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Ravens 53-Man Roster Projection 4.0

Camp Notes Ravens 53-Man Roster Projection 4.0

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14+ Comments Evan Vollerthum says Active Roster (53) 1. Flacco, Joe QB 2. Taylor, Tyrod QB 3. Rice, Ray RB 4. Pierce, Bernard RB 5. Rainey, Bobby RB 6. Leach, Vonta FB 7. J
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Cut down day looms. By Tuesday, August 27 at 4PM, NFL rosters need to be trimmed from 90 to 75.

This isn’t the cut down day that players dread. That one arrives on August 31 when 22 more players must be let go in order to get down to the league mandated 53-man roster.

Some of you may remember “The Turk” – the team intern made popular when the Baltimore Ravens were featured in the very first season of HBO’s Hard Knocks. The Turk will tell you that most of the time the players aren’t surprised (particularly those who lose their jobs on the first cut down day) when that knock on their door arrives along with a request to return their team issued iPad containing the playbook.

It’s a numbers game that doesn’t require rocket science. The players can do the math. They know based on the number of practice reps and preseason game reps where they stand in the pecking order.

After three preseason games some will say that the Ravens first team units haven’t done much. They would be wrong. But really preseason games are to help teams shape their depth – to build their rosters from the bottom up and given the level of difficulty of the cuts coming up on August 31, that suggests that the Ravens will have quality depth in 2013.

Based upon the practices open to the media and the preseason games to date here is the fourth 53-man projection.

NOTE: The actual number of “IN’s” don’t equal 53 due to positional battles that are far from decided. The number shown next to the position represents the number of players typically retained by the Ravens at that position. The number next to the word “IN” is strictly my opinion.


IN (2): Joe Flacco; Tyrod Taylor

OUT: Caleb Hanie only played in Thursday night’s contest against the Carolina Panthers because there were concerns that Tyrod Taylor had suffered a concussion. Suppose Taylor is officially diagnosed with a concussion and he doesn’t pass the league-mandated battery of tests to clear him for play? Could that knock to the head actually force the Ravens to keep Hanie on the Final 53 for one regular season game?


IN (4): Ray Rice; Bernard Pierce; Vonta Leach; Kyle Juszczyk

BUBBLE: Damien Berry, Bobby Rainey, Delone Carter, Anthony Allen

NOTE: This is a logjam. An argument could be made for any of these backs to stick on the 53. It may come down to options. Neither Carter nor Allen is practice squad eligible. Berry and Rainey are but they would first have to pass through waivers.


IN (4): Torrey Smith; Jacoby Jones; Brandon Stokley; Marlon Brown

BUBBLE: Tandon Doss; LaQuan Williams; Aaron Mellette;

OUT: Tommy Streeter

IR: Deonte Thompson

NOTES: Mellette has probably shown up a little too much in the preseason to slide through waivers and land on the practice squad. Williams made be needed by special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg. David Reed’s departure via trade provided some daylight for Williams or perhaps another bubble player who makes the 53 based on teams play…Doss has never capitalized on his opportunities and is a disappointment on the level of previous Ravens WR mid-round busts like Devard Darling, Marcus Smith and Demetrius Williams.


IN (2): Ed Dickson; Dallas Clark;

BUBBLE: Matt Furstenburg; Visanthe Shiancoe; Billy Bajema

NOTES: Dennis Pitta because he didn’t start the season on PUP isn’t eligible. If reports are true that Pitta has the possibility of returning later in the season the Ravens essentially have two options: 1) Place him on the active 53; or 2) Place him on IR “designated to return” like the Ravens did with Ray Lewis last season. Keep in mind that such a designation can be used only once each season, making this roster decision particularly interesting…Billy Bajema is said to be the team’s best blocking tight end but that is a relative description and doesn’t necessarily mean he CAN block. Describing him as such is really an indictment upon the group’s blocking abilities.


IN (8): Bryant McKinnie; Kelechi Osemele; Gino Gradkowski; Marshal Yanda; Michael Oher; Jah Reid; A.Q. Shipley; Ricky Wagner.

BUBBLE: Ramon Harewood

PRACTICE SQUAD: David Mims; Roger Gaines; Jack Cornell

IR: Ryan Jensen

NOTES: Only Jah Reid’s draft status (2011 3rd Round Pick) saves him this season…Many have speculated that the Ravens will use some of their available cap space to land another receiver. And while that may be true, don’t be surprised if the Ravens pick up a swing offensive lineman capable of playing multiple positions – perhaps someone cut from another club with whom assistant coach Juan Castillo is familiar.


