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PA Hates the Cowboys More Than the Ravens

Street Talk PA Hates the Cowboys More Than the Ravens

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8+ Comments Cheri says Looking at that map you can make a case for for the Colts and Redskins being right up there with the Steelers as Maryland's most hated.then I thought, you have
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Introducing the SPORTS HATE MAP

Reddit recently took a poll and determined the most hated teams in each state. Reddit user /u/KMHokies35 put together a nice little map to show the data, and the results are pretty interesting.

Not surprisingly, the Steelers are the most hated team in Maryland, but because of the population of Eagles fans in Pennsylvania, PA has a larger hatred towards the Cowboys than the Ravens.

However, in Europe, they have a uniform hatred toward the Ravens. Read the full story from SB Nation writer, Rodger Sherman, HERE.

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Looking at that map you can make a case for for the Colts and Redskins being right up there with the Steelers as Maryland's most hated.then I thought, you have too many fans of the Redskins that live in the southern counties of Maryland so that is why the Steelers won out as most hated I would think. Also the fact that the Colts have been gone for so many years people have moved on from hating them so much. I was surprised that Texas wasn't more split with Redskins hate as much as Eagles. Do not understand the hate for the Vikings in North and South Dakota that caught me by surprise. Steelers in Ohio is understandable but I thought the Ravens would be most hated since they left the state of Ohio. 49ers being the most hated in Nebraska and Iowa seemed to be a little strange would had thought one of the NFC North teams would had been the case. Always picture Iowa being fans of the Vikings! In closing, I live in Southern pa (York) in this area you really do have fans of all three of the local teams Eagles, Steelers and Ravens but I guess because of the big city of Philadelphia that is how the Cowboys won out. I am sure Pittsburgh was casting votes for the Ravens but the bigger population of Philly voting for the Cowboys won out. :)


There is also the fact that Central PA (York, Harrisburg, Hanover and Lancaster) is home to a bunch of Ravens fans


Not true at all. In Italy there are a lot of Steelers, 49ers, Cowboys, Dolphins and Patriots fans due to the broadcasts of the eighties/nineties, Marino vs Montana, Troy Aikman-Michael Irvin, Tom Brady and recent steelers success. But there are some Ravens fans also, few but very very good and supportive ones!!!


Not true! I'm a french Raven fan. Perhaps i'm the only one though...


im Hungarian and i say that the European part of that world map its not my country we are football (nfl) fans first of all all.

Your English Teacher
Your English Teacher

1. Why do the Europeans hate us? Has anyone explained that anywhere? Is the data even available? 2. It's funny that nobody even bothers to hate the Washington Football Team.

G. Message
G. Message

From the UK and I love the Ravens! Not sure why other Europeans hate us! I can only assume it's because a lot of Europeans support New England (due to their success) and we have something of a recently rivalry with them!


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