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Give ‘Em Hell Harry!

Lombardi's Way Give ‘Em Hell Harry!

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9+ Comments Steve Hasler says Best wishes to Harry. When I wrote the weekly Report Card piece here on RSR I would regularly hear from Harry down below in the comments section, or sometimes i
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I’ve often said that if for some reason RSR fell apart and ceased to exist, I would still deem it as a wildly successful venture if for no other reason than it has enabled me to work with some great guys and gals.

Plus it has afforded me the luxury of meeting so many wonderful people whose paths I would otherwise have never crossed.

One of those people is a man named Harry O’Sullivan.

I connected with Harry through what was then He would often write in to share his thoughts on our favorite team and along the way a cyber friendship developed followed soon thereafter by a more traditional friendship.

Harry is a passionate, feisty Irishman, deeply devoted to his family, his loving wife Audrey, his community and of course the wonderful people of Ravens Nest 14. He’s David v. Goliath. He’s the USA v. Russia in The Miracle. He’s Rocky Balboa v. Clubber Lang.

Harry and HarbsHarry is a man of principle and his passion certainly spills over into his sense of decency and his political persuasions, which he doesn’t force upon you but will eagerly debate if you open that door.

And that’s a door through which our friendship has yet to venture.

I have never had to touch that doorknob because Harry, as long as I’ve known him and I suspect as long as he’s walked this planet, has always been a man who seeks the greatest good for the greatest number. My guess is that his sense of fairness is rooted in his faith, the Golden Rule and his umpiring skills.

Unfortunately for Harry, fairness on a personal level has unfairly eluded him in recent months as he battles his fiercest competitor to date – melanoma.

Yet in his typical give ‘em hell Harry style, he fights and claws for every single inch in a ferocious battle — one in which a lesser man might lose his will. Not Harry – think David, the USA and Rocky.

This Wednesday Harry is taking on another beastly opponent in the form of a difficult surgery. And I have no doubt that once again you will Play Like a Raven and kick ass!

My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend!

(special thanks to Brian Billick)

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Tony Lombardi

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Tony is 24x7 Networks, LLC's founder (the parent of and His work has been featured on various sports websites and he is a regular guest on 105.7 The Fan and CBS Sports 1300. A diehard Fab Four fan, Tony is a frustrated musician who thinks beating on the steering wheel is akin to being John Bonham. Follow Tony's new Twitter @RSRLombardi. More from Tony Lombardi
Steve Hasler
Steve Hasler

Best wishes to Harry. When I wrote the weekly Report Card piece here on RSR I would regularly hear from Harry down below in the comments section, or sometimes in my email inbox. He's a gracious guy who was always way too generous with praise. It made even late night story-writing worth the effort, knowing there are good people like Harry out there on the receiving end. Harry, I've never met you personally, but feel like I know you. I'm pulling for you. --Steve

RavenManiacs (Mark-N-Tracey)
RavenManiacs (Mark-N-Tracey)

Tony it's a small world! We met you at Bill's Terrace Inn one day via Steven Eliades the owner and we ran into you again in Cladduaghs during a lunch break on afternoon and we wre shooti9ng the breeze for awhile. I've always respected what you do and write. My friend Harry and I worked together at SSA and texted each other during the Raven games. Harry is the real deal when it comes to people. Harry, Tracey and I wish you all the best. Audrey our prayers are on the way. Take care of the old boy please.


Very nice article, Tony! I know a number of people who have had melanoma surgery with excellent results and prognosis and can only wish for similar results for your friend......


Prayers and well wishes go out to you Harry!!

Diane R.
Diane R.

As a Nest 14 member I feel blessed to know Harry. He is truly a wonderful man. Tony thank you for recognizing Harry in such a wonderful way. I'm sure all members are saying prayers for Harry and his family as he continues to battle on as the fighter he is. Thank you.


Tony, You are such a class act. To take the time to recognize and wish Harry well is a wonderful gesture. As a member of Ravens Nest 14, I can say that Harry has been a tremendous advocate for the Ravens and the local community. If we had more people like Harry, the world would be a better place. We thank you and look forward to your next Ravens Nest visit.


Good thoughts for Harry, but should we be worried about Brian too?


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