Ravens fans can relate to the Aaron Hernandez case

Street Talk Ravens fans can relate to the Aaron Hernandez case

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8+ Comments Angie says It's super sad to see what's happening to aaron hernandez but I have faith that he will be released and free of charges. He is a star and he needs to shine. God
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In 2000, Baltimore Ravens fans were devastated and worried at the same time. Future Hall-of-Fame Linebacker Ray Lewis was accused of double murder outside an Atlanta nightclub.

He was hanging around the wrong crowd.

He was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Ravens fans are more in touch than other NFL fans with what happened that night, as they watched around-the-clock coverage. The others just assumed the worst.

In the end, Ray Lewis was cleared of murder, pleading to the much lesser charge, obstruction of justice.

The court of public opinion thought otherwise. Thirteen years later, NFL fans across the country still throw out the “murderer” chants and ask, “where’s the white suit?”

This week, we learned of a new murder case. This time it’s not on a team that America hates for its “rough and tough” image, but instead on a team that has an overall positive image with a head coach and owner that seem to have a way to squash issues before they blow up.

Fox 25 in Boston is reporting that New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez is involved in a murder case. Hernandez’s girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend is dead and Fox 25 says that Hernandez is being questioned in connection to the murder.

Police executed a search warrant in his home yesterday. Sources told Fox 25 that Hernandez was driving a rental car in his name with two friends and the victim in it. At the end of that night, only Hernandez and his two friends dropped the car off.

Also coming out yesterday was Hernandez’s involvement in a civil lawsuit alleging he shot a man in February in the face, outside a Miami strip club.

Now, we must let things play out and Hernandez needs to be given due process and is innocent until proven guilty in court. However, I wonder what Ravens fans are feeling about all this.

I lived in Maine for the last 10 years. If you don’t know, Maine is basically a sports suburb of Boston. All of my in-laws live in Maine and I have a ton of friends there… all Boston sports fans.

While living there over the past 10 years, I have grown to dislike the sports teams in Boston more than any other in the country, and I would say most of that comes from the attitude of their fans. I would say that I root against the Patriots and Red Sox more than I root against the Steelers and Yankees.

With that background, I’ll be honest… when I first heard about this Hernandez story part of me said, “How’s it feel now, Pats fans?”

While living amongst Patriots nation as a Ravens fan, I heard it all. I attended Ravens games at Gillette Stadium and heard all the “murder” talk. I would wear my Ray Lewis jersey on game day around town and heard nothing positive about the greatest linebacker of all time.

So admittedly I’m a bit jaded – my viewpoint somewhat tainted.

But as I digest this Hernandez story, I really struggle with what to think. One thought is … “See? It can happen to anyone, and now you know how Ravens fans felt.”

Hernandez could be totally innocent of murder, as Lewis was, but no one is giving him the benefit of the doubt. Yet as a Ravens fan, knowing what you Pats fans are going through, I will.

I must admit though, as a competitor, I’m guilty of another not-so-flattering thought as it relates to the Hernandez case – “Ha, now the Patriots will be without both of their Tight Ends to start the season!”

So Ravens fans, where do you stand?

How do you feel about this case and Hernandez?

Having experienced the Ray Lewis trial, do you empathize with Aaron Hernandez and Patriots fans?
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Joe Polek

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Joe Polek was born in Baltimore, MD, and was raised in Bel Air, MD. In 2001, he moved to Portland, Maine for a job in radio. In 2012, he moved to Columbia, SC for another gig in radio, where he currently resides with his wife, Nicole, and their two daughters. Joe is a huge sports fan, but most importantly he lives and breathes Baltimore (and Maryland) sports. He routinely gets back to Baltimore for a Ravens game once a year, and while living in Maine, went to Foxboro and Fenway whenever the Ravens or Orioles came to town. A couple of his highlights were being at the final game at Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium, and also sitting in left field for “2130”, and “2131” (Cal Ripken’s consecutive game streak). Find Joe on Twitter at @JPonSports. More from Joe Polek

It's super sad to see what's happening to aaron hernandez but I have faith that he will be released and free of charges. He is a star and he needs to shine. God is big and I'm sure he has a better plan for him. I believe he is inocent and I support him 100 percent!


I don't think this situation will play out anything like Lewis' . Clearly, Hernandez was making a habit out of shooting his friends in the head. Ray Lewis' entourage was attacked, with bottles and guns, and 2 of the attackers ended up dead. There is no valid character comparison between these two people.


this possibly could be the worst offseason I ever seen for the pariots u lose welker to your arch nemesis Peyton manning,gronk has had as many surgeries as joan rivers had face lifts and u got herdnadez possibly be facing 2 charges and could be suspended by the league I think they superbowel window have officially closed


Is there a vote for swing between the 2 b/c I bet this does not give them empathy for us.

Agree, But . . .
Agree, But . . .

Ray Lewis never hurt anybody and the Pats fans still call him a murderer.


I am so saddened to hear about these tragic events and the families' pain that will magnify as a result of media spins and opposing fans' rhetoric and hatred that fans the flames of hatred. It absolutely boggles my mind when I hear people trash talk Ray as if they personally know what happened and they were there when it all went down. These same people have most likely never read a word of the evidence or testimony of the events but they talk as if they were right there and saw it all. And I agree, those that do the most trash talk would absolutely LOVE to have THE GREATEST LB OF ALL TIME...a.k.a. Ray Lewis #52 on their team and they can't stand it. Having lived thru the local news coverage vs the national news and sports "news", I will forever be critical of how the media spins the stories to their benefit. Being a diehard fan I realize my lens is slightly altered obviously, but if the critics would actually sit down and read thru the "evidence" and learn exactly what he was guilty of...basically not giving up his buddy's exact names in the very beginning (OK, not smart but who wouldn't do the same--lets be honest)...maybe they would realize how stupid they sound...but then again, maybe not---depending on which team they cheer. The fan base of some teams couldn't understand the reading LOL


Public opinion has always been that double edged sword. I will not claim to know anything about what happened to Hernandez, but I also reacted the same way in regards to "oh snap! they wont have either of their TEs" before thinking about "what in the hell". I dislike Boston fans for pretty much any sport as they take the whole sport too far in my opinion. I have been to games where people are openly carrying weapons incase their team doesnt win and someone starts a riot! Some people just look for any excuse to be an asshole and is it unfortunate that it is Boston fans that come to mind before LA fans!

Ted Tuck
Ted Tuck

Patriots fans, as well as all other fans around the league, can now understand what they have criticized Ray Lewis for for all these years.


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