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The NFL’s is The Wrong Shark Tank For Cuban

Street Talk The NFL’s is The Wrong Shark Tank For Cuban

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4+ Comments Ravcolt says For Goodell to say, “That means staying true to the values that have sustained our success over the years – Integrity, quality, tradition, teamwork, diversity
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These days the business and popularity of the NFL is at an all time high and with zero signs of slowing down any time soon despite what many critics including NBA team owner Mark Cuban think.

Cuban openly opined about the NFL  and held back zero punches including how he thinks the NFL will ultimately lose its popularity due to it’s own greed.

“I think the NFL is 10 years away from an implosion,” Cuban said Sunday evening via ESPN Dallas.

“I’m just telling you, pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. And they’re getting hoggy. Just watch. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. When you try to take it too far, people turn the other way.”

Jealousy perhaps?

After all Goodell and the NFL have captured every minute chance to capitalize on football fans both here and abroad.

As if Thursday Night Football wasn’t watered down enough CBS Network wanted in anyway. TNF will now be featured on CBS after the network agreed to a one-year deal with the NFL to show the first eight games. It’s interesting to note that NFL Network will still feature them along with the other six games they have previously scheduled along with a late season doubleheader on a Saturday.

” They’re trying to take over every night of TV,” Cuban said in the ESPN Dallas report. “Initially, it’ll be, ‘Yeah, they’re the biggest-rating thing that there is.’ OK, Thursday, that’s great, regardless of whether it impacts [the NBA] during that period when we cross over. Then if it gets Saturday, now you’re impacting colleges. Now it’s on four days a week.”

“It’s all football. At some point, the people get sick of it.”

Roger Goodell and the NFL brass are business savvy and as long as fans continue to tune in and the ratings are there, the NFL isn’t going anywhere as Cuban suggests. The ever popular brand has reached new levels with media coverage including every aspect of social media, fans announcing teams’ draft picks to the exciting plays on the field in an offensive driven league.

The NFL is practically a money printing operation and Roger isn’t going to let that vanish.

On Monday at the annual owners meetings in Orlando, Goodell announced the league approved a $45 million grant to USA Football to support the growth of youth football that will provide funding for USA Football over the next five years.

Per the press release, “USA Football is the official youth football development partner of the NFL and its 32 teams, will use the grant to support youth and high school football through its Heads Up Football, NFL Punt, Pass & Kick, and NFL FLAG programs.”

In fact some of these same youths will one day provide jaw dropping plays, bone crushing hits that will keep the fans coming back for more, year after year.

“With more success, comes more responsibility for all of us to step up and lead,” Goodell told league owners today. “That means staying true to the values that have sustained our success over the years – Integrity, quality, tradition, teamwork, diversity and innovation.”

While the rules are changing right before our very eyes and it’s no longer the football of yesteryear, for every fan that decides they’ve had enough, there will be ten others who will take his or her place.

Good luck with your prediction Mark!

Relatively speaking your NBA is a guppy in the Shark Tank of the NFL.


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Brian Bower

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For Goodell to say, “That means staying true to the values that have sustained our success over the years – Integrity, quality, tradition, teamwork, diversity and innovation,” takes the arrogance only the NFL can muster. Any integrity the NFL had was shot after downplaying their own concussion data on NFL players. Why else would they pay out almost $1 billion to ex-players without admitting any wrongdoing? An investment by the NFL into any entity - kids, brain research and others are only to serve their own self interest. Cuban is spot on. His time estimate may be too conservative, however. Look how America, in a few short years, has transformed from the 'shining city on a hill' to an arrested culture.


he is spot on!

John P
John P

Like it or not, Cuban does make a good point. The NFL can get away with what it's doing now, but it does need to monitor itself for over-exposure.

William Earley
William Earley

The NFL's greed is the least of their problems. The alarming number of brain traumas the players [ and former players ] are suffering will not simply go away. Close to forty percent of mothers polled said they will not let their boys play football because of the frequent concussions and possible brain trauma down the road for their sons.


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