A Homecoming For Rex Ryan?

Street Talk A Homecoming For Rex Ryan?

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Week 13 of the NFL season provided little clarity to the future. The wild card situation in the AFC is as predictable as the powerball, and as difficult as it was to watch the Ravens blow a 10-point, 4th quarter lead, they are by no means out of the playoff picture.

As a matter of fact, when you look at the upcoming schedule for every team sitting at 7-5, the Ravens aren’t in bad shape.

However two things do seem pretty certain after week 13. First, Rex Ryan is likely done as the Jets head coach. After a promising start to his head coaching career which included two consecutive trips to the AFC Championship game, it’s been a steep downhill slope.

Ridiculous guarantees of Super Bowl victories have given way to nothing, except for promises that next year will be better. The other certainty, unless there is a drastic turn of events, is Dean Pees tenure as defensive coordinator will likely come to a close.

Sure the Ravens could make the playoffs and make a run, I don’t totally rule it out. But even if that is the case it’s obvious the Ravens need a change on the defensive side of the ball. Harbaugh’s job is likely safe regardless, whether or not it should be, so Pees being pushed out the door is the likely scenario.

Assuming these two scenarios unfold, is there any chance that Rex Ryan would return to the Ravens as defensive coordinator?

Maybe it’s a long shot.

While Rex Ryan’s departure from the Ravens appeared amicable on the surface, there were likely some hard feelings there when John Harbaugh swooped in and took the job that seemed like it was his for the taking. Not to mention the fact that maybe Rex would want to take some time off to spend with his family.

While any head coaching job in the NFL is mentally and physically taxing, the Jets job seems like it is twice as hard. Maybe that has been a product of the environment Rex has created, but it isn’t hard to envision him wanting to take a year off, hang with his family and play footsies with his wife.

Than there’s the pride factor…

Would Rex be willing to take a step back like Gary Kubiak? The reality is he may have to if he wants to prove to the rest of the league he is worthy of another shot at a head coaching gig.

Rex isn’t my cup of tea as a head coach. He can be cantankerous and serves up ridiculous promises and guarantees which set him up for failure from the start. His arrogance and profane nature on Hard Knocks never equated to anything besides making him look like a pompous ass clown to the nation. He’s not a guy you want standing behind a microphone representing your organization and to borrow from Ray Lewis, the bottom line is, he’s not a great head coach.

But he is a great defensive coordinator.

His swagger and enthusiasm are contagious and has helped fuel some of the greatest defensive players in recent NFL history. After watching Dean Pees predictable and conservative schemes the last two weeks, and watching Drew Brees and Phillip Rivers rip the Ravens secondary to shreds, some swagger and enthusiasm could be just what the Ravens defense needs in 2015.

If the opportunity presents itself, Ravens Nation should welcome back Rex with open arms.

Would you welcome a Rex Ryan return to the Ravens as defensive coordinator?

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