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Looking at Ravens’ Options at Free Safety in the Draft

NFL Draft Looking at Ravens’ Options at Free Safety in the Draft

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In his prime, Ed Reed was the ultimate difference-maker at safety.

He was instinctive. He was versatile. Most of all, he was a consistent turnover producer, a player with a knack for knowing where the quarterback planned to go with the ball and then making a play once he got there.

The Baltimore Ravens want that type of player again.

Is there a Reed or Earl Thomas in this year’s draft? Probably not. But the Ravens hope to find an athletic, playmaking safety to pair with last year’s first-round pick Matt Elam, and the team feels there are players in the draft class that fit what they are looking for.

“I’d say as a whole, the class is pretty solid,” director of college scouting Joe Hortiz said. “You’ll get some guys at the end of the first and second round – and then there will be some guys who come off in the third, fourth and fifth – who will help teams.”

Ha Ha Clinton-Dix from Alabama seems to be the consensus top option.

Some around the league feel he would present better value closer to the bottom of the first round, but some pundits have projected him to be as high as the No. 10 pick.

The Ravens pick 17th.

“Who is a top-15 guy among the safeties? I think it’s Clinton-Dix,” former NFL safety and current Bleacher Report NFL analyst Matt Bowen said during a phone interview. “It doesn’t mean that he won’t drop in the draft. It’s so hard to predict this draft class. But could Baltimore have a chance at him? Sure, they might be able to. And if they do, I think that would be an excellent selection.”

Clinton-Dix only had two interceptions last season. He also ran the 40-yard dash in just 4.58 seconds at the NFL Scouting Combine, a relatively average time for a safety.

However, he did have five interceptions in 2012, and he was one of the top performers among safeties at the combine in the 20-yard shuttle, a drill designed to test quickness and acceleration.

He also has decent size at 6-foot-1, 208 pounds.

“I want the ball-hawk,” NFL Network draft analyst Charles Davis said during a conference call. “I want the guy with range. I want the center field guys, the Willie Mays guy. Not to say Clinton-Dix doesn’t tackle. He does. Not to say he can’t cover man. [He] hasn’t had to do much of that at Alabama. But I like his range. I like his sideline-to-sideline play.”

However, Bowen is also high on Jimmie Ward from Northern Illinois. So are the Ravens.

Would Baltimore take Ward at No. 17? Probably not. But he could be the pick in the second round if he is still available and the Ravens do not take a safety in the first round.

Ward lacks ideal size. He measured in at 5-11, 193 pounds at the combine. But he may be the most Reed- or Thomas-like player in this year’s draft.

He had 95 tackles and seven interceptions last season. He was also among the standouts at the Senior Bowl in January. He was voted the top defensive back for the week of practice.

“Here’s the thing about Jimmie Ward, he’s always around the football,” Bowen said. “And the thing about Jimmie Ward is his versatility. Different from the other [top] safeties, Jimmie Ward can play underneath. He can come down in your sub-package. You can move him all over the field.”

Ward also has experience playing cornerback.

“Defenses are pissed off because of all these spread formations because it makes them work harder,” Bowen said. “But to counter that, they’re going to try to give the offense a bunch of different looks. …

“And I think you can do a lot with Jimmie from a game plan standpoint because you can move him all over and do a lot of different things with him.”

Pundits are also high on Louisville safety Calvin Pryor, an aggressive, physical, violent player who could be selected during the first half of the first round.

However, Pryor does not necessarily fit the criteria of that athletic, playmaking free safety the Ravens are looking for.

Terrence Brooks from Florida State could be an option in the third round, though.

Hortiz, an Auburn grad, was watching closely as Brooks and Florida State beat Auburn in the BCS national championship game in January.

Brooks had six tackles during the game, including one for a loss.

“Very productive against Auburn in the national championship game,” Hortiz said. “Breaks my heart, but he seemed like he was everywhere [running back] Tre Mason was.”

Brooks was selected second-team All-ACC last season.

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Matt Zenitz

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Matt covers the Ravens for the Carroll County Times and Annapolis Capital. He is also a Ravens correspondent for the Associated Press. More from Matt Zenitz

Agree with you Jay. I have an eye for busts and I'll tell you that I guarantee Clinton-Dix will be a bust. He will not translate to even a top 10 NFL safety. Ward would form the best tandem with Elam and he has the skill set to be a 6 or 7 int S every year. Ed Renolds is my second choice. I like Pryor but he is James Harrison in a S mold, fine city.


*Agree with you J*


I like Ward to but boy it will scare me to have two such smaller guys back there in Elam and Ward.We may be the only team in history to have corners who are bigger then our safeties that I know of, I could be wrong though. I still wish there was a way we would have address this position in F/A I just don't want to reach for a guy our of desperation. I like Pryor a lot but he reminds me more of a strong safety. Wish we would have drafted someone else instead of Elam last year so we could draft Pryor this for SS as I like Pryor better then Elam.

john fratta
john fratta

Here's the problem .Hall of fame players are not replaced in the next graduating class.Ed was Ed and his clone is not out there.That said take the best true FS who has the most ball skills.Ed never struck fear in recievers just all pro QB's.We need to let ELam kick ass in the box and let a Jimmie Ward or Pryor be the playmaker.Just don't expect the next coming....


No to Clinto Dix. I like Jimmy Ward for all the reasons above, except his size possibly and issue. However heres another name OZZIE should really look at, ED REYNOLDS FS Stanford. He has the Size 6'1 205 lbs, and he probably is the closest thing to a Ed Reed. Hes a ball hawk, who was also the General of Stanfords Secondary his entire career like one Mr Reed in did in purple, he will lay the hammer on RBs and TEs over the middle and in open space like Reed did before labrum issues, and he has the Instincts and IQ to bait QBs into interceptions while he is halfway across the field and make up the yardage with great recover pick off the ball and return. ED Reynolds is the best option as the true ball hawking FS why is he not getting love. He has been a beast. I hope Ravens take him, if not I'll settle for Ward.


We have been sppiled by Ed Reed There are not many who can be mentioned in the same breath Kenny Easley Donnie Shell Darren Sharper Yale Lary Emlen Tunnell Paul Krause Ronnie Lott Yes we need a FS, yes we would like another Ed Reed, but we will get the best we can and move on, and hope another playmaker arises from somewhere on the D


i guarantee calvin pryor will be the best safety in this draft class. because hes a physical and violent tackler people want to paint him as strictly a strong safety when thats simply not the case. watch the film and youll see a player who almost always is the first defender to the ball no matter where he starts the play. he just flashes across the screen and diagnoses the play more quickly than anyone in this safety class. hes actually the definition of a playmaker and would be a perfect fit next to elam.


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