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Injuries killed the Ravens today, but other than the two turnovers, Hue Jackson ate Dean Pees’ lunch in the second half. Ravens have to hope Cincy’s tie comes back to haunt them now that they own the tiebreaker. ~Derek Arnold

Joe Flacco once again played the way he usually does against the Bengals and failed to deliver in the clutch when he had an opportunity to ice the game after the Elam strip when leading 21-20. The Ravens safeties are awful and the loss was reminiscent of many in 2013 when the defense couldn’t get off the field at the end of the game. Terrence Brooks had a chance to make a big play but instead looked like a clueless little leaguer who couldn’t catch a pop-up. The Ravens had a chance to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat but bumbled it and the lead in the AFC North. ~Tony Lombardi

Baltimore lost a prime opportunity to steal a win against the Bengals in a stadium that has consistently left them licking their wounds. The Ravens’ vaunted front four pressure was kept in check all afternoon. And the interior was pushed around when it mattered most. Overall, it was disappointing to see a defense that had been so aggressive play softer, letting Dalton get easy completions against cushion coverage. The Bengals once again won the battle at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. They were the more physical team. ~Dev Panchwagh

On a fourth and goal from the 2-yard line, I counted ONE down lineman. After getting a touchdown and a first down on QB sneaks already in the game, that’s pretty puzzling. That’s the one play that deserves to be questioned the most in this game. Besides that, Joe Flacco made some pretty poor decisions including the 2 interceptions that put the team in a situation where they needed to come back. The offensive pass interference penalty was disheartening even though it was probably the right call. I will continue to support going for it on 4th and goal from the 1 yard line in almost all circumstances, but I’d really like to see a run called there.~Tyler Lombardi

The Ravens can’t win in Cincinnati. That’s what it feels like, anyway. The Bengals weren’t overly impressive, which makes it hurt even more. Dean Pees said the defense needed to stop giving up big plays, but those big plays kept coming against the Ravens today. This game makes me think the Ravens are closer to a wild-card team than a divisional winner. Now, it’s Steelers week.~Mike Fast

Ravens simply did not bring their A game to Cincy. They failed to convert in the Red zone, especially in the 1st quarter. The choice to go for it instead of taking the points, hurt the Ravens for the 2nd time this year. Harbaugh said earlier in year that he would have to reconsider going for it on 4th down because they have not been successful, but he went for it again and they failed again. The Ref’s had a TERRIBLE call to cost the Ravens the game in Cincy at the end… But the Ravens last drive had terrible play calls and terrible execution. They didnt even get 1 yard on that final drive. This hurts.~Joe Polek

There are a million things you can key on. The impact in the AFCN of having now been beaten twice by the Bengals. Taking the 3 points off the board early. Some issues with the game planning on both sides. The offensive pass interference call on Smith Sr. Ultimately my knee jerk reaction is wondering about the status of Jimmy Smith. If you put together a list of players the Ravens could least afford to lose, he’s right near the top of the list.~Chris Stoner

Poor performance from coaching all the way down the line. Not taking points on the road when you have the chance bites you more than it helps. Ravens stuttered all afternoon and the defense broke when we needed them to bend at the most.~Brian Bower

It’s unfortunate a hard fought division game came down to a questionable call at best. However if Flacco hadn’t made some poor decisions that turned into points for the Bengals the Ravens would be 6-2. ~Ryan Jones

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