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BUY OR SELL: Who Ravens Fans Should Root for in the Playoffs

Street Talk BUY OR SELL: Who Ravens Fans Should Root for in the Playoffs

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11+ Comments Elizabeth Guthrie says Agree with you. Actually the Saints remind me of the Ravens....I'm just sad we're not in the playoffs, this just isn't fun.....
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We’re switching things up a bit for BUY OR SELL this week…

With the Ravens missing out on the postseason for the first time since 2007, we Ravens fans find ourselves in some unfamiliar territory. The holidays are over, the purple and black are out of it, and now there’s several inches of snow on the ground outside – the misery of “just winter” has set in earlier than usual in Charm City.

However, there’s a silver lining – we get to watch the NFL Playoffs pretty much stress-free! The (completely undeserving) Steelers didn’t squeak into the postseason (thanks, Ryan Succop and incompetent refs!), so I for one am stoked to not have to worry about them lucking into another Super Bowl. And with no Tim Tebow around, there is no way they could lose as hilariously in the playoffs as they did in their last trip.

Full disclosure: I stole the idea for this post from a Steelers fan – Ian of The Steelers ‘n at. While part of me just wants to print his list backwards – hey, just root for whoever will make Steelers fans maddest! – I’ll actually put some thought into it. Still, I think it might end up darn near a backwards version of Ian’s list.

So, who to root for this postseason? While it’s going to be nice to watch without getting TOO worked up, these games are still much more fun if you have a rooting interest. Let’s run down my personal list of Power Rankings for Ravens fans to root for this postseason!

Note: Fellow Ravens fan (and friend) Phil Gentile did another one of these over at Purple Reign. Check it out here



12. New England

The Ravens’ second biggest rival behind Pittsburgh, New England also just came into our house and embarrassed us. Patriots fans are insufferable, and it’s nice to still be able to pull out the “You haven’t won anything since Spygate” card on them. Another Super Bowl for Tom and Bill would end that.

Also, the Red Sox JUST won the World Series. These people have had something like 18 Championship parades in the last 12 months (or something like that…whatever).

The Patriots should lose in the most excruciating fashion possible.


11. Indianapolis

This is a nod to the old-timers. I know many Ravens fans will still put “The Irsays” at the very bottom of their list – I get that, I just don’t personally agree. Even a few years ago, it was easy to root against Indy, not only because of the Irsays, but because Peyton Manning had owned Baltimore for so long while he wore that horseshoe on his helmet.

Andrew Luck has no such resume against Baltimore. Throw in that Chuck Pagano is their head coach, and you could almost pull for them…if only it wasn’t for their owner’s last name.


10. Cincinnati

The Bungles winning the Super Bowl…woof. What a weird thought. Heck, this franchise hasn’t won a PLAYOFF GAME since 1991. While some may suggest that rooting for a (non-Pittsburgh) division rival makes sense, I don’t subscribe to that line of thinking. Sure, Marvin Lewis was once a Ravens coach, but that was a long time ago.

I’m not a fan of the thought of Bungles fans coming to M&T Bank Stadium with a more recent Super Bowl to brag about than the Ravens have. Also, Andy Dalton is horrible.

Keep on Bunglin’, Bungles.

New England, Indy, or Cincy winning the Super Bowl would be awful




9. Denver

Case for: Peyton Manning is the greatest quarterback we’ve ever seen (or likely ever will see). It’s ridiculous that his little brother has more Super Bowl rings than he does; Manning winning another Lombardi Trophy after Indy (and Irsay) kicked him to the curb would be delicious.

Case against: Broncos fans will feel that some cosmic wrong has been righted after the Ravens defeated them in last year’s AFC Divisional Round if they win it all this year – that’ll be annoying; If Peyton makes it to the Super Bowl, and it’s -15 degrees in New York that day and he plays horribly and the Broncos lose, the NFL will get exactly what they deserve for putting the game in New York City.

Survey says: I’ll never get to congratulate Peyton Manning in person. I will very likely have to hear crap from Broncos fans in person. Sorry, Bronies.


8. Philadelphia

Case for: The team themselves are much easier to root for these days – no T.O., Chip Kelly’s offense is a blast to watch, Shady McCoy is electrifying, Mike Vick is relegated to the bench.

Case against: Another fan base Ravens fans have to deal with regularly are Eagles fans. If you’re anything like me, “FLY EALGES FLY” lit up your Facebook timeline quite a few times this season. There are still a bunch of Philly fans from (FROM, not currently living in) Baltimore who I’d prefer to continue to feel bad about not rooting for the home team.

