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Ravens Should Work to Extend Torrey Smith Now!

Street Talk Ravens Should Work to Extend Torrey Smith Now!

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7+ Comments VJ says If I have one complaint about Ozzie its that he never seems to lock up any young stars before their rookie deals run out. We always end up paying top dollar and
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When Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome addressed the media to announce the contract extension for veteran linebacker Terrell Suggs, he left the door open of more possible extensions.

When asked if the organization has started extension talks with other players already, Newsome responded. “Yes we have. Yes we have.”

While Newsome never made mention of which players the Ravens have spoken with, one such player could be wide receiver and hometown favorite Torrey Smith.

Smith, the former Maryland Terp, is set to become a free agent in 2015.  The Ravens’ number one wide receiver in 2013, Smith started all 16 games and led the team with career highs in receptions (65), receiving yards (1,128, NFL’s 17th most in 2013 ) along with a 17.4 ypc average (tied for his best ever) and four touchdowns.

Smith also became the first Ravens player since 2009 (Derrick Mason – 1,028) to produce 1,000-plus receiving yards in a season.

Along with stepping into the leading receiver role for the Ravens in 2013, Smith also took over a leadership role for the teams’ young receivers.

“If you’re having a tough day of practice, everyone is hurting and tired, usually I just look over at Torrey, and I just see how he responds,” rookie wide receiver Marlon Brown was quoted as saying in the Ravens 2013 Season Review.

“He responds with a good attitude, so I’m going to get out there and respond with a good attitude,” Brown added. “If something is going wrong, or if I need help with something, I go to Torrey before I go to anybody. He’s our leader.”

If the Ravens don’t attempt to extend the speedy wide receiver, they could ultimately face the same scenario they did with Joe Flacco. Flacco and the Ravens were unable to reach a deal before the 2012 Super Bowl season started, and Flacco gambled on himself and won.

This January, Smith told the team’s official website that he wasn’t focused on getting a long-term deal heading into the final season of his rookie contract.

“No way I’m thinking about that,” Smith said. “That’s the furthest thing from my mind. Guys get caught up in that stuff, but I’m not really the guy to get caught up in things that I can’t control.

“I signed a four-year deal, so for me to be like, ‘Hey, they could extend me.’ Why would I even think about something that I can’t control?  We don’t know what’s going to happen.”

The team has made it known that they would still pursue a wide receiver this offseason whether through the draft or free agency; however, Smith will no doubt be a huge factor in what should be a potent Gary Kubiak offense.

For now the Ravens will continue to work behind the scenes to do what they do best: figuring a way to keep their best players for the right money for the long term.

Lets just hope Smith is part of that plan and they can secure him sooner rather than later.


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Brian Bower

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If I have one complaint about Ozzie its that he never seems to lock up any young stars before their rookie deals run out. We always end up paying top dollar and stressing the extension because Ozzie always seems to wait until each player is an impending free agent before the deal gets done. We saw it with Suggs, Ngata, Joe and now we are seeing it with Pitta and will likely see it with Torrey. I can't help but see the 49ers locking their guys up early, at a seeming discount, and wonder why we don't do the same. I would love for someone to ask Ozzie that question at one of the press conferences and see what his answer is.


We are setting ourselves up for failure if Torrey is paid like a top tier #1 WR.

Brian Bower
Brian Bower

Thanks Truth. I appreciate the kind words. While Smith is a solid number two receiver he should be paid like one. Great point jws.


The Ravens rarely ever have sign a player in the last year of his ROOKIE contract.With that said Torrey turned the new CBA allowance of adding a 5th year to that contract. that indicates his agent and him want to see what free agency will offer.


You're always spot on Brian. Preston could learn a thing or two from you but i dont think he wants to bother with learning how to be a real columnist. Torrey Smith is probably the best #2 wr in the league. I hope we can find that number 1 in the draft so we can truly exploit Torrey's speed to the fullest. Im with you tho, i would love to see him get locked up long term sooner than later


oh, and if Tony isnt already paying might want to seriously consider looking into that. Keep up the good work Brian!


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