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It’s interesting how many Ravens fans quickly dismiss Ed Reed as a player who chased the money. Instead of finishing his career as a life-long Raven, they reason that he was greedy and sold out.

Sound familiar?

If this describes you, you’re wrong!

Reed had little choice but to move on because for all intents and purposes the Ravens didn’t really make an offer. If the man wanted to continue playing and his then current employer made no offer, why should he be blamed for moving on?

And now that he has moved on, many fans consider him the enemy.

Fair enough. If he plays today I hope Joe Flacco uses Reed’s riverboat gambling tendencies against him. That said, let’s not so summarily dismiss or even forget what Reed meant to the Ravens.

Few would argue that if there was a Ravens Mt. Rushmore, Reed would be among the four atop the mount. He redefined the position and haunted quarterbacks. Tom Brady wrote No. 20 on his wristband while Peyton Manning was tortured during film study, mind-wrestling with ways to avoid Reed.

Should the future Hall of Famer suit up today for the first time in his Texans career, take advantage of the opportunity to chant it one more time: “REEEEEEEEEED”.

And then, count your blessings that he was one of ours for 11 years and that when his playing days are done, he’ll always be remembered as a Baltimore Raven.

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