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Offensive Linemen Control Finale in NOLA

Filmstudy Offensive Linemen Control Finale in NOLA

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4+ Comments Ken McKusick says I believe the answer is yes because of the limited number of activations in 2014. But since the Ravens have since said they are looking to add him to the pract
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With some of the most interesting camp battles taking place on the offensive line, I did full scoring for the last game. All of the OL scoring is based on 76 non-penalty, real offensive snaps, which exclude Wenning’s 3 kneels:

Hurst (+1/+5): Scoring: 76 plays, 68 blocks, 5 missed, 1.5 pressures, 1 QH, 62 points (.82 points/play), B. Hurst had a much better game as a run blocker, but took a step back in pass protection, literally. The QH he surrendered to Edebali (Q4, 14:30) included too much ground surrendered before contact. I also scored him for parts of 2 pressures which were his first 3 pressure events since the first week and the QH was the first knock down allowed this preseason. As a run blocker, he misses some cut blocks, but often that is all he is afforded in terms of opportunity when the zone blocking is to the right. He’s had a fine preseason and will make the team as the backup LT.

Shipley: Scoring: 43 plays, 33 blocks, 6 missed, 2.5 pressures, 2/3 QH, 26 points (.60), F. I guess AQ has played his last game as a Raven, but he was matched against the best player on the field (#97, Foster) Thursday.

Gradkowski (+3/+1): Scoring: 46 plays, 44 blocks, 2 missed, 1 false start, 41 points, (.89), A-. It was probably Gino’s most impressive game as a Raven, since he’s never played well in the preseason and we all know what happened last year as the starter. He got outstanding run push and moved well in level 2 where he consistently found blocks (5 of 5). I scored him for the false start called on Hurst. The entire line moved immediately after Taylor’s head bobbed and hands went up for the ball. He either forgot the snap count or couldn’t hear the cadence. The coaches never did give any other player besides Gino a shot at the backup center role and it appears the job is his after this fine game.

Urschel (+1/+1): Scoring: 76 plays, 68 blocks, 5 missed, 1.5 pressures, 1/3 QH, 64 points (.84), B. John made 9 of 11 blocks in level 2 and was the only player to pull, connecting on 2 of 3 of those opportunities. It was a solid effort, and I can’t imagine he’ll be sent to IR after playing the way he has the last 3 weeks.

Parker: Scoring: 76 plays, 65 blocks, 9 missed, 1 pressure, 1 QH, 60 points (.79), B. There isn’t a spot for him unless Reid is traded.

Jensen (-3/-2): Scoring: 30 plays, 26 blocks, 2 missed, ½ pressure, 1 QH, 1 holding, 1 illegal use of hands, 10 points (.33 per play), F. His stock has dropped quickly over the last few weeks as that of Urschel and Gradkowski has risen. The illegal hands penalty was minor, but it was done in space, directly in front of the umpire. I couldn’t detect his hold at all, which nullified a 15-yard run left by Toussaint. But even if both penalties were excluded, he would have scored just .73, which would have been perhaps a D+ for this game. I still think there is hope he’ll be an NFL player, but it may not be for the Ravens.

Stephens: Scoring: 33 plays, 29 blocks, 3 missed, 1 pressure, 27 points (.82), C. He beat the rush with an early cut. He was the only player other than Zuttah or Gradkowski to play at center this preseason.

The timing of cuts makes predictions difficult at this moment (3:47 AM Saturday), but I’d say the Ravens will carry the following linemen:

Monroe, Osemele, Zuttah, Yanda, Wagner, Hurst, Urschel, Gradkowski, Reid (barring a trade)

Cuts will include Shipley, Parker (possible PS), Jensen (PS), Stephens (already cut)

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Ken McKusick

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Known as “Filmstudy” from his handle on area message boards, Ken is a lifelong Baltimorean and rabid fan of Baltimore sports. He grew up within walking distance of Memorial Stadium and attended all but a handful of Orioles games from 1979 through 2001. He got his start in sports modeling with baseball in the mid 1980’s. He began writing about the Ravens in 2006 and maintains a library of video for every game the team has played. He’s a graduate of Syracuse with degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Math who recently retired from his actuarial career to pursue his passion as a football analyst full time. If you have math or modeling questions related to sports or gambling, Ken is always interested in hearing new problems or ideas. He can be reached by email at [email protected] or followed on Twitter @filmstudyravens. More from Ken McKusick

Ken, great stuff as always. I must say, I am warming up to Hurst. He has really struggled at times with his technique in pass pro situations. His first couple of weeks in camp were brutal. But as you noted, he's been better as a run blocker. Especially in space, he's done a nice job on screens, getting to his man in the open field. He's got the talent to play at LT, and hopefully he can keep improving his footwork and positioning out of his stance.


Ken, One would think when you have backups playing backups that would make your job grading these kids much harder. For what's it worth, I have the same 9 OL making the team with Jensen going to the PS as you do. I would think after the way they kept holding off putting Jensen on the DL last year it would tell you something about the kid that they must really like and would like to at least keep him around for one more year. After all he did come from a really small school and may just need more time. As far as AQ is concern, to bad we can't squeeze a 7th round pick out of a team like Indy did us for him.


Nice analysis, Ken, but two things: 1. Does Jensen even have practice squad eligibility considering he was on the 53-man roster all of last season? 2. I have also been impressed with Urschel. We all know that he's intelligent, and it looks like it's translating to the field. Another late round gem?

Ken McKusick
Ken McKusick

I believe the answer is yes because of the limited number of activations in 2014. But since the Ravens have since said they are looking to add him to the practice squad, I'm not going to research the rules. I think there was a post with new PS rules froma while back.


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