Lance a Fit in Balti-Moore?


With news today that the Saints plan on releasing Lance Moore, the Ravens should take a hard look  to see if he would fit into their plans for 2014.

The move makes a lot of sense for the Saints, a team that seems to be in somewhat of a transition. So far this offseason they have released a handful of key veterans who were instrumental in their recent success, Moore being the latest.

But at the age of 30, he most likely still has a couple of good years left in him, and signing him could make a lot of sense for the Ravens.

Known for his shiftiness and speed, Moore has a reputation as a clutch player with great hands who can move the chains and find a hole in the defense on third downs. He can also stretch the field and has big play ability.

Sound like something the Ravens need?

Moore had a disappointing year in 2013 as he missed a few weeks with a wrist injury. When he returned his role diminished as he found himself behind emerging rookie Kenny Stills on the depth chart.

Despite the down campaign, he is only one year removed from a very successful 2012 season in which he had over 1000 yards receiving and six touchdowns. Looking at his career stats, 2012 wasn’t a fluke. While it was his most productive year, he has been a steady contributor for the Saints since becoming a full time starter in 2007.

An undrafted rookie out of Toledo, Moore has a reputation as a grinder, who has a great reputation in the locker room.  While Torrey Smith is the unquestioned leader of the Ravens receivier corps, Moore’s veteran presence could be helpful in the development of younger players.

Financially Moore would also make a lot of sense for the Ravens. While there will be suitors for him as free agency approaches, he won’t demand the contracts that other top tier free agent wide receivers will.

Fans would love the addition of an Eric Decker or Julian Edelman but, the “right player, right price” mantra would fit a guy like Moore much better.  The top free agent wide receivers will be looking for top dollar, and there is a lot of debate as to whether or not they are worth it.

Decker, Edelman and Hakeem Nicks could all be great additions, but with the salaries they will be demanding, they are risky ones as well. They will eat up a lot of cap space for a team that has a lot of needs to address.

Moore will be a low risk with a potentially high reward. He also won’t jeopardize any future compensatory picks since he was released, something that admittedly makes players more attractive to Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens.

Will Lance Moore make the same splash as some other free agent receivers? No.

Does he make a lot more sense than paying top dollar for what may be a #2 receiver? Yes.

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10 Raves on “Lance a Fit in Balti-Moore?

  1. KO on said:

    Decker is soft, and quite frankly I am not that impressed with his hands either. Granted, Seattle’s secondary is one of the best in the NFL – but their corners got really physical with Decker in the Super Bowl and he was getting pushed around badly. He might put up good stats with Peyton and those soft AFC West defenses – but would not want him on our roster squaring off against the AFC North defenses or secondary.

    I would take Moore over Decker.

  2. Joshua on said:

    If he doesn’t take too many reps away from Marlon, then sure. Moore is the perfect example of a guy who was a product of the system. Brees could turn me into a 1,000 yard receiver.

  3. Ravenz fan in NoVA on said:

    Despite the down campaign, he is only one year removed from a very successful 2012 season in which he had over 1000 yards receiving and six touchdowns.

    Personally I am looking for someone that isn’t happy with these stats. I firmly believe if the Ravens draft the best clutch TE and keep Pitta in the slot you would have Smith stretching the field, Pitta and TE being your clutch receivers for 5-15 yards, you will have a strong W/R corp

  4. akacrow on said:

    Having a wideout, who can play the outside, opposite Torrey is an imperative. Personally I would rather sign a player who didn’t catch balls thrown by one of Brady, Manning or Brees.

  5. JayJay on said:

    If the Ravens’ plan/intention/hope is to draft a #1/#2 WR in May, then signing Lance Moore to potentially be the 4th WR behind Torrey, the unknown drafted WR and Marlon Brown is a waste of cap space. I would seriously doubt Lance would be interested in that situation anyway. If they draft a big play WR as expected, then I’d rather they spend that cash on the OL, ILB or FS and leave the little used 4th WR job to Aaron Mellette, Tandon Doss or whoever else they can draft/sign that can maybe return kicks. Even if they Ravens chose not to address WR with an early pick, then I’d still like them to at least sign a better WR than Lance Moore to be our #2.

  6. Fernando on said:

    I can’t see the Ravens drafting anything else than a OL right now… It looks quite concerning to be honest…

  7. TRUTH on said:

    No, he’s on the decline. 31 years old, up and down with injuries. Look up his stats. Wasn’t even the 4th Wr most of the time. If he cant produce with Drew Bree’s throwing the ball, you think he’s gonna do better with Joe?

    16 games – 37 receptions – 457 yards

    boils down to: 2 receptions for 28 yards a game.

    I’d rather bring in a guy like Kenny Britt for the Vet minimum and give him a “prove it to me” kind of deal.
    Or maybe even a guy like Jerome Simpson to throw in the slot from time to time whenever we need a splash play.

    Sign Jacoby – draft a rookie – wait until other teams start releasing better Wideouts

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