Ravens Fans in Houston…No Problem!

Street Talk Ravens Fans in Houston…No Problem!

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Say Hello to Ravens Roost 610

What can a $50 Facebook ad get you?

About 400 rabid Ravens fans in Houston, that’s what!

Back up to 2010.

After living in Houston for a few years, I was growing impatient with watching my team play inside of places like Champps and Buffalo Wild Wings, competing with fans from a dozen other teams. I would see the occasional Ravens bumper sticker on 610 or someone wearing a Ravens logo while shopping at Central Market.

My impatience only got worse.

I had no way of getting Ravens Nation in Houston together in one spot for game days.

Then, while checking out the fine folks over at The West Wing, it dawned on me that maybe Facebook was the way to get something together. I plopped down $50 on a Facebook ad, sat back and thought that if I could get 20 fans to find the page and sign up, it would be a success. One day goes by, 5 people joined the “Roost 610 – Houston Area Ravens Fans” page. Then 10. Then 25. Then 75. By weeks end, we reached 100 Likes.

Over time (with a lot of work and a little guidance from The West Wing guys), Roost 610 has reached over 400 fans.

Because of the geography of the Houston metro area, some of these fans are hundreds of miles away but they all bleed purple! That didn’t stop over 100 Ravens fans from joining our tailgate at the 2012 Ravens v. Texans game. The game was a bust, but the fans that showed up to the Purple Lot more than made up for it!

Besides our weekly watch parties at Christian’s Tailgate in The Heights, we also do an annual crab feast and, thanks to the Astros switching to the American League, we now host an annual O’s game outing!

Come on out and join us!

Go Ravens!


Jay Becraft
Founder, Roost 610 – Houston Ravens Fans

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Jay Becraft

About Jay Becraft

Born and raised in Maryland, Jay is never short of an opinion.  Often taking the contrarian’s point of view, his lust for debate and sports are a natural fit.  It did not take much for Jay to become a Ravens fan.  Living in a house where the Colts were the end all, be all of football, he did what any kid would do in that same situation and became a .... Redskins' fans.  Ok, so a little healthy rebellion is good for a family but in time, Jay would see the light and now has a fond appreciation for everything that is Baltimore sports. Things changed in 1996 and Jay has not looked back since.  Although displaced and living in Houston, Jay is still a loud and proud season ticket holder who travels back to Baltimore for games.  Anytime of the year, he can be seen wondering (or stumbling) the streets of his beloved Fells Point. Besides being a Ravens blowhard, Jay loves to cook, golf, run and pal around with Izzy, his new live-in Labrador Retriever. Spelling and grammatical errors are courtesy of the Howard County Public School System.  More from Jay Becraft


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