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How Are the Ravens’ New Additions on Defense Faring?

Street Talk How Are the Ravens’ New Additions on Defense Faring?

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6+ Comments Rumor Ray says FYI I am also a Ray G. and I did not write this post, however I agree with it! I support my Team no matter what. GO RAVENS!!!!
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No one said it was going to be EASY in 2013 for the Ravens.

With many new faces brought in to help the team in areas of weakness, as well as to replace aging veterans on defense, here is a quick look at how those players are faring in 2013.

Daryl Smith

The 2013 season is like no other time in the history of the Ravens organization, due to the absence of one man. The retirement of Ray Lewis, the “General,” had many fearing what the team would do at the middle linebacker position. Now we all know Ray lost a step over the past few years but the addition of Daryl Smith has paid dividends. The former Jaguar has been an iron man on defense this season. Through seven games Smith has produced a team-leading 62 tackles to go along with two interceptions and has played all 466 defensive snaps.

Elvis Dumervil

Thank goodness for faulty fax machines. Dumervil dropped into the Ravens’ lap this offseason and had many fans drooling with excitement over finally adding another sack master alongside Terrell Suggs. Doom has accumulated 19 total tackles, five and a half sacks, one pass defended and forced two fumbles.  Dumervil has played 285 defensive snaps and seems to be pulling ahead of Courtney Upshaw in playing time.

Chris Canty

It was well documented in the offseason that the Ravens wanted to shore up their run defense and Canty fit the bill. This season the team has struggled containing the run at times; however, Canty has been solid. Playing 224 snaps Canty has recorded 12 tackles, two sacks and two forced fumbles.

Marcus Spears

What can I say about Marcus Spears? His production has been limited due to injury. Having only played a total of 142 defensive snaps, his stats are minimal. In five games Spears has just 10 tackles. He is a quality depth guy but must produce more when on the field.

Michael Huff

It appears that Huff could very well be the bust of the new group the Ravens brought to town in 2013. After being replaced by rookie Matt Elam after the Denver game, Huff has six total tackles (including two special teams tackles) in 93 snaps. Unless Elam, who has played 408 snaps, suffers an injury, Huff’s role will continue to be minimal.

When the Ravens come out of the bye and head to Cleveland to start the second half of the season, it is time to separate the men from the boys on defense.

I am expecting big things out of this group as the Ravens look to right the ship. It all starts against the Browns and quarterback Jason Campbell this Sunday.


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Brian Bower

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Brian Bower is avid football fan, born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He has covered the Baltimore Ravens and NFL player positives in the community for the past 6 years. This will be his 3rd season with the Russell Street Report. His work has been featured on, ESPN blogs, Comcast SportsNet Baltimore, as well as the Baltimore Ravens web page. He is also a regular guest on local radio and ESPN Radio in Honolulu, Hawaii. Brian is very involved in the community and has spent the last twenty years as a volunteer firefighter. Email him at [email protected] More from Brian Bower

Our defense opened against Peyton Manning in Denver holding him to 2 TD's in the 1st half. The first full half of live football they played in with their new teammates minus RAY & ED & others. With limited oxygen at mile high. The offense lost OHER and could do little to keep the ball away from Manning and a tired out of breath defense made mistakes & allowed 5 more td's. Weeks 2 & 3 they allowed no TD's and only 5 field goals despite short fields for the opposing offense on many of those possessions. Week 4 they gave up 2 td's 1 pass 1 run & 3 field goals despite 5 turnovers by our offense. Week 5 - they gave up 1 TD passing & 3 field goals and 1 pick 6 TD on our offense. Week 6 They held Arron Rodgers to 1 TD pass & 4 field goals. Week 7 held Big Ben to one shovel pass TD & 4 field goals. Add it all up and a new defense some guys playing playing together for their first 7 games together some injured in first game did not play in all games and Clady I believe was returning to the lineup in the Bills game. Which changed the configuration from the week 2 & 3 group that was playing great defensively. Aditional injuries created differences in personnel packages in other games too. The Arron Rodgers TD was the first one allowed by Webb since last year. Macclain returned for the Steeler game his first real action as part of the defense. Added all together Defense allowed 12 tds 19 fg Offense allowed 1 pick 6. Total points against 135 - We allowed 19.2 per game average. So they certainly did not suck. Face it we've been spoiled in the past and don't seem to appreciate the efforts our defense has made. We've been in every game with a chance to win except the Denver game. We have failed as an offense to score in the 1st quarter & often the 2nd quarter, or even control the ball for the defense to rest. Almost any points in those 2 quarters each week alone would have won each of our losses except Denver game. We lost 3 of 4 games against potential playoff teams. Total scoring for 7 games by quarter: 1st (1 TD 2 FG) 2nd (4* TD's * 1 was pick 6 & one was punt return, one run, & one pass 4 FG) 3rd (4 TD's 2 FG) 4th (6 TD's 7 FG). That's 3 offensive TD's in 1st half thru 7 games. That is not the defenses fault. Thats 10 TD's in 2nd HALF thru 7 games. An average of almost 2 TD's per game. 14 points won't win many NFL games no matter who we play. SO LETS STOP BERATING EVERYONE BUT THE TOWEL BOYS AND START PULLING FOR THE TEAM. All bandwagon deadweight & fantasy whiners can deboard off the back of the wagon we only need positive energy on this wagon. If you can't see the deboarding exit ask SIZZLE to help you off. Am I totally happy the way things have gone so far NO I am not, but I don't use that negativity to drag down and berate my team either. Go Ravens. We got them right where we want them thinking we are done. Time for the underdogs to eat & its time to hunt.


Well, lets see ........ the Sqeelers just get 34 yards against Oakland on the ground, and we gave up over a 100 when the sqeelers beat us (with our smart fantastic coaching staff LOL) So, I would say besides one game, they sucked!!! Whats Nata done this year or last .... umm not jack! and the rest can't get off blocks or seem to know how to tackle in the NFL when they do! God help them!


If there's anything I miss about this team this year, it's the all around lack of intensity/aggression. I want to think it's something that needs time to develop with all the new guys learning roles, communications, new techniques, etc, but this new look "very passe" Ravens, is something I like the least of all their changes. They are too conservative on both side of the ball, but Ravens have been the standard bearer for "hair on fire defense." I want it back badly.

Rumor Ray
Rumor Ray

FYI I am also a Ray G. and I did not write this post, however I agree with it! I support my Team no matter what. GO RAVENS!!!!


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