Stadium Smoking Ban Could Curb Fan Enthusiasm

Lombardi's Way Stadium Smoking Ban Could Curb Fan Enthusiasm

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I’m not a smoker…never have been, never want to be.

I loved it when the State of Maryland passed the law banning smoking in bars and restaurants. All of those bar owners who complained that they would lose business, remember them? Hear any bellyaching from them lately about lost revenue?

Of course not, because they haven’t lost a dime!

How great was it that it was YOUR choice whether to wash your clothes or take them to the dry cleaner after a night at the local tavern? No longer did they reek of smoke.

How great was it that you didn’t HAVE TO shower before you went to bed, and smell the steam from the hot water bouncing off your head laced with the rancid odor of smoke?

How great is it now that you can pull up a comfortable bar stool, have a conversation with your favorite bartender and actually have a meal there without having to choose when to take your next bite while dodging the billowing essence of tobacco?

Remember the old saying, “She’s a 2 at 10 but a 10 at 2”? Now that the air is clear in the club and there isn’t a wall of smoke to peer through, well maybe that old cliché needs an adjustment – “She’s a 2 at 8 but an 8 at 2”.

I can see clearly now the smoke is gone…

Surely I jest – sort of.

The point here is I am a billion percent behind that law that changed nightlife forever for the better. That said, I’m not a fan of having to hold my breath as I enter my favorite establishments, meandering my way past the patrons who have been literally kicked to the curb to burn their cancer sticks.

But if that’s my opportunity cost for a smoke free pub, I’ll gladly pay it.

Recently we learned of another law that has been passed targeting smokers. No longer are they free to light up in previously assigned smoking areas at M&T Bank Stadium or Oriole Park at Camden Yards thanks to the Maryland Stadium Authority.

And despite all of the aforementioned pleasures I enjoy at smoke free bars and restaurants, this time they’ve gone too far!

Fans of the Orioles and the Ravens who happen to be smokers will have to comply with some sort of queuing method whereby they’ll receive a stamp or a wristband or maybe they’ll just slap a fluorescent sticker on the smokers’ foreheads to allow them to exit the stadium and then re-enter the stadium vis-à-vis their badge of smoking courage.

Maybe it won’t be so bad for those smoking fans who have seats in the lower level, but what about those in the upper deck?

What if team owner Steve Bisciotti is caught on camera in the owner’s box puffing on a Cohiba?

Are those designated smoking areas that have existed for years really that bad? And if your answer is yes, couldn’t there be another way to sequester the lung polluters and contain the smoke? Do they really have to kick them out? And won’t kicking them out lessen the home field advantage?

Less people in the stadium + Less noise = Diminished home field advantage.

Look, don’t take this as an endorsement for smoking. It isn’t! Maybe this new brainstorm from the cerebrally challenged lawmakers of our great State, does have the greatest good for the greatest number at the core of their decision.

But is this really the answer?

Can’t you just see a whole host of other problems blossoming from this “ingenious” decision?

What’s next, they implement some system to top you off at two beers because some numb-nut with too much time on his or her hands has determined that profanity climbs dramatically after two adult beverages and such language can leave permanent scars on the children in attendance?

Will S.A.F.E. management start wearing swastikas?

Limit your trips to the restroom?

Tax your PSL?

When will enough be enough?

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Are ecigs included in the ban?

Padron 45
Padron 45

While I echo the sentiment that the Ravens should not ban smoking, I do not think your article is logically consistent. I am inferring that smoke in bars effects you more directly and impactfully than the smoke in the stadium, but really there are two ways of looking at this: 1) the individual establishment has the right to decide their individual smoking rules or 2) the state of Maryland is smart enough and knowledgeable enough to impose their own restrictions. Additionally, as a bar owner myself, please do not be fooled into thinking that the smoking laws have not cost the owners money. Depending on location, these laws have different impacts, but regular smokers are consistently staying for less time with the smoking laws in tact than they were before and that is obviously costing us money. The inability to decide the rules for my own business is incredibly frustrating and illustrates a really big problem with our society.

Ashton VSG
Ashton VSG

Welcome to the People's Republic of Maryland. If Kommisar O'Malley says no smoking, you will not smoke. He knows better than you on how you should live your life. I guess that means no more after game victory cigars for me.


this is no different than the overreaction from restaurant owners previously. as long as the ravens are winning, the stands will be full every game, regardless of these new rules. smokers will either find an alternative to get their fix for 4 hours, or their tickets will be sold to someone else instead. big deal.


what is this about? we can eat all the GMO/growth hormone food on the menu yet we've, all of a sudden, dragged up a new awareness about smoking and what????Health? reduce the friggin beer and concession prices and start with a "Fan Appreciation" program for a change.

Non Smoker
Non Smoker

I wonder if the smoking ban will apply to the owner in his owner's suite, or is he allowed an exemption? I think there could be a compromise somewhere for the poor fans in the upper deck. I propose that they take the section called Ravens Flight Deck, you know that section where they charge you to get in and charge a fortune for a beer, and turn that into a outdoor smoking section. It would keep the smoke in one area while others who traverse about the concourse don't have to breathe the stuff. I do agree with Tony, the next prohibition will have something to do with the number of beer bought at the stadium. Joe Six Pack will be no more.


I am a smoker, i went out to the ramp to smoke at halftime, and even for me, a smoker, it was disgusting! I won't have any problem just eschewing my smoke break for the game! One less nail in the coffin!


Ssssh! If Owe'Malley hears about taxing PSL to move MD forward by making the tough decisions...blah blah blah then he'll do it. Never met a tax he didn't like.


youve lost me buying tickets


They are now. I'm gonna start chewing at the game and spit everywhere. Pressure washing every week will be pretty expensive .


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