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FAN’S CHOICE: Ravens All-Time Team, Running Back

Street Talk FAN’S CHOICE: Ravens All-Time Team, Running Back

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We continue our pursuit of the Baltimore Ravens All-Time team. So far we have touched down on the positions of center and safety.

The plan is to carry only one center and hope that one of the guards we select has the ability to fill in at center. We’ll ask your help selecting those guards in a subsequent piece. As for center it appears from the voting thus far that Matt Birk remains the overwhelming favorite.

At safety we will carry three and so far the preferred choices are Ed Reed, Rod Woodson and Dawan Landry.

In this round we’ll tackle the tailback position. We’ll carry three featured backs and the nominees are:


Ernest Byner

  • 10th round pick (280th overall) by the Cleveland Browns in 1984 out of East Carolina
  • Played in Baltimore from 1996-1997
  • Original inductee into the Ravens Ring of Honor
  • He started in 13 of a possible 32 games as a Raven
  • Rushed for a total of 947 yards on 243 carries (3.9 ypc), scoring 4 TD’s
  • Caught a total of 51 passes for 398 yards (7.8 ypr), scoring 1 TD


Errict Rhett

  • 2nd round pick (34th overall) by the Tampa Bay Bucs in 1994 out of the University of Florida
  • Played in Baltimore from 1998-1999
  • He started in 12 of a possible 29 games as a Raven
  • Rushed for a total of 1,032 yards on 280 carries (3.7 ypc), scoring 5 TD’s
  • Caught a total of 35 passes for 234 yards (6.7 ypr), scoring 2 TD’s


Priest Holmes

  • Undrafted free agent signed by the Ravens out of Texas in 1997
  • Played in Baltimore from 1997-2000
  • He started in 19 of a possible 48 games as a Raven
  • Super Bowl XXXV Champion
  • Rushed for a total of 2,102 yards on 459 carries (4.6 ypc), scoring 10 TD’s
  • Caught a total of 88 passes for 585 yards (6.6 ypr), scoring 1 TD


Jamal Lewis

  • 1st round pick (5th overall) of the Ravens in 2000 out of Tennessee
  • Played in Baltimore from 2000-2006
  • He started in 87 of a possible 91 games as a Raven
  • Super Bowl XXXV Champion
  • Pro Bowl and All Pro in 2003
  • Offensive Player of the Year ~ 2003
  • Rushed for 2,066 yards in 2003
  • Rushed for a total of 7,801 yards on 1,822 carries (4.3 ypc), scoring 45 TD’s
  • Caught a total of 221 passes for 1,879 yards (8.5 ypr), scoring 4 TD’s


Willis McGahee

  • 1st round pick (23rd overall) by the Buffalo Bills in 2003
  • Played in Baltimore from 2007-2010
  • He started in 26 of a possible 59 games as a Raven
  • Pro Bowl selection in 2007
  • Rushed for a total of 2,802 yards on 673 carries (4.2 ypc), scoring 31 TD’s
  • Caught a total of 96 passes for 544 yards (5.7 ypr), scoring 4 TD’s


Ray Rice

  • 2nd round pick (55th overall) by the Ravens in 2008 out of Rutgers
  • Played in Baltimore from 2008-Present
  • He started in 80 of a possible 92 games as a Raven
  • Selected to Pro Bowl team in 2009, 2011, 2012
  • All Pro 2009, 2011
  • Super Bowl XLVII Champion
  • Rushed for a total of 6,180 yards on 1,430 carries (4.3 ypc), scoring 37 TD’s
  • Caught a total of 369 passes for 3,034 yards (8.2 ypr), scoring 6 TD’s
Which 3 running backs belong on the Ravens All-Time Team?
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What about Chester Taylor???

Big Bry
Big Bry

Ravens suck, who cares!!!!


Eerie how similar Ray's and Jamal's numbers are. Both were getting it done. Ray Rice had an off year (Ravens team did). He'll be back on track. Raven for life. I said he reminds me of Emmitt Smith. I like Willis, but I thought Priest was better. He was unlucky he was undrafted and the Ravens brought in McGahee to start. I was upset when they let him go to the Chiefs. Now the Ravens have Marlon Brown. And a new guy, Butler. I'm hearing good things about him. I wonder if the Ravens carry six or seven receivers on the roster? It's as deep as it's ever been.


anyone really care?


Jim Brown!!!


Boy Lewis and Rice is really hard to pick from.I guess it depends on what type of offense you are running.Lewis was perfect for the offense we ran back then with his power running style behind that big nasty OL we had back then.Rice I think will be more suited for what we are doing now. Holmes, I enjoyed him while he was here but let's face it people will always remember him more as a Chief then a Ravens esp. non Ravens fans.

Mike Frainie
Mike Frainie

I think there's no doubt Jamal is #1 and Ray is #2. The interesting choice is between Priest Holmes and Willis McGahee for third. I would go with Priest because he was on a Super Bowl-winning team, , but Willis isn't a bad choice, either.


No Bam Morris?


Jamal Lewis' style of running matched our D's style of hard hitting play, great 1,2 punch. His 295 yard day against Cleveland is my absolute favorite offensive performance by a Raven. Man that was a fun day at the stadium.


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