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THE WATER COOLER: No Trades, No Penalty

Fantasy THE WATER COOLER: No Trades, No Penalty

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6+ Comments Chris says I knew Gay's play was a PI when I saw the game live. I was puzzled why the refs didn't throw a flag, but my guess? It was a bang, bang play and happened so fa
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It’s interesting how fantasy football has distorted the view for many fans when it comes to the NFL.


  • Trade a couple of draft picks for Hakeem Nicks.
  • Go get Kenny Britt. A change of scenery will boost his productivity.
  • Larry Fitzgerald would look great in purple.

If it was only that easy…

How many receivers have gone from one team to the next in-season and have actually been productive? How many have actually gone from one team to the next in-season PERIOD?

There’s a reason for this.

Traded receivers would be forced to learn a new system, new terminology and quickly absorb the tendencies of their new quarterbacks. That’s a steep and slippery slope.

This isn’t MLB. It isn’t as simple as trading a power hitting third baseman. Playing third base for the Orioles or the A’s is pretty much the same thing. Hitting is hitting.

It’s hard to even think of a significant receiver who has was traded in-season and made any noteworthy contributions. You may recall one of the game’s greats – Randy Moss, moving from one team to the next back in 2010. Then he went from the Patriots to the Titans to the Vikings, played in 16 games and “racked up” 28 catches for 393 yards and 5 TD’s.

Local fans still fret the trading of Anquan Boldin but here’s something to consider and check in on as the season progresses. Over the course of the past 4 games Boldin and what the Ravens thought would be the heir apparent, Tandon Doss, have been rather equally productive.

If you aren’t a member of our message board you should give it some consideration. You will find some of the most intelligent fan insight and challenging debate there and it’s free!

Just yesterday one of our members who goes by the handle of callahan09 shared pictures and commentary on what appeared to be an underthrown deep pass from Joe Flacco to Jacoby Jones during the Ravens game in Pittsburgh on October 20. Instead of paraphrasing, I’ll quote callahan09 directly (italics):

I just wanted to look at this [throw] on NFL Game Rewind and see what I saw. Here’s just after Flacco started to wind up for the throw. At this point, Jacoby still hasn’t blown past Gay. And the ball arrives about 23 yards down field from where Jacoby is at this point. 

Here’s a picture of just before the arrival of the ball. Clear and obvious pass interference. Gay never turns his head to look for the ball and he’s fully interfering with him and making an awful lot of contact with his arms, shoulders, neck, and head before the ball even arrives.

What I’m seeing is that the “underthrow” that everybody said was such a bad throw by Joe was just a bit of a timing issue with a receiver who was out with an injury and not playing or practicing with him for a few weeks. It was still catchable and the defense was clear pass interference that should have been called anyway. If Jacoby was wide open when Joe let the ball loose, it might be something more worthy of criticism in my opinion, but this was a highly timing-sensitive attempt where Joe actually had to throw the ball before Jacoby was even open and to the point where he’d be catching the ball more than 20 yards from where he was when the ball came out, and it just didn’t work out, that’s how I see it. That interference call would have been nice.

Nicely done callahan09!

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I knew Gay's play was a PI when I saw the game live. I was puzzled why the refs didn't throw a flag, but my guess? It was a bang, bang play and happened so fast it was a close to call and could have went either way. Jones has speed but he don't have the go up and he the ball talent... he just is a straight line runner, he lacks great hands to catch in traffic or when being blanketed. The Ravens need a talented wide out again like Boldin. Boldin's numbers wasn't the main thing, the main thing with Boldin was clutch. Boldin bailed Flacco out alot of wild thrown balls into coverage or on 3rd and and 12... Flacco knew the offense had a chance tossing it up to Boldin. Boldin just needed time and he could get open or 1v1 and in 1v1 Boldin always had a big success rate of coming down with the football and the first down.


Its funny the Refs miss things like this, last time I checked if I screwed up at my job this much I'd get fired.

joe d
joe d

Good stuff. I thought Gay could have been easily called for PI when I originally saw it. Really horrible how inconsistent officiating is in general. They miss an obvious call like that but sometimes throw a flag in the DB breathes on the receiver.


Throw deep young man, throw deep.


IMO, just Darryl Smith was worth the Boldin trade. We needed a MLB.


Great reporting! And, just more evidence of the incompetence and unevenness of the officiating in the NFL! As for the trade deadline coming and going without our participation, frankly, we've changed enough personnel already and need to continue working to get them on the "same page". Unless, of course, a super opportunity were to present itself to improve the team. Cap constraints probably wouldn't allow it anyway. My crystal ball tells me that if we lose to Cleveland, we could wind up playing for some much needed draft choices next year......


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