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IT’S PREDICTION TIME: Ravens v. Texans

Street Talk IT’S PREDICTION TIME: Ravens v. Texans

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7+ Comments won hunglow says The Ravens are going to get beat very bad!!! I hate to say it, but I'm a realist.
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Ravens v. Texans, M&T Bank Stadium, Baltimore, MD

Texans favored by 2, Over/Under 45


Who are the 2013 Baltimore Ravens?

For the moment, we don’t know. Clearly they are a team seeking an identity on both sides of the football, an identity that will come in time.

Offensively they aren’t exactly a passing team just yet given the limited rapport between Joe Flacco and a few of his receivers. Defensively, they are faster and more talented than the Super Bowl Champions yet yielding 7 touchdown passes in a single game is not exactly a performance that a stalwart defense can hang its collective hat on.

The Ravens will look to manage the season, to remain relevant and stay in the playoff mix. If they can and as the pieces of the team fall into place and they gain better traction on both sides of the football, the Ravens can be a dangerous team, particularly in a watered down AFC.

But until that traction kicks in the Ravens will be a work in progress and they’ll take their lumps and bruises and on Sunday, they are likely to get plenty of them.

On offense, coordinator Jim Caldwell will have to contend with 2012’s Defensive Player of the Year, JJ Watt. To help neutralize Watt the Ravens will need to run the ball effectively against the league’s 18th ranked rushing defense. Given the struggles of the Ravens offensive line in the running game coupled with the unavailability of Pro Bowler Ray Rice, establishing the ground game won’t be easy.

That means the Ravens will have to rely upon the arm of Flacco, particularly on first down. If the Ravens can manage short second downs of 6 yards or less it will open up their playbook and keep Watt and the formidable blitzer Brian Cushing at bay.

On defense the Ravens will have to contend with a very balanced Texans attack. They can hit you on the edges with one of the league’s best WR’s, Andre Johnson. If you double down on Johnson impressive rookie DeAndre Hopkins can make you pay on the opposite side. Then of course there’s arguably the league’s best one-two punch in the backfield of Adrian Foster and Ben Tate who lead the NFL’s third best rushing attack.

Doubling up on Johnson (20 catches), isolating on Hopkins (probably with Lardarius Webb) and investing resources to stop the run will really open up the play action game for Matt Schaub who is an outstanding ball handler. This approach should invite opportunities for Texans’ tight ends Owen Daniels and Garrett Graham as well as Foster in the passing game. The Ravens have struggled to cover tight ends and RB’s so far this season.

It’s a lot to ask from a Ravens team still trying to gel. They may make positive strides in the game that will make them a better team in December but for now, the emotional boost provided by Ray Lewis’ Ring of Honor induction won’t be enough. The Texans at the moment are the better team and they’ll prove it on Sunday.

PREDICTION: Texans 27, Ravens 20

Last Week: 1-0 v. Winner, 1-0 v. Spread
YTD: 1-1 v. Winner, 1-1 v. Spread


How will Sunday's game between the Ravens and Texans play out?
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won hunglow
won hunglow

The Ravens are going to get beat very bad!!! I hate to say it, but I'm a realist.

Mac in Va
Mac in Va

Texans are a well rounded football club, no doubt, and the Ravens have not played their best football. Houston has the better offense and a strong defense and yet they'll lose a game they should have won. Ravens are at home and Schaub will spend the afternoon stranded in Sizzleville; no come from behind win this week. The QB with the cooler head will prevail. Ravens 24-23.


Ravens will win tomorrow. I had a dream. In the dream the Texans won. My dreams never, EVER COME TRUE. EVER! ( I have sports dreams all the time the winner in the dream loses, the loser in the dream wins). We win tomorrow. Its in the bag baby!

Hells Bells
Hells Bells

Bet with the heart, Ravens. Bet with the mind, Houston by 7 or more. Lets face it. Had the Ravens been playing ANYONE else last week, they would be ofer-2


I hate to pick against the Ravens, but I have to agree with you here, Tony, and, I hope we're both....wrong! The Ravens' offense has the worst complement of TE's in the NFL and not much talent for Flacco to work WR, which is a recipe for disaster against better teams like the Texans. Sooner or later, they will have to find a way to work Furstenburg and the rookie from Harvard into the offense. Until then, there will be too much pressure on a young defense and not enough offense to compensate for it.........

Jimmy Dundalk
Jimmy Dundalk

three and four by the break,,,,,,,,,long season............


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