Survey says: On the other hand, a lot of said Eagles fans are my FRIENDS, and I’d be happy for them to finally get to experience a Super Bowl win like we Ravens fans have twice already. You probably know a lot of Iggles fans too – if you like them, root for Philly. If you’d rather see them suffer, root against Chip’s Birds.


7. San Francisco

Case for: Harbaughs winning the Super Bowl in back-to-back years would drive everybody whose team isn’t coached by a Harbaugh crazy; Anquan Boldin would get two straight rings; Steelers fans would be upset because they wouldn’t be the only ones with “DURRRRRR SIX” Lombardis.

Case against: Jim Harbaugh; Again, fans would feel some sort of cosmic wrong was righted after being beaten by the Ravens.

Survey says: Depends just how much you hate Jim Harbaugh, or want to see Anquan Boldin get the last laugh, or enjoy sad Steelers fans. Steelers fans really don’t want San Francisco to win – go ahead and pull for them.



These squads winning early round games would eliminate a couple of the teams at the bottom of this list early on. If either of them can win two games, they would once again also save us from the Brady/Manning AFC Championship Game that NFL talking heads have considered a foregone conclusion for over a year now, AND get Indy, Cincy, and/or New England out of the picture. I’ll be rooting for Philip Rivers vs. Alex Smith in the AFC Championship.


6. San Diego

5. Kansas City

If an AFC team wins it, I hope it's the Chiefs or Chargers



As Ravens fans, we only have to deal with these teams and/or their fans every four years. They each have their own particular merits, which are discussed below. However, as a Ravens fan, any of these four deserve your rooting interest.


4. New Orleans

3. Green Bay

New Orleans and Green Bay have both won Super Bowls lately, defeating Ravens nemeses in the process. The Saints beat the Colts in 2010, and the Packers beat the Steelers the following year. Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay will always hold a special place in my heart, as I was a Cheesehead for a day while I watched Super Bowl XLV in person, surrounded by sad Steelers fans. They get a slight nod over N’Awlins.

2. Carolina

1. Seattle

Neither of these teams has ever won the big one. Carolina fell victim to Adam Vinatieri and the Patriots in their only Super Bowl appearance, while Seattle was hosed by the referees against Pittsburgh the one time they made it. It would be great to see fans of either squad experience a Super Bowl win. They both run the ball and play defense, things we appreciate in Baltimore.

Seattle gets the slight upper hand because, as a bonus, Redskins fans hate them!

Once the Ravens are out, I root for the NFC

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I think I'd like to see Cincy and the Iggles in the SB because neither team has won it and both are long shots. Don't you just love it when the team that isn't supposed to win actually does?


Green Bay or New Orleans: I like the QBs and both are so flawed they remind me of the Ravens last year. I also do not hate the Patriots. Actually, I like the way they do business. I will NEVER root for the Bengals, Colts, Eagles, Manning or Rivers.


I honestly have no problem with Denver winning, as they are a great organization with one of the best head coaches and front offices. We already embarrassed them last year (which they returned the favor this September) and don't really have anything against them. That being said, I actually am rooting for Seattle to win it all, and I hope they join the Broncos in the Super Bowl as opposed to any other AFC team (ESPECIALLY NE or Cincy).


SEattle or Chargers. I get sick of hearing about manning , then again maybe he will retire ,,,nah seattle is my choice.

Boldin Raver
Boldin Raver

I'm rooting for Cincy because RRR's CincyCat has been so classy, and I still like Marv Lewis. Is it okay that I being an AFC Norther view other divisions as being lesser, un-serious football conferences?


1. carolina 7. no 2. kc 8. gb 3. sd 9. den 4. cinn 10. indy 5. phil 11. sf 6. sea 12. ne


I definitely don't want to see New England or Denver get to the Superbowl and I don't like Jim Harbaugh or Pete Carroll but I do like their teams! I think Marvin Lewis is a nice man but I don't like his team. After that I'm good with anyone else winning but I feel Carolina is the underdog and will root for them and their coach Ron Rivera.


From NFC anybody but Seattle dont like Caroll.


I actually would like to see San Diego make it in as the Dark Horse this year. I get annoyed with P. Rivers but he has put up with a lot with the Chargers and I would like to see Gates get his ring before he retires as well :) (also always always root against "the machine" aka New England)

Elizabeth Guthrie
Elizabeth Guthrie

Agree with you. Actually the Saints remind me of the Ravens....I'm just sad we're not in the playoffs, this just isn't fun.....


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