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Survey Says Ravens Fans are NFL’s Most Superstitious

Street Talk Survey Says Ravens Fans are NFL’s Most Superstitious

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8+ Comments Rumor Ray says I find that YELLING and SCREAMING at the TV works great during away games.. (Honestly it really just pisses off my wife and children). I used to think I really
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According to a survey by Bud Light, Baltimore Ravens fans are the most superstitious in the NFL.

The results of the survey put Ravens fans just ahead of Arizona Cardinals fans, so either superstitions are absolutely nonsense, or Ravens fans just have much better superstitions than those folks in the desert.

Rounding out the top 5 were fans of New Orleans, Oakland, and Philadelphia.

Again – it seems that Ravens fans’ superstitions are pretty much the only ones that are working lately.

Read more about the survey on Yahoo! Finance:

This survey, which gathered opinions from nearly 10,000 adult NFL fans over the summer, took an in-depth look at the fan bases of each of the 32 NFL teams and how their superstitions and rituals impact their enjoyment of the game. According to the survey, the top-5 most superstitious fan bases in the NFL are:

  1. Baltimore Ravens fans
  2. Arizona Cardinals fans
  3. New Orleans Saints fans
  4. Oakland Raiders fans
  5. Philadelphia Eagles fans

I have to admit that I’m absolutely guilty of participating in game-day superstitions. Here’s a short list of my oddities:

  • Always wear the same color jersey the team is wearing
  • Ravens underwear are imperative
  • Rub Joe Flacco bobblehead before every game (before every drive if we need a comeback)
  • Keep homemade challenge and penalty flags in my pocket

What are some of yours? Since we’re the newly-crowned “Most Superstitious Fanbase” we want to hear them!

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Derek Arnold

About Derek Arnold

RSR/ESR Senior Editor. Derek is originally from and a current resident of Pasadena, MD. He’s a graduate of UMBC and has been a lifelong Baltimore sports fan. In 2007 he founded B’More Birds’ Nest, where he wrote about the Ravens and Orioles before joining RSR in 2012. Derek’s work has been featured on Charm City Current, Bleacher Report, and other online sports sites. Follow Derek on Twitter: @BMoreBirdsNest  More from Derek Arnold
Rumor Ray
Rumor Ray

I find that YELLING and SCREAMING at the TV works great during away games.. (Honestly it really just pisses off my wife and children). I used to think I really had some control over the outcome of the game right up to the point when my wife said to me, "You know you are not on the team and you are not the coach right?" Life Changing Moment ... I was shocked I really thought I was the important 12th man on my couch. NOW ... When at the Vault .... YES Screaming Works.... Now that the Bill's fans used the Seven Nation Army chat against us I hope we find something NEW That NO OTHER TEAM DOES! FAN ON BALTIMORE !!! and GO RAVENS !!!

Hut Guy
Hut Guy

Last year during the waning weeks of the season all during the playoffs, I dusted off my "Heimie the Kazzo Guru kazoo " that I bought at the Colts/Patriots final game of the 1975 season, when the Colts completed that improbable run from 1-4 to the Eastern Division title. I thought why not see if their is any magic left in that ol' instrument. So......I started playong the Raven's fight song[aka old Colts fight song] every time they scored or made a big play.IT WORKED. There has only been two games this year I did have it on me as watched my guessed it the Broncos and Bills. NO DOUBT IT WILL be in my hands on Sunday along with a six of Nattys within arms reach. Go Ravens !!


I always wear my Ravens under ware & my own personalized, purple Ravens jersey. For home games, I wear the same t-shirt under my jersey and my camo pants. I wear my Ravens stud earrings because the dangles are bad luck (wore them for the home opener this year).

Evan Garnes
Evan Garnes

I steadfastly refuse to wear the jersey of an injured player. I always wear a purple striped t-shirt the Friday before the game. I leave the room before every field goal (This was my policy for a while, but I decided to stay in the room for Tuck's 2 kicks against the Browns. Sorry, guys.)

T Av
T Av

My wife and I went to our local Buffalo Wild Wings (in Boise, ID) for the NY game last year. We were out of town for the Cincy game, and we lost. So, we made it a point to go to that Bdubs for every playoff game. Sure enough, each time we went, they won. Every year the Ravens make the playoffs I'll be sure to watch the game at that spot!


My parents and their friends drove to M&T the day of the Super Bowl just to visit the Johnny U statue and rub his foot for luck. Worked. :)

John Harris
John Harris

"Keep homemade challenge and penalty flags in my pocket" Nice,never thought of that

Rumor Ray
Rumor Ray

OMG so it was your fault !!! ** IMPORTANT NOTICE *** Someone send a Ravens Roost or Nest to Evan's house and make sure he leaves the room from now on.


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