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9+ Comments j says To understand Baltimoreans and "THE NO RESPECT" birthright that comes with, you must understand the history. The History, Baltimore was the 2nd largest city in
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There’s no denying that Baltimoreans have an inferiority complex.

Maybe it’s a birthright. Perhaps it’s a curse.

Whatever the case may be, just ask your neighbor. Baltimore is America’s Rodney Dangerfield of cities – WE GET NO RESPECT.

Collectively we hate it during national weather forecasts on TWC when Baltimore isn’t shown. We cringe when our city is portrayed as a haven for STD’s, heroin and violence. And it chaps our hind parts when big musical acts skip over our town in favor of those coital cluster venues in DC and Virginia.

And that’s why we watch with pride when our Baltimore Ravens are on a national stage in prime time.

Or at least we used to.

There was a day when hosting a Thursday, Sunday or Monday night game at M&T provided a boost in civic pride.

Not any more.

The newness of those primetime games has worn off in a big way. Instead we prefer the convenience of a 1PM kickoff. Relatively speaking it’s hassle free.

We’ve discovered the downside of hosting during primetime.

  • It forces some to take off the next day or just drag through it at work
  • It’s colder at night
  • There’s less postgame celebrating after a win
  • The traffic heading home is infinitely worse
  • All of which is exacerbated by a loss

This season, potential flexing aside, the Ravens will host seven 1 o’clock starts and for the season ticket holder, the connoisseur of tailgating, THAT is music to your ears.

Let someone else have the primetime spotlight. We’ll take our early games, continue the party in tailgate lots orFootball wink Federal Hill afterwards and make it a Sunday to remember.

We’ll save our griping for the game officials and the NFL who are always out to screw the Ravens!

Hey did you know that the Ravens are the only Super Bowl Champion in decades not to host the following season featured game not once but twice?

“No respect!”

Do you prefer 1 o'clock starts or primetime games?
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To understand Baltimoreans and "THE NO RESPECT" birthright that comes with, you must understand the history. The History, Baltimore was the 2nd largest city in the nation after NYC to reach 100k population in 1830. That held until 1860 when Philly past Baltimore. However Baltimore remained a top 10 population city all the way through the 1980s. So Baltimore has always been a MAJOR MARKET CITY and one of the first transformatiinal MAJOR MARKETS in this Country. Now because our last 30 years haven't been like the first 150, everyone outside of Baltimore wants to act like we were not on the same level as a NYC or Philly. BS


Hey Tony I live in Michigan (I met you at the Blue Ox; I was with my buddy Ray T from Eastern Shore Golf for the first Ravens show last summer). This year the Tigers and the Lions Monday night game are to be played at home at the same time at 7:10pm on Sept 8th. Sound familiar? You are probably not that familiar with the D, but Comerica and Ford Field are located right next to each other and share parking etc. just like the O’s and Ravens. One of three things will be revealed. Either Bmore/Ravens were smart not having Ravens play the home opener on Thurs last year, or they and City missed out one humungous extravaganza of a lifetime, or Ilitch unlike Angelos will do the right thing and move the Tigers to a matinee. Dave


I hate these slow or no news weeks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the best thing about this site the entire week is the picture at the top of this blog .........

Tucker: M&T Sec 527
Tucker: M&T Sec 527

True dat!. Without her I don't read on. I like the Sunday Prime Time slot. Time doesn't hang heavy waiting for it to start. The production values of Sunday Night football have surpassed that of MNF. It genuinely feels like an honor to play Sunday night at the top of a bill of a whole day's games. MNF feels like a hangover in comparison and sets up a short following week, esp. for the visiting teams. That said, when attending in person, I prefer day football to night football. Thursday night games are flat out retarded (at least every team plays one now).


Yup that was the one. As a matter of fact the NFL network used a bit of it to hype the panthers/ravens showdown. So I must have been the one to miss something which would suit me just fine. I want to see Steve Smith and the Ravens do exactly what Steve predicted, blood and guts and I def will have my goggles. Go RAVENS!


i prefer 1 oclock games cause then i can actually watch the games live over here, it's 7 oclock in the evening over here then. So show them all at 1 please :-D


This picture is from The West Wind in Los Angeles. 1pm = 10am. Which barring a rather intense Saturday night is the best. Who wants to wait until 1pm to watch their team play.


Tony, did you watch Jacoby Jones and hear his comment about Steve Smith on NFL AM? Watch again if you didn't hear him respond to a question about Steve Smith and how the answer must be on his phone as he is looking at it during team meetings. If that is true then he is truly a one year rental, I don't think Harbs will put up with it even if they said he needs to be himself. What say you?


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