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Dumervil flying under the radar in Baltimore

Street Talk Dumervil flying under the radar in Baltimore

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The Baltimore Ravens made a pleasant, uncharacteristic personnel decision in March when they decided to spend big on former Denver Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil.

The Ravens don’t tend to throw money at high-profile free agents from other teams, but they were confident enough in Dumervil to sign him to a five-year contract worth up to $35 million.

When the move was made, Ravens fans rejoiced, as there was a glaring void left at outside linebacker when Paul Kruger departed for Cleveland. Not only was there a need for another high-caliber player to play opposite Terrell Suggs, but Dumervil is one of the premier pass-rushers in the AFC, if not the entire NFL.

However, now that he has settled into Baltimore, it seems as if he has joined the team without much fanfare or recognition. Maybe that’s how Dumervil and the Ravens want it to be, but it seems interesting that he hasn’t received the publicity for a player of his talent.

He has been praised for the immediate leadership that he brought with him, as well as the fact that he has been at the Ravens facility almost every day so far this offseason.

But what seems to be missing here is the fact that the Ravens just added a three-time Pro Bowler, a former All-Pro and a former NFL season sacks leader. This isn’t just another outside linebacker to add to a starting lineup; this is a guy that many NFL defensive coordinators would love to build their defense around.

He’s only 29-years old, so it isn’t as if he’s in the twilight of his career. He is still in his prime, and he showed that in 2012 by recording 11.0 sacks and forcing six fumbles. He was slightly overshadowed by fellow Broncos linebacker Von Miller, but almost every defensive player in the NFL would be overshadowed by Miller, as he has quickly developed into one of the best all-around players in the league.

His best season came in 2009 when he recorded 17.0 sacks, but his statistics have declined since then. The only thing missing is he played in a 3-4 in 2009 before switching to a 4-3 after the season. Could he return to his 2009 form moving back to a 3-4 defense in Baltimore playing alongside Suggs? It’s certainly justifiable to believe so.

Dumervil isn’t just an average veteran pickup; he’s a guy who can singlehandedly change a game.

Appreciate him, Ravens fans, because Dumervil is an elite talent who is simply flying under the radar, which could actually be a good thing.

Sleep on Dumervil if you choose to for now, but just wait until him and Suggs assert themselves as one of the best pass-rushing duos in the NFL this coming season.

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AFC North is DOOMed!!!!


Oh trust and believe the fans of bmore are crazy excited about Doom! I think that we are just so excited about all the positive things in store for our team that it makes it hard to just focus on one single aspect. This may be Suggs best year ever along with Ngata. We are just one stud receiver away from making some noise in the playoffs. Flying under the radar is what our team does best!


I think all of our moves have been under the radar and quite frankly slept on. All I hear is leadership lost. Well yes ray and Reed left. However, when Ray was hurt, he was not around the team , and who was the leader ...Sizzle. And we bring in another great leader in Doom. We couldnt stop a toddler from funning last year and we got Spears and Canty, and a healthy Ngata back at his natural position, with Jones improving, and Upshaw one year better. Oh and not to mention another probowler in Huff and a faster SS in Elam. In fact this gives us the ability to do what we like in the secondary and that is have both Safteys interchangable. It bothers me that some people still thinkk The steelers are division favorites. We have been the most consistant team over the last few years and get NO respect. Thats OK. LEts see how much respect another division, conference and World championchip team deserves.


Dumervil is a better all-around player than Kruger. You're right in saying this signing was "uncharacteristic", but it's one that could pay huge dividends.


I can not wait until I see Terrell Suggs in uniform again this year. We didn't hold back any of his money last year, so he knows we're loyal. He knows that he's the man after Ray and Ed departed plus the fact that all the fans love him for helping us FINALLY win another superbowl and for coming back from such a traumatic injury and THEN playing through another awful one. He dropped plenty of spots in the Top 100 and if he doesn't perform well this year, he's probably going to be cut. He has all the help in the world from world class trainers and I think he's ready to show that he's worth that $13-14 million he's getting next year. I believe with all the depth on the defense this year is going to make it a lot easier for him to return to form. I can't believe that we're going to have a healthy T-Sizzle, Ngata, Dumervil, and then a ton of great depth on this defensive front this year. I'm so excited about the opposing teams only running a few yards a game! And if Huff and Elam turn out to be as great as we want them, look out! Hopefully one or two of our wide receivers show us something. I don't want a veteran wide receiver to come in. (knocks on wood for everything) I'm too crazy excited. Our coaching staff is loaded, Spagnulo, Castillo, Caldwell, Pees are all going to get us a game winning scheme.


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