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Ravens’ Offensive Woes Pick Up Where They Left Off

Street Talk Ravens’ Offensive Woes Pick Up Where They Left Off

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4+ Comments JB1007MD says I am glad that the best of the last four teams competing for the final wild card in the AFC got the berth. San Diego went into Denver and spanked them. The Rave
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What a long strange trip it has been for the 2013 Baltimore Ravens offense.

For the first time under coach John Harbaugh the Ravens failed to make the postseason even though the Bengals gave them ample opportunities.

“We’re not ever going to be content with not making the playoffs,” John Harbaugh told the media after the game.  “That’s just not something that’s going to be OK with any of us.”

As the season came to an end this afternoon in Cincinnati, the game was pretty much was a complete offensive summary of the Ravens season wrapped into one game.

The offense struggling to score touchdowns in the red zone, a porous line failing to protect Joe Flacco and the running game being pretty much abysmal. Throw in some questionable play calling and you get the 2013 Ravens offense.

“It’s been the story of our season, getting the ball in a position to score and not being able to do it,” Flacco stated postgame.

Flacco continued to take a beating at the hands of the Bengals pass rushers. On two separate occasions Joe winced in pain on hits he suffered due to the failure of his offensive line.

The Ravens franchise quarterback did say he wouldn’t need surgery in the offseason for the injury to his knee.

‘No, I’m not going to have to get anything done. It was just my MCL and it will heal on its own.’ Flacco stated.

If there is one positive note that can come from the Ravens missing the postseason this year, it’s that the Ravens front office can no longer afford to not address the offensive issues.

“The fact we weren’t good enough this year to get that done, that’s something we’ve got to address, and it starts with me,” Harbaugh stated after the game.

Very true John, it does start with you! Now about that Juan Castillo…..


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I am glad that the best of the last four teams competing for the final wild card in the AFC got the berth. San Diego went into Denver and spanked them. The Ravens were I feel a major disappointment, they were very hard to watch for most of the year. I thought they made nice adjustments and additions in the off season and certainly would compete in a weak division. All of the money to Joe Flacco is scary, say what you want, but elite quarterbacks are supposed to win tight games ( See Tom Brady again this year ). Joe really needs to buck up his game. You think about the close games lost to bad teams, elite quarterbacks do not let that happen, they take the team on their back and find a way. I think we all thought the offensive line would pick up where they left off after the Super Bowl run, yikes, what a nightmare. I felt like we had about a one in five chance on 3rd and 1. It really is amazing that no adjustments were made throughout the entire season with the running game. It was like a horror picture rerun week after week. I am trying to think if we have a screen pass in the play book???


I agree with Juan Castillo being gone. Instead of molding the line around it's strengths as players he tried to mold the players into his system. I also believe we do need a true OC and a new DC. Caldwell does a good job but it takes time to grow into that position, we need someone with the experience now.The DC is way too conservative especially playing a 3 man rush in key situations and still getting beat. Overall these positions and a few player upgrades and the RAVENS will be fine in 2014

Rick S
Rick S

Coaching was awful, starting with Castillo.


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