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Do you care if 30% of the NFL uses HGH?

Street Talk Do you care if 30% of the NFL uses HGH?

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5+ Comments Capt. Obvious says players should only be allowed to use HGH, under doctor supervision, to recover from an injury. otherwise, they are cheating.
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After my first trip into the Ravens locker room, I had already came to grips with the fact that I was never blessed with the athletic ability to play football professionally. At 6’0″, 195 pounds, I’m bigger than a few NFL players, but the best shot I ever had at receiving a scholorship in college would have came from playing the wimpiest of all the macho football player positions  – placekicker.

The best way to classify NFL players up close and personal is to call them “superhuman man-beasts.”

While Major League Baseball has received the majority of attention over performance enhancing drugs, athletes try to gain an advantage in every professional sport. Former Raiders linebacker Bill Romanowski may take the cake as the most well-known user of steroids during his career, but some players have found a new, and still untested, way to gain an advantage: human growth hormone (HGH).

A very good story came across the inter-webs today via ProFootballTalk. An unnamed NFC starter told Tyler Dunne from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that, “It’s like clockwork nowadays,” referring to HGH use by NFL players.

The player also said, “Not tested and it’s easy to get. Nowadays, dude? In 2013? (Expletive) yeah. I’m just being real.” According to the player, his estimate was that 10-15 players per team use HGH – which is banned in the NFL but currently not being tested.

Two years ago, the NFL and NFLPA agreed to test for HGH, but no actual tests on players have been performed to date. The hangup appears to be with the fact that blood has to be drawn, as opposed to typical urine tests for other banned or illegal substances. Even though the thought of needles doesn’t scare those injecting HGH into their bodies, those players not using the banned substance may have an issue with being pricked like a voodoo doll for testing.

Trypanophobia is the clinical name for those with a fear of needles. It doesn’t matter if you’re an average-sized guy like myself or as big as Bryant McKinnie, needles can make you pass out in a second. In fact, it can even have a delayed reaction (i.e. students getting a TB test to live in college dorms and passing out while walking back to their car in the middle of a parking lot).

How embarrassing…who would ever do that?

/buries head onto keyboard

Without an alternative to drawing blood, players using HGH will continue to go untested. ProFootballTalk made some great points in their story:

“…the NFL doesn’t really want to push the issue. On one hand, the league likely doesn’t want to try to force its players to have their skin pierced with a needle and blood drawn. On the other hand, the league possibly isn’t interested in having those predictions of rampant HGH use come to fruition – or in having the players who use HGH quit cold turkey and suddenly become unable to return from injuries.”

The unnamed player took a stance, saying:

“This is our career. We’re putting on for our fans. HGH isn’t anything. I say…do it…You’re going to get hit hard regardless whether you’re clean or not clean. It’s just a matter of how hard you get hit. I don’t care who’s taking it. A hit is a hit.”

To me, testing for HGH seems like a lose/lose situation. For those players who are clean, regardless of how much money they’re making, being stuck with needles on a consistent basis is unfair, especially for those who have a fear of needles. However, those same players who are clean find themselves at a disadvantage by having to face players who are taking HGH and the possible advantages their opponents will have on them because of the drug.

So, what do the fans think? If this NFL player is telling the truth, does it bother you that up to 30 percent of the league is using HGH? Without knowing for sure that some of your favorite players may or may not be on HGH, would you want them to risk possible injury by having to quit cold turkey?

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Do you care if it was proven that 30% of NFL players use HGH?
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Kris Jones

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Kris - or "Goob" as he's widely known - has turned an obsession into a career. As a media member by day and super fan by night, he reports from the Under Armour Performance Center twice per week and brings Ravens news from a fan's perspective. His popular YouTube series Goobvision propelled his career and notoriety amongst Ravens fans, even helping him win the 2010 nationwide DIRECTV Ultimate Displaced Fan contest. He's been featured on shows such as The Jim Rome Show, ProFootballTalk Live, The Sirius XM Blitz with Rich Gannon and Adam Schein, Sirius XM's MadDog Radio, The Michael Irvin Show, Tony Bruno Show, Two Live Stews and to name a few (or is that a lot?). He's caught a touchdown pass from Warren Moon during a flag football game and hates the Pittsburgh Steelers more than anyone else on the face of the earth. Twitter: RavenManiac  More from Kris Jones
Capt. Obvious
Capt. Obvious

players should only be allowed to use HGH, under doctor supervision, to recover from an injury. otherwise, they are cheating.


I think they should let everyone in the NFL use it. That way it is even and it makes for a great game.


the harder they go, the more exciting the game gets. Athletes are being pushed to go hard and burn up there bodies in 10 years. If you dont keep up and be the best you are out and have no income. So athletes do everything to get that edge. It kinda is messed up but thats how the world works and money is made. Take the tour de france for example, since even armstrong confessed using drugs all the winners of the tour de france for a little over the last ten years have used drugs to increase there performance. The contest is so hard to complete they can only do it when using the drugs. They should make using performance enhancing drugs mandatory in the NFL, just to lvl the playing field :-)


I have a feeling that number is closer to 40-50% but either way I don't care.


I absolutely would care if even one NFL player used HGH. It should be banned and tested for routinely. The great thing about watching pro sports is the "how'd he do that?" factor. If NFL allowed HGH, that would totally be lost. I bet everyone here would feel the same way if he/she was faced with that prospect. Once the game becomes who has the better chemist/drugs, I won't watch.


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