IN (8): Haloti Ngata; Art Jones; Chris Canty; Pernell McPhee; Marcus Spears; Brandon Williams; DeAngelo Tyson; Terrence Cody

IR: Kapron Lewis-Moore


IN (8): Terrell Suggs; Elvis Dumervil; Arthur Brown; Daryl Smith; Courtney Upshaw; John Simon; Albert McClellan; Josh Bynes

BUBBLE: Bryan Hall

PRACTICE SQUAD: Brandon Copeland; Nigel Carr

PUP: Jameel McClain

IR: Adrian Hamilton

NOTE: Hamilton was seen with his right arm in a sling yesterday and that could mean his wrist injury may be more severe than originally expected. If the recovery is just a few weeks, Hamilton could get the 9th spot at this position.


IN (3): Michael Huff; Matt Elam; James Ihedigbo

BUBBLE: Omar Brown; Brynden Trawick, Anthony Levine

SUSPENSION: Christian Thompson

NOTE: An outstanding game on the special teams unit by one of the bubble guys could convince John Harbaugh to keep four safeties.


IN (4): Lardarius Webb; Jimmy Smith; Corey Graham; Chykie Brown;

BUBBLE: Marc Anthony; Moe Lee

SUSPENSION (Not Part of 53): Asa Jackson


IN (3): Sam Koch; Justin Tucker; Morgan Cox


This projection lists 46 players as “IN” with another 17 players on the bubble competing for the other 7 roster spots. Game 4 of the preseason is always one that heavily influences the bottom of the roster. In 1 week we’ll find out who made it to the final 53 but even then, those last few are not safe because it is highly likely a player or more from another roster will be attractive to Ozzie Newsome and his scouting staff.

Which 6 Wide Receivers make the Final 53-Man Squad? (select 6)
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Evan Vollerthum
Evan Vollerthum

Active Roster (53) 1. Flacco, Joe QB 2. Taylor, Tyrod QB 3. Rice, Ray RB 4. Pierce, Bernard RB 5. Rainey, Bobby RB 6. Leach, Vonta FB 7. Juszczyk, Kyle FB 8. Smith, Torrey WR 9. Jones, Jacoby WR 10. Stokley, Brandon WR 11. Brown, Marlon WR 12. Mellette, Aaron WR 13. Williams, LaQuan WR 14. Dickson, Ed TE 15. Clark, Dallas TE 16. Furstenburg, Matt TE 17. Oher, Michael OT 18. McKinnie, Bryant OT 19. Wagner, Rick OT 20. Yanda, Marshal OG 21. Osemele, Kelechi OG 22. Reid, Jah OG 23. McClain, Antoine OG 24. Gradkowski, Gino C 25. Shipley, A.Q. C 26. Cox, Morgan LS 27. Tucker, Justin PK/K 28. Koch, Sam P/H 29. Ngata, Haloti DL 30. Canty, Chris DL 31. Jones, Arthur DL 32. Spears, Marcus DL 33. Williams, Brandon DL 34. Cody, Terrence DL 35. Tyson, DeAngelo DL 36. Suggs, Terrell OLB 37. Dumervil, Elvis OLB 38. Upshaw, Courtney OLB 39. McPhee, Pernell OLB 40. Simon, John OLB 41. Smith, Daryl ILB 42. Bynes, Josh ILB 43. Brown, Arthur ILB 44. McClellan, Albert ILB 45. Ihedigbo, James SS 46. Elam, Matt SS 47. Huff, Michael FS 48. Brown, Omar FS 49. Webb, Lardarius CB 50. Graham, Corey CB 51. Smith, Jimmy CB 52. Brown, Chykie CB 53. Anthony, Marc CB Practice Squad (8) 1. Crist, Dayne QB 2. Berry, Damien RB 3. Sheppard, Gerrard WR 4. Cornell, Jack OG 5. Carr, Nigel ILB 6. Hall, Bryan ILB 7. Levine, Anthony SS 8. Lee, Moe CB Reserve-Suspended (2) 1. Thompson, Christian (4 Games) FS 2. Jackson, Asa (8 Games) CB Reserve-PUP (1) 1. McClain, Jameel (6 Games) ILB Injured Reserve-DTR (1) 1. Pitta, Dennis TE Injured Reserve (4) 1. Thompson, Deonte WR 2. Jensen, Ryan C 3. Lewis-Moore, Kapron DL 4. Hamilton, Adrian OLB Reserve-Retired (1) 1. McClain, Rolando ILB Final Cuts (17) 1. Hanie, Caleb QB 2. Crist, Dayne QB 3. Allen, Anthony RB 4. Carter, Delone RB 5. Doss, Tandon WR 6. Bajema, Billy TE 7. Silvestro, Alex TE 8. Gaines, Rogers OT 9. Unga, J.J. OT 10. Devey, Jordan OG 11. Stephens, Reggie C 12. Larsen, Cody DL 13. Bryant, D.J. OLB 14. Carr, Nigel ILB 15. Copeland, Brandon ILB 16. Levine, Anthony SS 17. Trawick, Brynden FS Preliminary Cuts (12) 1. Berry, Damien RB 2. Streeter, Tommy WR 3. Sheppard, Gerrard WR 4. Carter, Rashaad WR 5. Shiancoe, Visanthe TE 6. Mims, David OT 7. Harewood, Ramon OG 8. Cornell, Jack OG 9. Pericak, Will DL 10. Williams, Meshak OLB 11. Hall, Bryan ILB 12. Lee, Moe CB


