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Fantasy MOVIE REVIEW: Draft Day

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4+ Comments JerryB says Haven't seen it yet, but intend to. Buddy of mine called it, " fluff", but good fluff!
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The problem with me and movie reviews is that half the time I’m not even sure what I’ve just read. Maybe it’s that I just don’t grasp the art form or maybe I just don’t care about the art form.

I just want to be entertained.

I don’t want to have to look at my watch wondering when it’s going to end. I want an escape from reality – one during which the director and his cast take me on a journey and when it’s done, I’m glad I went along for the ride.

On Friday afternoon I dialed up a couple of colleagues and suggested that we go and see the 1:35 viewing of Draft Day. And I’m glad I did.

Of course the movie had its share of unnecessary filler. I would have preferred that they had developed the story line between Cleveland Browns GM Sonny Weaver, Jr. played by Kevin Costner and his late legendary father who Sonny was forced to fire as head coach.

Instead we were fed the subplot of some front office hanky-panky between Sonny and Browns capologist Ali (not Muhammad) played by Jennifer Garner who by the way is a tad bit better looking that the Ravens’ Pat Moriarty (but we’d still take Pat).

Admittedly the movie starts a bit sluggishly and seems redundant at times. But when it gets into gear, football fans will love it particularly during the flick’s final 30 minutes. It opens the mind to what goes on during those moments leading up to the draft and when teams are on the clock.

We all know that organizations do background checks on players and that character red flags can cause a player to slip down the draft boards in manners that don’t bely their on-the-field abilities and accomplishments. Draft Day digs a little deeper in this area and when it does it’s hard not to think of players like Matt Leinart, Warren Sapp, Randy Moss and even Aaron Rodgers on draft day as they sat in the infamous “Green Room”, force-fed large doses of humble pie.

Naturally there’s some unrealistic Hollywood drama and if Ozzie Newsome made the trades that some of the GM’s in this fantasy NFL agree to, the lynch mob would be waiting at One Winning Drive.

Interesting comment on Facebook from my colleague Derek Arnold about Draft Day: “Most realistic part: Browns fans chanting “Su-Per Bowl!” in April/May!”


In the end this isn’t a sports movie on par with Bull Durham, Field of Dreams or Remember The Titans but for those who love the NFL and are jazzed by the inexact science of the NFL Draft, go see the movie. It’s not a bad way to spend 2 hours.

Chances are by the time you leave the theatre the Orioles may have scored a run at OPACY.


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Haven't seen it yet, but intend to. Buddy of mine called it, " fluff", but good fluff!


TL, I also reviewed the movie and sent my VIP email groups the real value of the movie. If anyone heard the director talking about the movie they would have a better perspective of why hollowodd does what it does. I go to movies twice a week,every week see and review all the good and very bad movies. TL, you must understand the dollar value of WORLDWIDE entertainment in money to made in DVDS as well as box office tickets that all audiences will spend or want to spend. The love and family part the director said was there in this movie to bring dollars in worldwide and with none football people spending and also cover the true facts of how the draft really works. IT DOES ALL THAT. I totally disagree the other movies you mention were better. Baseball fictional movies are boring. Caddy Shack was a comedy that you did not mention but was good and made lots of money not because of golf bu tfor unversal appeal. All movies are made to make money as well as please all groups of people. Draft day covers facturally what really occurs on draft day from all I know and my good sources, like yours, have said what really transpires in the "War room" and on the phones that day and many days before with GM's talking and options and decisions teams havet o make quickly when drafting players. Few fans have a clue of the internal workings that got the Ravens players like Ngata,and Flacco to name just two. It is a top movie that gives fans a good inside look at what draft day is really all about and date night coupleswill enjoy it too everyone should see it!

Tony Lombardi
Tony Lombardi

I enjoyed the movie but it isn't in the same league as Bull Durham, Field of Dreams or Remember The Titans. But of course movies are personal and whatever you enjoyed most counts most for you. That's really all that matters. As for what draft day is "really" all about, I don't think either of us is qualified to tell that story.


LoL! Yeah, welcome to Cleveland - where any team winning is a Hollywood fantasy. When do the Cavs get their movie?


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