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Ravens Could go on a Run

Street Talk Ravens Could go on a Run

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6+ Comments JerryB says We finally agree on ALMOST everything, RichieG! To those who believe that blaming coaching is folly, how else to explain an offense that, up until this year, h
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The Ravens are (3-4) and two games out in the loss column behind the Cincinnati Bengals. It’s too early to label anything a must win at this point in the season, particularly in a rather pedestrian AFC where there really isn’t a dominant team. No the Broncos and Chiefs don’t count!


The Ravens business trip to Cleveland needs to be successful if John Harbaugh troops are going to take advantage of what could be a very promising balance to their schedule.

Next Sunday the team will take on a Browns team that Joe Flacco has yet to lose to in 11 tries. During his 5 trips to Cleveland the Flacco-led Ravens have won by an average of 12 points and this time they will attempt to make it six in a row with Jason Campbell under center for Cleveland.

The Ravens will return home to face the AFC North leading Bengals where they’ve taken 4 of the last 5 homecomings from former Defensive Coordinator Marvin Lewis – the last time by the score of 44-13.

Should the coaching staff trust in their team a bit more and let them do what they do best, the Ravens could get off to a fast start on the tails of Flacco’s sugar huddle and then just maybe, they can force the Bengals into being one-dimensional which would help to unleash Sizzle-ville (Suggs & Dumervil).

That Bengals game also kicks off a string of 5 games during which the Ravens play the role of hosts in the friendly confines of M&T during 4 of those contests, including 3 straight against the Jets, Steelers and Vikings.

The Steelers game is on Thanksgiving and forces Pittsburgh on the road during a short week after being on the road in Cleveland the Sunday before.

It’s quite possible that the Ravens could be sitting at 8-5 when they head to Detroit to try and tame the Lions and Megatron. If they are at 8-5 and can take 2 of their final 3 (which also includes games at Cincinnati and at home v. the Patriots), 10-6 is very likely to earn a Wild Card nod and quite possibly the division.

But it all starts next Sunday in Cleveland.

The Ravens have had to sit in the stench of another loss for a week now with one more week to go. They’ll need to come out firing from the opening gun, pedal to the metal followed by a foot to the collective throat of the Browns.

If they do, it could be a sign of good things to come for the Ravens after their break.

If they don’t, it could signal the beginning of the end of the 2013 season.

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jim from dundalk
jim from dundalk

Hey Tony , my brother and I both agree on this so there will only be one post for the both us us , we are doing this so you will not get confused by two brothers using the same computer again . This team is toast , it is now proven Harbaugh does not have the capacity to 'coache'm up ' as they say . This is a five hundred team at best and don't expect things to change until some veteran players are picked up in the center spot , receiver spot and corner spot . The coaching along with the recent poor drafting and free agent pickups will keep this team down for some time to come . My brother and I have hashed this out over the bye week and believe this is the honest stat of the team . This rebuilding year will turn into rebuilding years and the Bengals will keep the Ravens from the playoffs for several years . Sometimes the truth hurts and this front office and coaching staff have made some horrible decisions .


WOW TL, What are you smoking?!? The way they played (& coached) the first 7 games, I can easily see them at 5 & 8 or 4 & 9, vs your 8 & 5. There is no reason to expect them to make such a dramatic turnaround - Castillo and his system (new&improved?) are still in place and coachCaldwell, unless he stops channeling camTHEman (on orders from coachJohn?) is still calling the plays and EdDickson still can't catch and GinoG will probably not morph into a Pouncy brother!!! Just keepin' it real. I just wish they were more fun to watch - offensively speaking. Cheers, RichieG in Dallas


Before we get too excited about facing teams with backup QB's, let's remember how much trouble we've had with them in the past, especially on the road! And, let's not forget how tough Cleveland ALWAYS seems to play us regardless of who their QB "flavor of the week" is.........


i agree , and i said that in other forums too, some of the QBs we are facing next are all backups, struggling, or injured. so we have a break there to get our crab together.


We finally agree on ALMOST everything, RichieG! To those who believe that blaming coaching is folly, how else to explain an offense that, up until this year, has ALWAYS been known for their running game and, despite injuries that every team experiences, the ONE MAJOR change is a NEW, "RUN GAME COORDINATOR", with a new scheme that is so unpopular with the players that they've complained to Harbaugh about it! These linemen and backs didn't suddenly forget how to block and run; they've been taught a new system that obviously is NOT WORKING!


TL - RichieG is right. Coaching has been awful. The best thing the could do is scratch Castillo's run-blocking scheme. History shows that Harbs needs help in making such decisions, but our owner is too busy promoting Obamacare to step in this year. Even if that happened, do we really think the O-line some how recapture it's mojo from last year's SuperBowl run? And what about the porous run defense? CAN we do it? Yes. Do we have the talent to do it? I certainly think so. But will the poor coaching decisions of the past even allow it? Probably not.


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