Tony, I notice you have Deonte' Thompson on "IR". Is that a projection or does he have the proverbial and ubiquitous "high ankle sprain" that will keep him sidelined this year? I only ask because he was good enough to make the team last year and they apparently had high hopes for him.....


Ravens 2s and 3s look strong. IR: Pitta, McClain, Thompson, Hamilton, Jensen, KLM til next year. Leave the IR-d2r open for emergency.


Prospects for the 8 PS slots: Reggie Stephens C David Mims T JJ Unga T Roger Gaines T Jack Cornell G Alex Silvestro TE Will Pericak DE Nigel Carr LB Brandon Copeland LB Marc Anthony CB Moe Lee CB Anthony Levine S Brynden Trawick S

Robert Fuse
Robert Fuse

I think Will Pericak goes to the practice squad or IR. The Ravens were high on him and he has a ton of potential. One more year of Nigel Carr on the practice squad I think will make him a really good player. And I also agree that Hamilton will get IR'd. Someone might pick him up if he gets cut. I mean, Ravens took him off of The Cowboys practice squad. The guy obviously has huge upside. Next year Ravens might use him more.

Ken McKusick
Ken McKusick

I agree with you moving Pernell McPhee back to the DL without additional mention. I can be satisfied with the reasoning for virtually any other move the Ravens might make, but if McPhee is cut, that would be a big waste. Would love to hear what you know about Hamilton's injury. I'm going to play along and say you are right on the 46 in with 2 possible surprises coming. Thos would be cuts of Clark and/or Spears. Spears has played just 9 snaps in the PS. My other 7 are: Carter, Mellette, L Williams, Bajema, Hamilton, Anthony, Allen. That will maximize special teams strength.


I was one who suggested Ozzie was creating cap space to acquire another receiver but I have no objection to picking up O line depth , the depth now is deplorable,,,,,,,,,,,,,,bringing back Leach may have been a mistake , he is not what he used to be and keeping two FBs hurts keeping three RBs , that means letting go of a RB that has decent skills.........they may keep 5 RBs if they pick up a good backup lineman so they could carry one less........


I agree with you , isn't it nice to have such depth along the D line...............

Robert Fuse
Robert Fuse

Are you talking about Rashaad Carter or Delone Carter? On the subject of Rashaad Carter, he's been underrated. he's had a solid camp and when I went to the public practice, he was making some good one handed catches. Whether he can play well in game is yet to be seen. He has zero chance of making the 53 though. I think he makes the practice squad though.


This was an honest opinion of the O-line depth , negativity was not intended , sometimes the truth hurts , grow up Josh............sometimes comments are negative but they are never intended to be personal they are just comments,,,,,,,I have positive comments as well , you just don't care to read them,,,,,,,,,,,,be fair with your comments , it will make you a better man............

Robert Fuse
Robert Fuse

I think the depth is better than it looks. Rick Wagner has been pretty impressive and Jack Cornell is a solid talent. Both can play guard and tackle. A.Q. Shipley is a multiple position player also.


I think you constantly need something to complain about. Why TL lets you comment on here I'll never know.

Ken McKusick
Ken McKusick

I was talking about Delone. He has potential use as a short-yardage back.

Robert Fuse
Robert Fuse

If they use Juszczyk in short-yard situations, they may not have a need for him. They've traditionally used Leach too.


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