PERCEPTION IS REALITY: A Steelers Coach About to Turn Purple?

Street Talk PERCEPTION IS REALITY: A Steelers Coach About to Turn Purple?

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6+ Comments jim says Luke, you obviously possess zero, ZERO, knowledge about the game or history of professional football. You should stick to trolling other sport sites because foo
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Reality: On Tuesday, John Harbaugh announced four candidates to be the next Ravens offensive coordinator.

Perception: Ravens coach Jim Hostler, former Redskins coach Kyle Shanahan, and former Lions coach Scott Linehan have all interviewed for the position, as has Steelers running back coach Kirby Wilson.

Hostler led the 49ers offensive for one season with results that were not impressive. Wilson has not been a coordinator but has been an offensive coach for over a dozen years in the NFL. Shanahan and Linehan have led good offenses that were very pass happy. According to Matt Vensel of the Baltimore Sun, Joe Flacco should loosen up his arm if Linehan gets the job. Under Linehan, Matthew Stafford twice led the league in pass attempts, including an all-time single-season high last year. He likes to run a lot of 3-wide, single running-back sets.

I think I have most of Baltimore in agreement with me when I say “no!” to Hostler. Wilson is an unknown, never having called plays for an NFL team yet. But how would Baltimore react to having a Steelers coach come to the Purple and Black? Still, Wilson is the only one (that I know of) that received a second interview (Ed. Note – just after this was published, Aaron Wilson reported that Kyle Shanhan got a second interview as well). So as much as I’d like to see Shanahan or Linehan get the job, it appears we may be hiring a former terrible towel as our new offensive coordinator. How do you feel about that Baltimore?

Reality: This is a rare Super Bowl matchup.

Perception: We don’t get a chance to see the best team in the NFC vs. the best team in the AFC often in the Super Bowl. Many times it’s the hottest team. But Seattle was the #1 seed in the NFC pretty much all season, while the Broncos were the #1 seed all season in the AFC. The last time the Super Bowl featured two #1 seeds was in 2009 (Saints/Colts), but before that, it was back in 1993 (Cowboys/Bills). It doesn’t happen often, and it’s going to be fun to watch.

With the Broncos making the Super Bowl, they become only the 4th NFL franchise to reach at least 7 Super Bowls, joining Pittsburgh, Dallas, and New England. Broncos head coach John Fox joins only five other coaches in NFL history to take two different teams to the Super Bowl.

The Seattle Seahawks are the 1st Super Bowl team since the 1990 Buffalo Bills without a single player with previous Super Bowl experience (per NFL Network  research).

Reality: Peyton Manning is one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

Perception: Peyton Manning made his NFL debut on September 6, 1998 (by the way, Russell Wilson was just 9 years old then).  You are going to hear an awful lot in the debate about if Manning is the greatest QB to ever play the game. I believe we are very blessed right now to see so many truly great players playing in our generation. Last week’s Manning vs. Brady game was truly one to appreciate between all-time greats. But in my opinion, Peyton Manning is the greatest modern day quarterback, and one of the all-time best, but not THE best. That distinction belongs to Johnny Unitas… he transformed the quarterback position like no one else.

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Joe Polek

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Joe Polek was born in Baltimore, MD, and was raised in Bel Air, MD. In 2001, he moved to Portland, Maine for a job in radio. In 2012, he moved to Columbia, SC for another gig in radio, where he currently resides with his wife, Nicole, and their two daughters. Joe is a huge sports fan, but most importantly he lives and breathes Baltimore (and Maryland) sports. He routinely gets back to Baltimore for a Ravens game once a year, and while living in Maine, went to Foxboro and Fenway whenever the Ravens or Orioles came to town. A couple of his highlights were being at the final game at Baltimore’s Memorial Stadium, and also sitting in left field for “2130”, and “2131” (Cal Ripken’s consecutive game streak). Find Joe on Twitter at @JPonSports. More from Joe Polek
John Smith
John Smith

There could also be college coaches who do not wish to be named that have been interviewed/will be again. One can hope right? I have seen some interesting opinions on Shanahan (La Canfora for example) which make me think that he might not be a great fit personality wise with the Ravens. They could of course be a load of crap though.


Lets hope so, we sure do need some smart tough coaches, because we have non of that now.


A Steeler becoming a Raven? .... Rod Woodson would have a kniption

Boldin Raver
Boldin Raver

All I keep thinking was when the Ravens played the Steelers in Pit and it seemed that half their O-line was substitutions - but the RB and of course the QB ran on the Ravens pretty good. I think we had a pretty good run-D last year, too. Maybe the Ravens didn't plan for it and such, but it just seemed that the whole offense was on the same page and well coached, so if he comes to the Ravens and brings that with him I'll forget all about any past associations.


Only in Baltimore would anyone think that Manning vs. Unitas was even a close comparison.


Luke, you obviously possess zero, ZERO, knowledge about the game or history of professional football. You should stick to trolling other sport sites because football is not your m.o. Johnny unitas revolutionized the passing game in the NFL during that era and produced NFL records during a time the NFL did not have numerous rules in place to protect quarterbacks in the pocket and receivers running their routes. Peyton himself has acknowledge being humbled and grateful to be compared to johnny u. And this is from a guy who grew up watching peyton, not Johnny U.


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