Giants and lost on the road to the Redskins. They’ve done that this season as well. They also had to endure a rather awkward losing streak in 2000. Then the Ravens lost 3 straight when they dropped from (5-1) to (5-4) while managing to score a total of just 15 points.

Afterwards the Ravens never lost again.

The 2000 rendition of the purple and black also lost a home game to the Steelers that season while winning one on the road.

Once Brian Billick allowed the use of the “P” word, the Ravens road to the Super Bowl included a home win as the fourth seed in the playoffs against the fifth-seeded Broncos followed by two tough road games – one against the No. 1 seeded Tennessee Titans and then a cross-country roadie against the No. 2 seed, the Oakland Raiders.

Could it be that the Ravens host another set of horses as the fourth seed in 2012, the Indianapolis Colts, only to hit the road to face the No. 1 seed, this time another team that originally hails from Houston? And then follow that up with a westward bound plane trip to Denver to take on the No. 2 seed?

It’s going to be fun.

Happy Festivus everyone!


Kurt Backert co-authored this blog

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Jerry B
Jerry B

Frankly, Tony,rather than examine statistics, I'm looking at the Giants of last year, who nearly everybody had written off when they were 7-7. If memory serves me correctly, they finished pretty strong! The only statistic that matters is the final score! This team has demonstrated an uncanny ability to play their best football when they're backs are to the wall and, if last week was a harbinger of things to come, they are capable of beating anybody! "Festivus" sounds about......right!


Similarities don't end there. 4 weeks into the season the Ravens made a major offensive move, benching Tony Banks in favor of Trent Dilfer. 2012 version is replacing Cameron with Caldwell. The Ravens got no love from major media outlets after their 3 game loss in 1999. Yesterday, ESPN discussed, at length of course, the most dangerous team in the AFC has to be the Broncos, Patriots or Texans, possibly the Bengals. The Ravens are 3 point underdogs for the Cincinnati game. My favorite? The last time we had a male born into our family was August 1999. My son was five months old during the Super Bowl. His nephew, my first grandson turned a month old yesterday. I'm trying to figure out when the parade will be so that I can take the day off work.

Tony Lombardi
Tony Lombardi

Cheryl, love these omens. Let's hope they mean something. By the way, not that it changes your story materially, but Super Bowl XXXV was played on January 28, 2001. Happy Holidays!


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