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MEDIA WATCHDOG: Defending Dierdorf

Street Talk MEDIA WATCHDOG: Defending Dierdorf

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8+ Comments Greg Carroll says The "[Dan]Rather" biased CBS treats Baltimore as second class. The network almost never sends its A Team of Jim Nance and Phil Simms to Charm City. even sendin
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When you begin to type “Dan Dierdorf” into Google, the second option that pops up is “Dan Dierdorf sucks.” Needless to say, he’s not exactly a fan favorite of the football enthusiasts. Here in Baltimore, Ravens fans in particular have given the former lineman a hard time for some of hhis comments during CBS broadcasts — most recently in their game against the Jets in Week 12.

In late November, CBS announced that Dierdorf will be retiring at the conclusion of the 2013-2014 season. They cited the “physical difficulties” of traveling each week at the main concern.

“I have been blessed to spend my entire life in the game I love,” Dierdorf told reporters according to Michael David Smith of “I had an opportunity to go from the field directly to the broadcast booth where I have had the privilege of working with the giants of our business including Ray Scott, Lindsey Nelson, Jack Buck, Dick Stockton, Al Michaels, Frank Gifford, Verne Lundquist, Dick Enberg and lastly, my partner, Greg Gumbel. It has become a challenge for me to travel to a different NFL city every week, so it’s time to step aside. This has been a wonderful ride as I really have lived the dream.”

Despite his resume, which not only includes a Hall of Fame career on the field, but also three decades in the booth as an analyst (longest current tenure on television), 12 years on ABC’s Monday Night Football and three Super Bowls, fans around the league can’t stand to listen to Dierdorf’s commentary. They think he’s biased, citing comments he makes about the opposing team. Ravens fans notoriously complain about Dierdorf’s analysis. They all think he has this secret built up hatred toward Baltimore as if his 13 years with St. Louis had anything to do with such a bias.

The fact is, Dierdorf got old and as a result his analysis has suffered. “Dierdorfisms” have become popular on social media. Last season during the Ravens-Broncos game, he called his broadcast partner, Greg Gumbel, who he has worked with for six years, “Bill”. People snap screenshots of his “grumpy” faces.

But a bias? I don’t see it.

Sean Pendergast of the Houston Press wrote that Texans fans are rejoicing at the news of Dierdorf’s retirement. He said that the broadcaster was added to the “Texans Public Enemy” list and cited comments that Dierdorf made during a Houston-Baltimore game last season.

Dierdorf could not stop slurping Baltimore outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, who was returning from an Achilles tear that afternoon. While the Texans piled on touchdown after touchdown in building a 29-3 halftime lead, Dierdorf was painting Suggs’s admittedly gutsy performance like it was “Kellen Winslow being carried off the field in Miami” reincarnate.

From that day on, every Texans game that involved Dierdorf in the broadcast booth became a firestorm of anger, and Twitter for those three hours degenerated into a sea of mustache, lisp and “sex with Terrell Suggs” jokes (a degeneration that, to be clear, was not necessarily a bad thing).

But I thought he hated the Ravens? Does he hate the Texans too? Or do most fans think broadcasters always have a bias against their team?

I’ve heard Dierdorf say things over the years that have left me scratching my head, but I don’t think he has it out for any particular fanbase. It’s my hope that when this season ends, Dierdorf’s career will be remembered for the high points and not for sticking around a few years too long.

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Greg Carroll
Greg Carroll

The "[Dan]Rather" biased CBS treats Baltimore as second class. The network almost never sends its A Team of Jim Nance and Phil Simms to Charm City. even sending the pair to Cleveland for a Pittsburgh game this year. I hate the NY-centric way phrases like "down here," "here," "out here," or "up here" are used by the CBS broadcasters in such a way as to let it slip that they are not back home in NY.


I'm not a fan of Dierdorf at all. I don't think he has a particular bias against the Ravens. I just don't think he prepares very much for his broadcast. I do, however, like Collinsworth.


I am not a big Dierdorf fan, but to be fair, if anyone thinks he is always anti-Baltimore, go back to the playoff game against Denver last year when towards the end, he could not stop gushing about what a heroic performance they put up. He called it one of the gutsiest, most resilient performances he ever saw. While other channels were bemoaning the fact that Manning vs. Brady was no longer going to happen, and how lucky the Ravens were to score on the 70 yard pass, Dierdorf talked about how much we overcame on a short week, in that altitude to take down the prohibitive favorites. At least on that day, he was not anti-Raven.

Raven P from Toronto
Raven P from Toronto

Great article, I for one almost always put the tv on mute when it's Dierdorf, it seems he does not keep a even bias while commentating and also gets many calls wrong, be it player's names and what not...Nonetheless, him and Collinsworth are horrible, and I'd rather catch the live radio feed for Sandusky. Not that I want to hear the home teams call, it's just I would rather hear quality.

Reading Comments
Reading Comments

Man, I am not a Dierdorf fan, but you guys are way off base with a lot of your reporting, and just plane nit picking many trivial mistakes. I also dislike Collinsworth, but these jokers are not affecting the Ravens play. The Ravens are! We have screwed up enough this year as a team, barely loosing a few very winnable games. And if not for the receiver dropping the ball in the Pitt game on the 2 point conversion we might have blown that game in OT. Lets look at the team, and here some relevant reporting. By the way the last I checked 4 teams have never played in a Super Bowl, and 14, yeah, 14 teams have never won the Super Bowl!


I would take an endless loop of Dan Dierdorf injected directly into my Temporal lobe if it meant Chris Collinsworth was never allowed to step foot in a booth again. ... and I can't stand Dan Dierdorf.

Tony Lombardi
Tony Lombardi

And reporting on the Ravens play on the field in a media blog is relevant how? RC, we offer a ton of opinion and observation on the field. Just look around. And for the record, isn't this media blog about defending Dierdorf? Who's really nitpicking here?


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