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Flacco Leaving the Ravens is Pure Science Fiction

Street Talk Flacco Leaving the Ravens is Pure Science Fiction

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5+ Comments MrDot says I don't get it either. The successful clubs in this league have stability at QB. Give that up and you end up like the Browns, Jets, or Chiefs. Total chaos ye
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A Writer’s Fantasy

S.I.’s Peter King ignites an internet furor over Joe Flacco’s future with the Ravens

In his Sports column Monday morning, senior NFL writer Peter King ignited a fire storm of speculation concerning whether the Ravens will or will not pay, will or will not or franchise, Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco.  It quickly made cannon fodder for many NFL analysts, web sites, and cable shows.

After listening to the Ravens State of the Team press conference, King decided that Ozzie Newsome, while declaring the Ravens were not going to mortgage the future by extending or restructuring a lot of veterans contracts, really meant that he wasn’t going to apply the exclusive rights tag on Flacco, thus exposing him to potential capture by cap-friendly, quarterback-deficient teams such as Cleveland and Miami.

King is getting a lot of fantasy mileage out of what I consider to be a gross misunderstanding (deliberate or otherwise) of what Ozzie said.

Let me get this straight: does the King of Trolls really think Steve Bisciotti and Newsome are going to chance losing their franchise quarterback, who has taken the Ravens to the playoffs every year since he was drafted, and who just won a Super Bowl, in order to save cap money and veterans in exchange for 2 first round draft choices?


I have 8 reasons why Flacco is not going anywhere.


  • Kyle Boller
  • Steve McNair
  • Troy Smith
  • Jeff Blake
  • Chris Redman
  • Anthony Wright
  • Elvis Grbac
  • Randall Cunningham

These are the names of the Ravens quarterbacks who have started for the team since they won Super Bowl XXXV in 2001.  How many times did this bunch get the Ravens to the playoffs?

3 times, in 2001, 2003, and 2006.

How many playoff games did they win?

One, Uno, in 2001.

Since being drafted in 2008 Flacco has won 9 playoff games, has taken the Ravens to the AFC Championship game 3 times, won a Super Bowl, was named SB MVP, and King thinks Ravens are going to let him walk? 

For argument’s sake, who do we replace him with?  The next strong-armed college quarterback who can throw a ball 60 yards through the uprights from his knees?  Alex Smith?  Come on.

You can restock the team with wide receivers, linebackers and linemen through the draft a helluva lot easier than you can replace a quarterback.  If the Ravens are going to lose personnel, it will be UFAs such as Dannell Ellerbe, Paul Kruger, Cary Williams, and Ed Reed who might be snapped up by other, cap-space friendly teams like the Bengals or the Colts.

King’s column is idiot talk, meant to fire up the blogosphere and give the Tony Grossi’s of the world something to write about on their 4 letter web sites.

Now could it happen?  Of course.  Will it happen?

I say no way.

Ignore the websites; the speculation, the stupid talk, and let Ozzie and Pat Moriarty do their job.

Joe Flacco is a Raven and will remain one for the rest of his career.

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Fran "The Fan" Vojik

About Fran "The Fan" Vojik

Fran Vojik has been a contributor to the Ravens24X7 site since 2005, first as a regular on the "Letters to T.L." page, then as the author of the Fran the Fan column. A huge Orioles and Ravens fan, he defines the term “homer.” A former season ticket holder of the Baltimore Colts, he now roots on the Ravens from his corner end zone seat in M&T Bank Stadium. His work makes him a regular traveler to various MLB and NFL cities and he’s watched both the Birds and Purple and Black in a variety of away stadiums. He brings a passionate and humorous perspective to the world of professional sports. Born in Highlandtown, and a graduate of Calvert Hall College and the University of Maryland, he lives on Furnace Creek in northern Anne Arundel County. He and his girlfriend, Sandy, have recently renovated his Man Cave, known as the “The Sports Palace," which contains many mementos from the Colts, Ravens, and Orioles. On days the Ravens play at home, Fran can usually be found tailgating at the Baltimore Fire Fighters Union Hall Local 734 , supporting the organization’s Widow’s and Orphan’s fund. More from Fran "The Fan" Vojik

Great article, Fran, but I came up with a ninth reason to keep Flacco that you overlooked: Scott Mitchell. To think that we would let Joe walk away is so absurd. I have never like Peter King, and his "reasoning" on this issue just strengthens that sentiment.


Believe it or not, I am hearing a contingent of Ravens fans who ACTUALLY think it'd be better for the team to let Joe walk, instead of paying him handsomely. They are under some sort of delusion that because we'd get 2 1st rounders back, we'd be able to re-draft a QB and start over. The GOAL of building a franchise is to find a franchise QB. Period. You're going to let one walk now so you can rebuild, draft a QB who would HOPEFULLY be as good as Flacco and him again and start over? HA! No, it's like buying a house. You find that absolutely right house, you sign the contract, get the keys and are all happy...until those mortgage checks start coming. You grumble and pay them, you change your budget so you can afford the mortgage...but you don't sell your house off and buy an apartment again, so you can keep a sports car and a boat!


Steve already said he will "pay the man""


I don't get it either. The successful clubs in this league have stability at QB. Give that up and you end up like the Browns, Jets, or Chiefs. Total chaos year after year.

Fran the Fan
Fran the Fan

Joe, I could not agree with you more. I am stunned that some Ravens fans want to see Joe walk instead of getting his well-deserved pay day. I don't know what they're the 12 years before they drafted Flacco (1996-20070, they've had 16 (sixteen) different quarterbacks who started games. Do they really want to go back to that? We have our franchise guy into the 2020's. Bisciotti will pay him like one. Now, will there be blood? Undoubtedly. They are some fan favorites that won't be playing in Purple and Black next year, just like in 2010, 2011, and 2012. It's a fact of cap life in the NFL.


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