FANTASY BLITZ: A Bad Week for Our Gurus

Fantasy FANTASY BLITZ: A Bad Week for Our Gurus

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Every fantasy football player in the country looks for the competitive edge to beat their opponent. Each game means bragging rights and sometimes winning or losing a friendly bet. (Well, friendly might not always describe it, but you get the point.)

When we look for these tips for our team, we often turn to the few people that get paid to research and dedicate their work to fantasy football. This year, I am on the quest to find the most accurate and reliable fantasy football “guru”.

I will spotlight on the four websites that own the fantasy football world and in the end, crown the best guru in the last edition of “Fantasy Guru Rankings”.

The four gurus: Michael Fabiano of, Jamey Eisenberg of CBS Sports, Matthew Berry of ESPN, and Brad Evans of Yahoo! Sports.

As you will soon see, it was a pretty awful week for our gurus. There was only one who reached 50-percent—and based on our past editions, you can probably guess who that was.

Even in this week that was our worst yet, Michael Fabiano led the pack with an average week. For Week 9 however, an average week did the trick. Here’s how our “Fantasy Guru Rankings” currently look:

If you need a refresher on how the scoring system works, click HERE.

*All points will be based off of ESPN’s non-PPR standard scoring for players*

Michael Fabiano,—@Michael_Fabiano

After having a great week in last week’s edition, Fabiano slipped a bit this week. He only got half of his predictions correct and for Fabiano’s standards, that’s pretty low. He went 19-38, an even 50.0 %, knocking his yearly percentage down below 60.

The guru correctly predicted Pierre Garcon, Torrey Smith and a Dallas defensive domination. He struggled a bit with the running backs, telling us to sit Mike James and Pierre Thomas—both of whom registered over ten points.

Fabiano is currently leading Jamey Eisenberg by 9.3 %.

Jamey Eisenberg, CBS Sports—@JameyEisenberg

This was the week that Eisenberg could have gained, as Fabiano finally slipped. With a big week, the CBS Sports guru could have boosted his yearly percentage and closed in on the leader.

That didn’t happen… in fact, not even close.

Eisenberg went just 18-for-40 on the week, bumping his yearly total down to 50.5 %. He didn’t help his cause with his running back starts. He failed on five of his six including Mike Tolbert, Ryan Matthews, Ray Rice and Danny Woodhead.

On top of that, Eisenberg actually told us to SIT Eagles quarterback Nick Foles, who tied an NFL record with seven passing touchdowns.

None of us saw that coming, but still – WHOOPS!

Matthew Berry, ESPN—@MatthewBerryTMR

Last week was sheer dominance by “The Talented Mr. Roto”. He went 20-27 overall, keeping his total number low and dominating on nearly every pick. This week was a bit different. In fact, there was a more than 30-percent difference.

He nailed just 13 picks, including Eddie Lacy, Keenan Allen, and Heath Miller. Two of his 13 were D/ST picks—statistically the easiest category to pick.

This week, Berry didn’t get a single quarterback selection correct. He missed on all seven picks, a stat that makes me want to stay away from him when I’m choosing my signal-callers for the week.

Berry is just 1.1% behind Eisenberg as we approach week ten. (By the way… is it really already week ten???)

Brad Evans, Yahoo! Sports – @YahooNoise

Note: As always, Evans only makes 10 picks in his “flames/lames” feature—so the object of tracking Evans is to see how correct he really is with these risky picks.

Evans only got three of his regular picks correct this week, but his upset special actually panned out! Case Keenum had a BIG game, so I added that into this week’s total. Here’s how Evans week panned out:


Terrelle Pryor—X

Ryan Matthews—X

Chris Ivory—CORRECT

Dwayne Bowe—X

Kendall Wright—X


Andrew Luck—X

LeSean McCoy—X


Vincent Jackson—CORRECT

Rob Gronkowski—X

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