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The knee-jerk reaction we tend to have is to play the blame game. You can blame Dean Pees for calling a conservative game and letting cushion coverage deflate two 14-point leads. You can blame Joe Flacco for two critical interceptions in which he could have held the safety with his eyes and made better throws. But the reality is the Baltimore Ravens played an epic game against the Patriots. One or two plays made the difference, which is what everyone expected. You have to tip your hat to both teams. The Ravens have a bright future with Flacco at the helm. The team will be back strong next season. ~ Dev Panchwagh

Like all of you I’m crushed, losing a winnable game. There were several questionable decisions but in the end greed got the best of us. We snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Tonight Baltimore is somber and it should be a city of celebration. Live, learn, on to next season.. ~ Tony Lombardi 

A magnificent game plan by Gary Kubiak and wonderful play from Joe Flacco gave the Ravens not one, but TWO 14-point leads in this game. Unfortunately, the injuries in the secondary finally came back to be too much to overcome, and sunk the Ravens’ hopes. I hate that the winning touchdown came on a TRICK PLAY, but that just shows how scared of the Ravens the Patriots were. If your offense scores 31 points…you should win. It was an NFL classic, but the Patriots came out on top. A poor end to what was a wonderful – and unexpected – season for the Ravens. ~ Derek Arnold

Tough loss, missed opportunity. Glad to be a fan of a team consistently in the hunt. ~ Chris Stoner

Joe Flacco played the way we’ve grown accustomed to in the playoffs, up until when it mattered most. His interception in the waining moments proved to be the difference.

Give the Ravens credit for an overall great performance. It’s a shame they had to come up on the short end of a great game. ~ Ryan Jones

This game is all on the defense. Yes, Flacco had 2 INTs and the Offense had to punt a few times. But they did what they had to do. The defense showed their weakness. That secondary has to get fixed next year, with starters and more depth.

I am a PROUD Ravens fan. As the #6 seed who barely made the playoffs, the Ravens played so well in the playoffs. They proved they are one of the top teams in the NFL and are the only team in the NFL to win a playoff game 6 out of the last 7 years.

Yes, they may have lost to the #1 seed Patriots tonight, but the Ravens (offense) played a heck of a game and most of New England was scared the entire game. I wanted to win bad, but we still made it further than any other team in the AFC North. ~ Joe Polek

Playing on house money finally caught up to the Ravens defense against Tom Brady and company. When the offense scores 31 points on the road losing in inexcusable. No longer can the Ravens front office turn a blind eye on a horrid secondary. All in all a huge improvement over last season and with 19 players on IR including several key starters, the Ravens in all honesty made it further than I ever expected. ~ Brian Bower

What a great game. ~ Ken Zalis

Anyone who blames that loss on Joe is dead wrong. The defense deserves the majority of the blame for this loss. They couldn’t stop Tom Brady under any circumstances. What a disappointing end to the season. ~ Tyler Lombardi

Matt Constantini, you were right on the money – unfortunately.

An otherwise excellent playoff game was marred by Ravens defensive poor execution and play calling. The defensive backs played ‘way too far off the line which fed right into Brady’s short passing game, which he gratefully took to eat up gobs of yardage. Because of poor coverage some Patriots receivers didn’t have a Raven within 15 yards of them when they caught the ball. Failure of the d-backs to turn and look for the thrown ball also cost us dearly.

But….I’m reserving most of my bile for Mr. Matt Elam. His whiffs caused at least one Patriot first down and one touchdown by my reckoning. I can’t emphasize this enough…Elam should not be on the field of play unless it’s a kickoff return where he doesn’t have to tackle anyone. B-U-S-T! ~ Fran the Fan Vojik

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