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How Peterson Grieves is up to Him

Lombardi's Way How Peterson Grieves is up to Him

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5+ Comments Brandon Barrett says When I was young, my mother told me I would be a good preacher. I told her that was a job that would never work for me and when she I ask why, I told her. There
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As you are likely well aware, Adrian Peterson lost his 2-year-old son, victim of a heinous beating from a 27-year-old monster who is “an acquaintance” of the child’s mother.

I can’t even begin to fathom the extraordinary range and intensity of emotion that AP must be feeling right now. In a moment he might feel that his heart is in tatters, broken, followed swiftly by overwhelming rage.

Those emotions and all points in between are understandable. No one knows how he or she would respond to such emotional trauma and really, no one wants to find out.

Only those close to AP know how he’s handling the tragedy. There is no right or wrong way, there’s just a way – in this case AP’s way.

Every person is different.

This situation is different.

AP is an NFL player, one of the league’s highest profile players, affected by this tragedy. Like many people who grieve by plowing their attention into work, perhaps as a way to anesthetize the pain, AP plans to play on Sunday.

Some have criticized the decision and to those people I say, “Who are you to judge?”

In his life Peterson has faced adversity that nearly all reading this and certainly the guy writing this have fortunately never had to face. His brother was killed by a drunk driver, just five feet away from the then 7-year-old Adrian Peterson. His father was incarcerated for money laundering when AP was 13 and his half-brother murdered in 2007.

And now this.

It is both safe and sad to say that AP knows how to deal with tragedies.

“Football is something I’ll always fall back on”, Peterson explained yesterday. “It gets me through tough times. The guys in [the locker room], that’s what I need. … I’m able to release a lot of my stress through this sport.”

Godspeed AP!

And God bless baby Peterson.

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Brandon Barrett
Brandon Barrett

When I was young, my mother told me I would be a good preacher. I told her that was a job that would never work for me and when she I ask why, I told her. There are some people in this world who need to die. This man is one of those people. We all know that the death penalty doesn't deter murder, and I don't care. I don't want MY tax dollars paying to warehouse this man and, God forbid, should he ever see the light of day again, what's to stop him from hurting or killing someone else? We all also know inmates don't usually stay on the streets too long. If he is found guilty, end him. Do the world a favor and remove one more child murderer from it.


What a terrible, terrible tragedy. My heart truly goes out to AP, and I hope the scumbag who chocked a two-year old to death gets the death penalty. Not to be callous, but I fully except AP to have a record kind of day on Sunday like so many who have come before him have done in the face of utter grief and loss. Torrey Smith comes to mind last year after his brother died, as did Ed Reed, and they showed true heart in those games that the fans reciprocated. And I have to think that no matter how profession those Carolina linebackers are, I have to think they'll have mixed feelings about trying to "get at" a man that just lost his child.


All I can say is he ought to be incredibly strong to do what he is doing. If I were in his shoes, I would be totally crushed. Crushed enough that the thought of playing a game for someone else's entertainment would be sickening to me and impossible to bear. Again, that's me. I am nowhere near as strong as Peterson nor do I share his emotional, mental or social make up.

Kelly Wagner
Kelly Wagner

These are pictures of AP's other 2-year-old son, Adrian, Jr. It's my understanding that the poor child who was murdered was kept a secret and that AP did not have much - if any - contact with him or the child's mother. I am confident that I will come across as a horrible and unfeeling person (which I am not), but I have a problem with anyone keeping one child a secret & denying him a true father while maintaining a close, loving relationship with the other two. My thoughts and prayers are with the child's mother and loved ones. I am deeply saddened by his senseless death and that he could only be acknowledged publicly by his father in his passing. I hope this Patterson "man" gets the heaviest penalty available to him.

John Allen
John Allen

I hope the punk thug coward (all of em are) who did this gets the most extreme punishment possible.


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