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Players Who Could Attract The Ravens in ’15 NFL Draft

Street Talk Players Who Could Attract The Ravens in ’15 NFL Draft

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6+ Comments wickedsolo says I agree that Beasley might be gone long before Baltimore picks (hopefully!), but his skill set is something I think Baltimore might covet. IIRC, Doom will be en
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I have to admit that when Paul presented a forward looking piece last July providing some insight as to which collegiate players could be of interest to the Ravens, you could have colored me skeptical. 

Yet of the five player bios Paul presented, every one was of interest to the Ravens and two are now wearing purple and black here in Baltimore. See for yourself.

I won’t be a Doubting Thomas this time around and nor should you. Here’s Paul’s outlook for the 2015 NFL Draft along with a few clip and save prospects to keep in mind for your favorite team. ~ Tony Lombardi


An Eye Towards 2015

Now that the draft is over and most Ravens-faithful are anxiously waiting for training camp to kick off, many of us are sitting around and twiddling our thumbs (does anyone even do that anymore?).

However, a lot of collegiate teams wrapped up with their “Spring Ball” sessions and as we head into summer, the following may be some guys to keep an eye on as they may become players of interest for the Ravens during the 2015 Draft Process.


Stefon Diggs, WR, Maryland (6’ 195 lbs)

I have to keep Diggs on this list, though I think he will probably be a top-20 pick and I surely hope the Ravens aren’t picking higher than 32 next year. However, I’d love to see Diggs in a Ravens’ uniform. The kid is as explosive as they come and he is a home run threat every time he has the ball. Injuries are a concern for him, but Diggs paired with Torrey Smith would be one of the fastest receiver duos in the league.


Mike Davis, RB, South Carolina (5’11” 220lbs)

Mike Davis SCDavis was arguably the only offensive threat that South Carolina had last year and he still cranked out 11 touchdowns and nearly 1,200 yards in a very stingy SEC. Davis is also a solid receiver out of the backfield having caught 34 passes last season. He doesn’t have elite speed, but he has nice lateral movement and he is very difficult to bring down. I’m not entirely sure that he’d be a good fit in the stretch-zone scheme that Gary Kubiak is known for, but Davis has a lot to offer a team in need of a running back.



Jalen Collins, CB, LSU (6’2” 200lbs)

Football, LSU vs. Iowa, Outback Bowl, 1/1/14Collins is built similarly to Jimmy Smith. He is tall, lean, and has long arms. When I watch tape, I also see someone who is a lot more fluid and speedy than you’d think considering his size. It is possible that Collins could end up being a round-1 pick, but it is too soon to say with certainty. The Ravens aren’t desperate for a corner right now, but Webb isn’t getting any younger, he’s expensive, and Jimmy Smith might price himself out of Baltimore (though I SINCERELY HOPE that doesn’t happen).



Max Garcia, OG/C, Florida (6’4” 295lbs)

max-garcia-ncaa-football-georgia-floridaGarcia transferred to Florida from Maryland after Randy Edsall became the new coach. Prior to that, he was a starter for the Terps and even after sitting out for all of 2012, he ended up earning a starting role at guard for the Gators. I like his athleticism and think he’d be a great fit for Kubiak’s zone-scheme. If Marshall Yanda has another year like he did in 2013, the Ravens may want to consider finding a replacement for him. Additionally, there is a strong possibility that Kelechi Osemele may move back to right tackle, which means the left guard position is potentially up for grabs and who knows how the current depth will deal with that.


Vic Beasley, DE, Clemson (6’3” 235lbs)

Beasley is a quick-twitch pass rusher with nice moves and elite closing speed. He was projected by many to be a round-1 pick in the 2014 draft, but he returned for his senior season. I don’t see a defender that is overly strong as a run defender, but I think he’d be a great fit as a situational pass rusher for the Ravens.

Vic Beasley
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Paul Lukoskie

About Paul Lukoskie

Paul (aka WickedSolo) has been an avid football fan since he was a little kid. As former player himself (through college only...turning pro and having million dollar contracts and fame just sounded too overwhelming...or he's just a 5'11" 200lb guy who was only good enough to play D-3 ball...but who's counting...) he has a ton of experience in the locker room, on the field, and in the film room during the off-season and the regular season. While serving in the US Navy on active duty he had the opportunity to check out the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama and caught the attention of a few Ravens' scouts (not too hard to spot the only guy in Mobile wearing camo fatigues with a purple Ed Reed jersey) and they were kind enough to point out some of the things they look for when scouting players. From that point on, Paul was hooked on the draft and everything leading up to it. He regularly contributes draft-based analytical pieces on the RSR forum and is constantly providing Ravens fans with collegiate players to check out. Paul is a Charm City native through and through and after being Honorably discharged from the Navy lives with his wife Ashly and son Jack. Jack is less than a year old, but is in the process of training to play for the Ravens in 2033. More from Paul Lukoskie

I don't expect Beasley to be there in the teens to low 20's where I am expecting the Ravens to be picking. Diggs I really like alot but man his injuries is starting to be a red flag for me for a first round pick.


I think the Ravens need to look into trading up in the 2015 draft. I feel they have drafted really well recently. I feel they have a very deep team right now that will only get deeper when these past 2 years worth of draft picks get more experience. I think they will have good rotational guys and good depth, but will lack a true play maker to pair with Torrey. I wouldn't mind to see them trade up to grab an exceptional WR. I like Marlon as a 3rd WR and a Red zone threat, but not as a number 2.Corner should also be another focus in the 2015 draft. For the most part Ozzie always drafts best available, but we shall see.


Belated congratulations on you column last year (appreciate Tony adding the link) Wasn't Marshal Yanda selected 1st team All-Pro in 2013 (and 2012, and 2011) so questioning your Yanda reasoning, but not questioning Max Garcia as being of interest after your grand slam last year :)


I agree that Beasley might be gone long before Baltimore picks (hopefully!), but his skill set is something I think Baltimore might covet. IIRC, Doom will be entering the final year of his deal after this year and if he has a good-to-great season, then he might want to get paid and the Ravens may not be in position to do so considering the price tags that Jimmy and Torrey will likely command. You're right about Diggs. His injuries are concerning, but I see him as a Percy Harvin type of player.


If you give any validity to the Vegas oddsmakers, the Ravens will be 8-8 again next season & right in the mix for a quality WR.


Thanks man! And I may be a bit harsh on Yanda, but he did have a rough year last did the entire OL. I think the biggest question is right tackle. Can Hurst or Wagner play there? Could the RT be Jensen? If not, I think KO is the obvious guy there which means LG could be up for grabs and I like a player like Garcia in Kubiak's stretch zone.


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