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Ravens 23, Redskins 17

Knee-Jerk Reactions Ravens 23, Redskins 17

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6+ Comments Tony says Seemed the Ravens offensive line could not handle the run and pass blitzes the Skins threw at them all night. Need to see this group continue get it together be
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“Welcome back D!!!” ~ Paul Lukoskie

After a couple of disappointing ends to drives to start the game, the Ravens offense really clicked in the second quarter. Steve Smith and Joe Flacco seem to have developed some great chemistry this offseason. Smith’s passion is a welcomed sight, and is great for an offense that was missing that fire last year after the trade of Anquan Boldin. ~ Ryan Jones

Overall…VERY physical preseason game…The Good…the Ravens defense showed up and attacked the line of scrimmage. Brandon Williams is developing into a difference maker. Steve Smith brings some needed attitude and toughness to the offense…Joe Flacco got it together after a rough start behind some shoddy pass protection.

The Bad…the pass protection regressed and Bernard Pierce’s durability or lack thereof is a major concern. He’ll be asked to carry the load during the first two games. It’s tough to ask a china doll to do that…The short yardage offense needs work. ~ Tony Lombardi

The defense played a stingy game despite being short-handed on the back end. For a second week, the offense looked much better in the shotgun running their two-minute attack. The running game and pass protection was non-existent in the face of the Redskins’ rush, but the team eventually got the timing down on their short passing game and hit on some one-on-one matchups on the outside. ~ Dev Panchwagh

The O-line took a step back today particularly on the ground where the team just couldn’t get going. The D-line was a completely different story and looked great against both the run and pass. ~ Tyler Lombardi

The Ravens offensive line is still showing some bumps in the road regarding pass pro and run blocking. For the second straight week the Ravens first team offense thrived in the two-minute drill scoring touchdowns. Ravens defensive front rises from the ashes showing relentless pressure on RGIII. Steve Smith Sr. is proving age is just a mere number. ~ Brian Bower

I’m not sure I’ve ever left a game as confused as this one. There were a lot of positive takeaways (Steve Smith, Kyle Juszczyk, C.J Mosley), but they didn’t come without their “what was that?” moments. All in all, keeping RGIII in check for most of the night was what Dean Pees’ unit needed. To be Frank(s), this secondary is fairly weak without Smith and Webb (see what I did there?). Here’s hoping for a healthy Week One. I’m glad Justin Tucker is our kicker. He booted a 69-yarder in warm ups that went through. All in all, a win over the Redskins makes for a good night. ~ Joe Wedra

Any objective observer saw tonight how Joe Flacco earned his contract. He faced constant pressure and still completed 70 percent of his passes for 183 yards and 1 TD. Washington got after Baltimore on the line of scrimmage, but the Ravens settled down, made plays when they needed to and held off the Redskins for a solid 23-17 win. ~ Mike Fast

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Seemed the Ravens offensive line could not handle the run and pass blitzes the Skins threw at them all night. Need to see this group continue get it together because the Bengals will watch this game film. Flacco did his usual Houdini tricks to avoid getting seriously hurt. Bernard Pierce is a concern with his durability issues. Need to get through the first two games, because Ray Rice looks like he will thrive in this zone blocking scheme.


Perhaps the NFL should include backs just getting a hand off as protected individuals for head shots. Players with open shots who choose to lead with their helmet and shoot for the head should be penalized. With the new rule change where if a RB lines up a defender and does the same it is a penalty against the runner. Merriweather is trying to hurt people not play football and if the commish doesn't sit him for his hit on Torrey Smith due to his multiple infractions then.... well no then, undoubtedly he will be suspended.


The OL will take some time to gel and should get better as the season progresses. "Juice" and Steve Smith are real assets who will make the offense considerably better than last year. As for Pierce's concussion, which appeared to be more precautionary, the league has become so paranoid about this that they have become ubiquitous! Every blow to the end results in "concussion" and is virtually impossible to prevent in this ultimate contact sport! Every year since his arrival 3 years ago, Deonte Thompson has impressed with his speed, hands & ability to get open, so I would not count him out as some have.


was also shocked to see another team with more physicality and intensity than us. Redskins were doing some serious headhunting.


O line wasn't great but biggest problem was fullback's and running backs looking like they've never seen a delayed blitz before. Safeties and LB's coming in untouched. Was nice to see D step up and Flacco will make plays under pressure. O line is what it is: will be good some weeks bad others.


No mention of Jeremy Zuttah being manhandled all night long? Zuttah looked horrible, especially in Pass protection where he was constantly pushed straight back into the Flacco pocket. Center is a MAJOR concern this year.


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